10 Fabulous benefits of cherimoya fruit

Known as the sugar apple, the cherimoya fruit is native to the Central American countries of Ecuador, Bolivia, and Columbia. It has a tough, green rind on the outside, but inside is a creamy, sweet tasting flesh that has the consistency similar to ice cream. As well as its pleasant, sweet flavour and heavenly smell, cherimoya also comes with an impressive array of health benefits and here are just ten of them:

1. It is good for the skin

Cherimoya fruit has a high Vitamin C content, which the body uses in forming collagen, which creates electricity in the skin. It is also used by the body to fight the damage that can be caused by free radicals, making it a great way to keep skin looking healthy and young.

2. It is a good source of fibre

A single cherimoya fruit provides a massive 7 grams of dietary fibre, which accounts for nearly 30% of the daily recommend requirement. Fibre is essential to keep the digestive system healthy and it helps to regulate blood sugar levels too.

3. It promotes the growth of healthy hair

The Cherimoya fruit is an extremely nutritious fruit that contains many nutrients that benefit hair growth, like zinc, iron, magnesium and Vitamin C. Eating a healthy and balanced diet that includes fruits, like Cherimoya, can dramatically improve the condition of your hair.

4. Eating Cherimoya can improve the functioning of the heart

Benefits of cherimoya fruit include healthy heart. Cherimoya has a good balance of sodium and potassium, which help regulate blood pressure and heart rate. This, along with its high Vitamin C content, makes it an excellent food to help to maintain a healthy heart.

5. Cherimoya fruit is a good source of B-complex Vitamins

Just one cherimoya fruit will provide you with about 30% of your daily recommended intake of B-complex vitamins, especially vitamin B-6. This helps to regulate GABA Neuro chemical in the brain, which keeps you calm and relieves nervous tension.

6. It promotes good cardiovascular health

The high levels of fibre found in cherimoya fruit, help to keep your cardiovascular system in good working condition. It helps to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body, so it can also help to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

7. Cherimoya fruit helps to prevent premature greying of the hair

Cherimoya fruit contains copper (one cherimoya fruit provides you with around 10% of your daily recommended intake of copper), which is partly responsible for the hair colour. Eating copper rich foods is known to help prevent the early onset of greying hair.

8. It is good for your bones

Amongst its many nutritional ingredients, cherimoya fruit is also a great natural source of bone building calcium. Eating cherimoya will help to maintain strong and healthy bones; it can also ward off the development of osteoporosis.

9. It can delay the signs of ageing

Benefits of cherimoya fruit also include anti-ageing. Regular consumption of the cherimoya fruit can also help to delay the onset of the signs of ageing. The nutrients contained in the fruit will both keep the skin firm and supple and the antioxidants will fight the cell damage that can be caused by free radicals.

10. It boosts the immune system

Better immune system is another one of wonderful health benefits of cherimoya fruit. The high Vitamin C content of cherimoya will also give your immune system a boost and help to protect you against colds, flu and other viral infections.

Do you like eating this fruit? Do you know some other benefits of cherimoya fruit?

Stay happy and healthy!

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