10 Benefits Of Raw Food Diet That Most People Don’t Know About

What are ten benefits of raw food diet that most people aren’t aware of?

When you first mention raw food to someone, they might grimace – especially if they’ve largely survived all these years on processed food. When we think of raw food, nightmarish images of raw meat, raw fish and, um, celery spring to mind. Raw means uncooked. Which surely isn’t cool or safe, right?

However, more and more people around the world who care about their health are taking up a raw food diet. Some adopt a raw food diet temporarily to detox their body and flush toxins from out of the system. Others adopt it as a permanent part of their new lifestyle, believing that raw good greatly reduces our risk of developing a chronic disease.

A raw food diet is basically what you imagine it to be: Foods that are raw – uncooked, unprocessed, and often organic. Raw food includes fruit and veg, nuts, seeds, grains, and yes – raw fish and meat!

Adopting a raw diet isn’t easy. You’ll need to dust off your best cooking skills, as you will need to learn some new dishes and ways of preparing food. You will also need to expand your grocery list to include foods you might not even have heard of a year ago. Is it worth it? It sure is! Let’s take a look at 10 benefits of a raw food diet that most people aren’t even aware of.

You’ll Improve Your Kitchen Skills

Remember your kitchen? Remember all your utensils and your stove? Perhaps it’s been a while since you did some cooking. Maybe all those years heating up TV dinners has made you forget what a joy it is to cook. Well, you’re now about to be reminded!

You can’t adopt a raw food diet and not get properly (re)acquainted with your kitchen. As well as cooking skills, a raw food diet requires you to learn how to properly prepare food. After all, we’re talking about raw, uncooked food. While people generally don’t catch a nasty bout of food poisoning from fruit and vegetables, it does happen. For example, the likes of raspberries, sprouts and onions are surprising main offenders because they need to be washed thoroughly before you bit into them.

To succeed on a raw food diet, you might have to go on a crash-course in cooking. You’ll need to get clued up on how to make smoothies that actually taste good, what to do with quinoa, and how to make a salad that is both tasty and that fills you up.

The more often you cook, the better you’ll get. Eventually, you’ll be creating recipes all of your own.

You Might Realise You Had A Food Intolerance All This Time

A lot of people don’t even realise they have a food intolerance until they cut out a certain food and start to feel amazing again.

Dairy, wheat and soy are often causes of digestion issues such as bloating and excess gas. But we’re not always aware of this until we eliminate them from our diet and something spooky happens – the symptoms disappear, too!

Raw foods eliminates the likes of eggs, wheat, soy and even sugar, which means you might find that you instantly start to feel fresher than ever.

Improved Digestion

Processed food is food that your body isn’t really designed for. As such, it takes a while for it to digest it.

You can almost hear it groaning, “oh no! not more processed food!”

You’ll Consume More Phytonutrients

Phytonutrients are like nutrients, but they’re nutrients only found in plant-based food. And since you’ll be eating just raw food from now on, there’ll more plant-based food than ever on your plate.

Phytonutrients, such as fibre, are amazing. Every single part of your body craves them, and when they get them, they perform at their optimum.

You’ll Feel Less Sluggish

Remember those mornings when you’d wake up and eat a “hearty” breakfast consisting of fried eggs, bacon, sausages et cetera? It may have tasted good, but it made you feel painfully sluggish afterwards.

Even your brain probably felt sluggish!

Adopt a raw-food diet and there’ll be no reason to feel sluggish after eating ever again. Magic.

No More Calorie Counting

Yes, calories determine weight loss and gain. But calories from an apple are totally different to calories from a cake and will NOT make you gain weight.

No More Gluten

You’ll find gluten in grains, which usually require you to cook them before eating. But gluten isn’t ideal if you want to be healthier, as it’s linked to the development of some chronic diseases.

Adopt a raw food diet, and you can say adios to gluten.

There Is So Much To Choose From

How many types of meat are there? A few. You could probably name the ones you’ve eaten regularly throughout your life on just one hand.

Conversely, how many types of fruit, vegetables, and legumes do you think there are? Too many to mention. Quite literally thousands!

When we tell our meat-eating friends we’re going vegetarian or vegan, it’s common for them to ask us in bewilderment, “but what on earth will you eat?”

When you adopt a raw food diet, a whole new world of food is opened up to you. You could live until you’re 120 and still not have tried every single possible delicious dish.

Much better than just sitting down to steak and eggs are every night, huh?

Less Fat

More fruit, vegetables and legumes to choose from – and also much less fat.

Fat is a source of energy, so you do need some fat. But you only need the good kind that comes from raw food. Rather than trans fat, which comes from cooked animal meat.

From now on, your fats will come from the likes seeds, nut and avocados. Good fats that look after your body, yay!

Reduced Risk of Cancer

One of the biggest causes of cancer is a poor diet. Meat is increasingly being linked with cancer. Raw food on the other hand, so rich in micronutrients, helps to prevent cancer.

Stay happy!

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