What is gelatinized maca powder and how it can benefit your health?

You may have heard of maca powder, which is made from the root of plant grown in the mountainous regions of Peru, but gelatinized maca powder is something that is relatively new. Maca powder is a vitamin rich super food that can be added to food and to smoothies to boost their nutritional content. What makes gelatinized maca powder so powerful is how it is processed. Gelatinized maca powder is made by taking sun-dried maca roots and boiling them under pressure to remove the starch, which makes it much easier to digest. Gelatinized maca is much more concentrated than raw maca powder and, because it’s easier for the stomach to digest, the nutrients reach your body faster too. Here are ten ways that gelatinised maca powder can be beneficial for your health.

1. It boosts your energy levels

One of the first things that you will notice when you start to use maca powder is a marked increase in your energy levels. If you are one of those people who feel tired during the day, maca powder could be the answer. Many professional athletes use maca powder to increase their energy and stamina. Just a small amount of the supper food could be all that it talks to give that energy boost that you need.

2. It is very good for bone health

Maca powder contains high levels of the bone building nutrients, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, so it will help to keep your bones healthy and strong. The great thing about maca powder is that you can add it to many different types of foods and it will provide you with a good dose of calcium, but not the extra calories that dairy products would give you.

3. It can reduce depression and anxiety

Maca powder is also said to have a positive impact on a person’s mood. This is due to unique compound that is only found in maca, called macamides, which are believed to be able to fight off depression and anxiety and boost the mood.

4. It is good for skin health

Many of the vitamins and minerals that you need to maintain a healthy looking complexion are contained in maca powder and that is why maca powder is used as an ingredient in some skin care products. A lot of people have reported a significant improvement in their skin after they started to use maca powder, including fewer breakouts and a reduction in blemishes on their skin.

5. It can help to reduce hot flashes

Maca powder helps to regulate the hormonal balance in the body and it can reduce the occurrence of hot flashes during the menopause. Regular consumption of maca powder can also help to alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual stress.

6. It improves sexual performance

Maca powder is also said to be a powerful aphrodisiac too, for both men and women. It boosts the libido and sexual performance, and it is also believed that its hormonal balancing properties are responsible for its being able to increase fertility in both sexes too.

7. It improves the circulation

Consuming maca powder will also promote a better circulation of blood around your system. This will mean that more oxygen is getting to your brain and to your muscles, so you will be more alert and you will have more physical stamina. Improved circulation will also reduce your risk of developing heart disease or suffering from a stroke.

8. It helps look after your general health

Maca powder contains zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc, and it is also a rich source of Vitamins B, C and E. Adding maca powder to your food and your smoothies is probably the simplest way that there is to boost your intake of minerals and vitamins without having to take vitamin pills. It will keep your bones and teeth healthy, boost your immune system and help to protect you against anaemia and cardiovascular diseases.

9. It builds muscles faster

Maca can powder can also help to build up your muscles. It doesn’t replace the need to work out to lose weight and tone muscles, but it is said that the nutrients in maca powder do help muscles grow faster and recover better after exercise. As well as giving you more energy to work out, maca root contains plant sterols, such as campestrol, sitosterol, ergosterol, ergostadienol and brassicasterol, which can lower ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol levels and help you build lean muscles.

10. It is very easy to add gelatinized maca powder to your diet

You can add gelatinized maca powder to all kinds of food and, because it is easier to digest than regular maca powder, you get the benefits of all the nutrients that it contains much faster. You can add it to smoothies, mix it in with fruit juices or just sprinkle it over the top of food. It’s a great way to add extra nutrition to your diet and very easy to use.


There is not enough information known about the use of maca powder during pregnancy and breast-feeding, so it’s best to stay on safe side and avoid using it.

Stay happy and healthy!

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