10 Amazing benefits of green smoothies

You’ve probably heard how good green smoothies are for you, but do you know why? Green smoothies can include fruit, like mangos, bananas, pine apple, peaches, apples and berries, along with green leafy vegetables, such as kale, spinach, cilantro, watercress, celery, etc, and they can do far more than just add to your daily intake of fresh veggies, they also pack a powerful nutritional punch too. Green smoothies are loved by everyone and even kids will drink them, so they are a great way to make sure that children really are getting their greens. If you have yet to get with the green smoothie trend, then read on and find ten amazing benefits of green smoothies.

1. They make you feel full

The high fibre content of green smoothies means that they are a great snack to eat when you are watching your weight. They are wholesome and satisfying and they will make you feel fuller for longer than most other, between meals, snacks will. You could also try drinking a green smoothie before a main meal and then you won’t want such large portions.

2. They are easy to digest

Another one of fabulous benefits of green smoothies is that not only they are packed with healthy nutrients, but they are also easy to digest. Because they have already been blended, the body doesn’t need to work very hard to break down the food, so all the goodness and vitamins can get straight where your body needs them, fast.

3. They are a good source of energy

Next one of great benefits of green smoothies is that they are a fabulous source of energy. Fruit alone does provide a good source of energy, but that energy can be short lived. When mixed with green leafy vegetables, though, the greens provide a far better balanced supply of sugars that will give you a longer lasting source of energy and they won’t create a peak in your blood sugar levels.

4. They are cheap to make at home

Drinking a green smoothie a day will provide you with a balanced source of vitamins that is even better for you and cheaper than taking multivitamins would be. Don’t be put off green smoothies by the high prices at juice-bars, because, if you make them at home, each glass will only cost you a few cents, at the most.

5. They are a great way to disguise leafy green vegetables

If you are one of those people who simply don’t like leafy green vegetables, even though you know how good for you they are, then green smoothies could hold the answer for you. When you make a green smoothie with fruit, you barely notice the taste of the vegetables, so it’s a great way to get all the benefits of leafy greens, even if you don’t like eating them.

6. They are anti-inflammatory

Another one of great benefits of green smoothies is that they are anti-inflammatory. All that green goodness will also help the body rid itself of toxins and re-alkalise the body. This is an important step to neutralise the effect of some fast foods and convenience foods, and it can help combat diseases, such as heart disease and some forms of cancer.

7. They can give you clear skin

Another great effect of green smoothies is that help to clear up your skin too. The fibre in smoothies helps keep the digestive system and the liver in good working order, so they are better able to remove toxins from the system. If the liver is not 100% healthy, then toxins will be removed from the body via the skin, which can cause breakouts and a dull looking complexion.

8. They are a powerful source of antioxidants

Next one of wonderful benefits of green smoothies is that they are a powerful source of antioxidants. Adding green leafy vegetables to your smoothies will mean that you will benefit from an increased intake of antioxidants. Antioxidants help to protect the body from all kinds of diseases and they protect the cells and the DNA from damage that can be caused by free radicals, which can cause cancer.

9. They improve mental clarity

Benefits of green smoothies can go on and on, and here is another one of them: green smoothies can help improve mental clarity. You will feel more awake of you start drinking at least one green smoothie a day. Green smoothies are high in vitamin B and potassium, which help the nervous system function properly and make you feel more alert.

10. They ease acid indigestion

Green smoothies are the perfect cure for heartburn or acid reflux. The green leafy vegetables are naturally alkaline and they will quickly neutralize the acidity of the stomach and calm acid indigestion.

Do you know other benefits of green smoothies?

Stay happy and healthy!

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