10 Fabulous tips on how to detox your body every day

Toxins enter your body every single day through what you eat, drink and breathe in. While one-off detox programs may be fashionable, it’s far easier to consider detoxing as a daily routine, rather than a special treat we give our bodies a few times a year. The easiest and best way to detox your body is to reduce the number of toxins that you digest in the first place, so here are ten ways to keep your body detoxed 365 days a year:

1. Stay hydrated

The easiest tip on how to detox your body naturally is to stay hydrated. By the feeling of thirst your body tells you that it needs water, not soda, coffee or beer, just pure H2O. Drinking plenty of water a day helps to keep your body clear of toxins and keeps you hydrated. Though many of us don’t do this, we should all be drinking, at least, eight glasses of pure and simple water every day. Drinking green tea regularly, by the way, can also help you in cleansing and detoxing your body, thanks to it’s high anti-oxidant content.

2. Cut out or cut down on the known toxins

A part of the reason that you feel so lethargic and out of energy could just be the overload of toxins that you are giving your body every day. So a good tip on how to detox your body every day is – try cutting down on alcohol, refined sugar and saturated fats. All of these are known toxins that will have a negative effect on your health.

3. Buy organic food, when you can

The pressure on natural resources that a growing world population brings means that farmers have had to find more and more ways to increase crop yields. This has invariable meant that more and more chemicals are being used in farming and those chemicals do find their way into our food. The best way to avoid consuming these chemicals is to choose organically grown foods where you can. Generally more expensive, but far better for your health.

4. Eat plenty of fiber

Another great tip on how to detox your body is – eat plenty of fiber. The natural fiber found in fresh fruit and vegetables is the best way to remove toxins from your body. Not only does fiber keep you regular, it also binds the toxins in your gut and helps to flush them out.

5. Exercise more

Most experts will agree that one of the best tips on how to detox your body is regular exercising. Physical exertion makes everything in your body work a little bit harder: your lungs, your heart and your muscles and, in doing so, it helps your body to expel those harmful toxins.

6. Eat more whole foods

Convenience foods may be cheap and easy to prepare, but they are not as good for you as fresh, whole foods. They are cheap, because they last a long time, and they last a long time, because the manufacturers add chemicals to them. Fresh food has less chemicals or toxins, and so eating more of whole foods will help you to reduce the overall level of such toxins in your body.

7. Reduce stress

Another source of toxins is the overproduction of adrenaline that stress causes. When we feel threatened, the body automatically produces adrenaline and other hormones to enable us to fight or run away. Modern day threats do not normally need us to run away or to fight, so those chemicals remain in our body, unused. This leads to an ‘overdose’ of those chemicals, so finding the time to relax is a good tip on how to detox your body and letting go is an important part of the daily detox strategy.

8. Use a sauna

When sweat leaves your body, it takes with it some of the toxins. Taking a sauna is the way that many people recommend to detox the body, as it also expands the size of your blood vessels and allows the blood to pump more freely around your body, improving the circulation of both nutrients and waste.

9. Try contrast hydrotherapy

Another tip on how to detox your body is trying contrast hydrotherapy. The process of contrast hydrotherapy is simple: it’s a hot and cold shower! Switching between hot and cold water during a shower, alternately makes your blood vessels dilate and contact and so, promotes the healthy flow of oxygen around your system and to all your organs.

10. Take a deep breath and smile!

The simplest on how to detox your body every day is to smile and to be happy. Take a walk in the park this lunchtime. Breathe in the oxygen, reduce the stress and get a little exercise; it’s better than any medicine you can buy.

How to detox your body every day? Do you have some other tips?

Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!


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