10 Chia seeds health benefits

Chia seeds are fast becoming a top runner in the super food stakes. They are virtually tasteless, so can be easily added to most meals, and they contain massive nutritional properties. As well as healthy omega-3 fatty acids, they also provide a good source of phosphorous, manganese and calcium, thus providing an easy and simple way to boost the nutritional values in your diet. The health benefits of chia seeds have only been recognized relatively recently, but here are ten of the benefits that chia seeds have to offer:

1. Can combat diabetes

Chia seeds have the ability to slow down the conversion of starches into sugars by your body and research is currently underway to investigate the use of chia seeds as a possible treatment for diabetes. Eating chia seeds with food will give you a more regulated supply of energy and avoid the spikes and troughs of energy that you might otherwise get.

2. Can help treat arthritis

People who suffer from arthritis have reported experiencing less pain and inflammation in their joints after eating chia seeds for a few weeks. The seeds are a very good source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to lubricate the joints, relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

3. Reduce blood pressure and help keep heart in a good condition

Chia seeds health benefits are very numerous and another one of them is that chia seeds are one of the best plant sources of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) that there is. EFA’s are known to reduce blood pressure and help to support the immune and cardiovascular system, so adding the seeds to your diet will help to keep your heart in a healthy condition.

4. Fights the onset of the signs of ageing

The reason that chia seeds will stay fresh and ready to eat for a very long time, up to two years, in fact, is that they have very high natural antioxidant content. Antioxidants are also good for the human body, as they fight the free radicals that can be the cause of premature ageing.

5. They are a good source of protein

Chia seeds have no cholesterol, but plenty of protein. A single, 1 ounce serving of chia seeds contains only 138 calories and will provide you with almost 5 grams of protein, so they make the perfect addition to a diet that is low in protein, such as a vegetarian diet diet for example.

6. Chia seeds for weight loss

Chia seeds health benefits include weight loss. When added to water, chia seeds swell up and so will make you feel fuller for no extra calories. Many people have found that adding Chia seed to food helps them to eat less, and the essential fatty acids that the seeds contain also help to boost the metabolism and so, burn off calories faster.

7. Promotes healthy bones and teeth

Thanks to high calcium content, chia seeds health benefits also include healthier and stronger bones and teeth. One serving of chia seeds (1 oz) provides you with nearly twenty percent of the calcium that you need for the healthy growth of bones and teeth. Meeting your daily requirement for calcium intake can also prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

8. Provides a good source of energy

In the Mayan language, the word chia means strength and it is said that a single tablespoon of chia seeds can sustain a person for a whole day. The seeds contain a balanced source of carbohydrates, protein, fiber and fats, that some athletes have reported has enabled them to perform at peak levels for longer.

9. Improves the digestion

Chia seeds health benefits can also provide you with better digestion. Adding chia seeds to your diet is a great way of adding dietary fiber without having to make drastic changes to the food that you eat. The seeds are a good source of both soluble and insoluble fiber that you need to maintain a healthy digestion, and they can be added to most types of food, such as soups and salads.

10. They can help beat food cravings

Another one of chia seeds health benefits is that these seeds can help you fight food cravings; especially, when you are on a diet, you can sometimes experience cravings for certain types of food, which can be caused by a lack of certain minerals and nutrients in your food. A typical craving is the urge to eat cheese, ice cream or other dairy products, because your body is missing the calcium. Chia seeds are so rich in essential minerals and nutrients that just a handful can quickly make these cravings subside.

Do you include chia seeds in your diet? What other chia seeds health benefits do you want to add to our list?

Feel free to share your thoughts and healthy eating tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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