10 Fat burning foods to include in your diet

We’re almost two months into the New Year, but if you made “losing weight” a top priority on your New Years Resolution list and you’re still going strong, kudos to you!

But maybe you’re here because you’ve been trying real hard to shed the unwanted pounds but just can’t seem to get past a certain point. You’ve perhaps lost a few pounds, but there is some fat that just won’t go away.

We refer to this as “stubborn fat,” which basically means that it’s fat that won’t go away via your current routine. You may have lost some pounds, but this extra fat is sticking around for the long-haul unless you make other changes.

Natural fat burning foods are your best bet. But what are the best ones? Let’s take a look!

Hot Peppers

Providing you can handle the searing heat of a chili, hot peppers are a great, natural way to burn fat. They contain a compound known as capsaicin that is responsible for their hotness, and it fires up your metabolism like rocket fuel. In the process, it helps you to burn off any excess calories that you can’t seem to shed from eating much colder food!

You will find capsaicin in dry and pickled peppers, as well as flaked pepper spices too. You can easily add these to your sauces and soups, as well as your rice dishes or stir fries.

Green Tea

If you don’t fancy getting all hot and bothered with some chili flakes, you can relax with a good old cup of green tea instead.

Technically, green tea is not a food, but we still decided to include it in our list of fat burning foods, because it is rich in a substance referred to as EGCG, which has been researched and proven without doubt to boost your metabolism temporarily. It’s essentially a powerful antioxidant which finds a more productive way for your body to use a hormone known as norepinephrine. What this hormone does is it sends signals to your body to let it know that it’s time to start breaking down those pesky fat cells that it has been using as stored energy all this time.

Green tea also contains a pinch of caffeine, which is well known for its fat-burning benefits.


Almonds are our favourites when it comes to fat burning foods, but there are plenty of other nuts that will do the job, too.

You can easily snack on handful of almonds a day (around 20) and trim your belly fat. They are ridiculously low in calories, although you should be mindful to avoid salted nuts as these can cause your blood pressure to rise.


Berries are also great fat burning foods. Like nuts, berries are great to snack on whenever you’re trying to lose weight. They’re healthy, low in calories, and are stuffed with so much fibre that you’ll feel full for longer.

If you munch on berries through the afternoon, you’ll be less inclined to overeat at dinner-time, which is a win-win situation.

Top tip: Don’t try to get your berry fix via jelly, as jelly is rich in added sugar and contains practically zero fibre.


If you’re the type of person who consistently skips breakfast, it’s time that you stopped doing it and time you started eating a bowl of oatmeal instead.

Oats are rich in fibre, and your body always has to work overtime in order to break down foods that are rich in this nutrient. Therefore, your body is burning double the amount of calories than normal.

Dietary fibre is also good at regulating your appetite so that you feel fuller for longer, therefore ensuring that you don’t overeat or gorge on sugary snacks.

You can eat oatmeal for breakfast, but try to avoid instant oatmeal as it is rich in added sugar.


One of great fat burning foods is grapefruit. You’ve probably had a friend who once told you they were now eating half a grapefruit and a cup of black coffee for breakfast. You probably thought they’d gone bonkers and that they’d literally be looking like a stick within twelve months.

But eating half a grapefruit for breakfast is fantastic if you’re looking to burn some extra fat the natural way. Grapefruit is really good at dissolving cholesterol and fat, and it also fends off hardening arteries.

Moreover, grapefruit is also rich in fibre that will help you to feel fuller for longer. It also contains just 74 calories. Bonus.

Soy Protein

Protein requires more effort than any other nutrient to digest, which means that your body and metabolism is going to be working up a sweat down there. This in turn means you’re going to be burning some serious calories and shedding some serious fat.

The best type of all clean protein is soy protein if you’re looking to lose weight. Although it isn’t a magic pill, it’s as close as you’ll get.

Turkey Or Chicken

Chicken and turkey are both great sources of lean protein, and they both produce what we refer to as the high thermogenic effect. This means that these lean meats provide more coal to your body’s internal fire while it’s digesting food, speeding up the process and making your metabolism work doubly hard.

Both meats are also really low in fat too, so they contain a lot less calories than other meats, such as pork and body. They’re also rich in beneficial nutrients, too.

A word of warning, though: Since you’re looking to burn more fat, it’s important that you remove the skin first because this part of the meat is rather high in fat.


Salmon is rich in the good fats, which means you’re winning already if you eat this gorgeous fish. It’s really easy to prepare, too; you can either cook it or eat smoked salmon raw. You can slip it on a cream cheese bagel, eat it with scrambled eggs or include it in a rice dish. It makes a great substitute for all the fatty food you’ve been eating at meal-time in the last year or so.

The only real downside is that salmon steak is costly, but at the end of the day if it helps you to lose weight, it’s worth it, right?


The last in our list of fat burning foods is cinnamon. A few pinches of cinnamon in your dinner or in your cup of coffee or tea will help you to burn more fat. This is because it negates the effect of insulin, which is a hormone that encourages the storage of excess fat in your body.

What are your favourite fat burning foods?

Stay happy and healthy!

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