10 Surprising Benefits Of Gluten Free Diet

It’s common to assume that people who eat a gluten-free diet have celiac disease, or at the very least a gluten sensitivity. After all, why would you maintain a gluten-free diet if you don’t have to?

Lots of reasons! In fact, many people who live on a gluten-free diet don’t have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. They avoid gluten simply because they’re aware of all the fantastic benefits.

For example, an individual might have intense seasonal allergies. Where everything else fails, a gluten-free diet can save the day.

Gluten is essentially a form of protein found in barley, wheat and rye, and we consume large portions of it whenever we eat bread, cereal or grains. Whilst gluten has some benefits to the food itself (for example, it helps food to retain elasticity), it doesn’t have all that many benefits for us.

Let’s take a look at 10 surprising benefits of gluten free diet.

You’re At Less Risk Of Developing Associated Autoimmune Diseases

Most autoimmune diseases are linked, which basically means that if you develop one of them, there is a very good chance that you will develop another. Indeed, your risk factor increases significantly.

The link between celiac disease and various other autoimmune disease is not yet clear cut. Moreover, the research is so far controversial and nothing is certain. For example, nobody knows for sure which disease cause which.

Some studies, however, are starting to emerge which suggest that if you cut gluten out of your diet, you can dramatically reduce your risk of developing autoimmune diseases in the future.

Gluten-Free Diet Means Less Belly Fat

Ever felt horribly bloated after eating? Perhaps you’ve felt really, REALLY full even though you’ve only eaten a sandwich?

What gives?!

It could be a gluten issue.

Gluten is notorious for making us feel bloated after eating even a small meal. Often, it can take a good hour the bloating to go away. It isn’t cool!

Cutting out gluten can not only save you from bloating, but it can also prevent excess belly fat.

You’ll Start To Feel Better Almost Instantly

Here is another one of amazing benefits of gluten free diet: if you have been suffering from a gluten intolerance, you will notice the amazing positive benefits of going gluten-free almost instantly. This is because your body starts the healing process right away.

After a few months without gluten in your life, you should notice that other minor problems begin to improve, too. For example, digestive issues tend to clear up pretty quickly once an individual kicks gluten out of their diet.

Gluten-Free Diets Can Clear Up Brain Fog

Brain fog is annoying. Although there is still no actual scientific definition for it, everyone knows when we have it. You feel unfocused, lethargic, and can’t get concentrate on the work at hand. As a result, your productivity slows down and even processing simple thoughts becomes impossible. You’re not exactly the liveliest conversationalist!

Gluten can be responsible for brain fog. Lots of people have found that reverting to a non-gluten diet has alleviated their brain fog symptoms. If you have an undiagnosed gluten sensitivity, try cutting it out from your diet to see what happens.

You’ll Get More Nutrients

If you do happen to have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, you might be lacking in a lot of essential micronutrients, such as zinc, iron and potassium. Such a deficiency can be harmful, and can stop your body from healing optimally, as well as functioning at its best.

The deficit of nutrients often occurs because your body is unable to properly absorb nutrients, largely due to a poor diet that is rich in gluten. Once you eliminate gluten from your diet, your gut begins to heal and your ability to absorb nutrients is restored.

You’ll Avoid Gluten-Related Complications

There is a heap of potential problems that can occur if you’re unwittingly living with celiac disease. These problems include fertility complications, osteoporosis – and bowel cancer.

Continuing to eat gluten puts you unnecessarily at risk.

Your Diet Will Become Turbocharged 

When you cut gluten out of your diet, you will need to replace it with something else. Some individuals make minor changes, swapping gluten-foods with other foods, while others use it as an opportunity to reassess their whole diet.

Eliminating gluten means you now have the chance to introduce healthier foods into your diet. You could, for example, swap your usual breakfast of cereal for a healthier gluten-free alternative such as scrambled eggs and salmon, and you can swap your usual bread for gluten-free bread.

You’ll Be More In Control

One of great benefits of gluten free diet is that you suddenly have more control over your diet. Instead of absent mindedly tossing anything into your supermarket trolley, you start to actually think carefully about what you are putting into your body. This kind of control is both exhilarating and healthy.

There is a wide variety of gluten-free foods available, and you just need to check the labels to be sure. There are no side-effects to this diet – only positives.

Your Blood Sugar Levels Are Better Maintained

This is another one of fabulous benefits of gluten free diet. When you follow a non-gluten diet, you’re eating low-glycemic index foods which do a good job at stabilising your blood sugar levels.

Gluten is found in food products that are high-glycemic. What happens is that your body quickly turns them to sugar in your bloodstream. This leads to insulin spikes, as well as sudden changes in your mood and energy.

Eating food free from gluten is a good way of stabilising your blood sugar levels so that you never experience uncomfortable spikes in energy.

You Don’t Actually Need Gluten

The truth is that nobody actually needs gluten. And when you give it up, you’re simply giving up something which doesn’t offer any value to your body or life at large.

Sure, gluten is a protein, but it’s only one of countless various other proteins that offer more benefits to you and your body. Moreover, gluten doesn’t contain all the essential amino acids, which means that it as a lower biological value than other, animal-based proteins.

Do you know other benefits of gluten free diet?

Stay happy and healthy!


  1. Persephone de Vito
    January 19, 2018 at 12:38 am

    It was quite nice how you said that by having a gluten-free diet, a person can actually control what they eat and thus, become more healthy. I think that’s a good point to consider. I never actually tried going gluten-free before because I didn’t know about it. I love eating bread, and everything baked actually. I used to eat bread for dinner because I thought it was healthy. Now, I know the truth. I’ll look for a bakery that offers gluten-free bread, and I’ll begin eating that instead. Thank you!


  2. Jen Pack
    December 27, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    I am always looking for ways to eat more healthy, so I really appreciate this information. It’s interesting how you point out that having a gluten free diet can be beneficial because they help digestive issues. I have always struggled with that, so I imagine that it would be a good idea to just try cutting it out and see what happens. That what seems so cool about trying this- there is no risk in just trying it to see if it is beneficial.

  3. Shad Morris
    October 10, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    Wow, I had no idea that there were so many benefits to eating gluten free. One thing that really stands out to me is that you can actually just swap out your normal bread for gluten free bread. Since I am always making sandwiches for lunch. I would need to have some sort of bread.

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