10 Beetroot juice benefits you need to know about

There’s more to beetroot than just the pickled variety; fresh beetroot is an extremely nutritious food that can be eaten raw or juiced. Don’t be put off by the thought that beetroot juice is going to be like drinking a glass of blood red, blended pickle though, try some refreshing fresh beetroot juice and you will enjoy all these health benefits too:

1. It can boost your stamina

Drinking beetroot juice can increase your stamina. In a study conducted in 2009, the researchers found that test subjects who drank beet juice for a week were able to cycle for an hour and half longer, than those subjects that had not drunk the juice.

2.  It lowers blood pressure

Another one of great beetroot juice benefits is that it can lower blood pressure. When you drink beetroot juice, you get an almost instant reduction your blood pressure that lasts up to twenty four hours. The researchers who discovered this amazing fact believe that it is due to nitrate that is found beetroot.

3. It is a good drink for when you are pregnant

Beetroot juice is an ideal drink for expectant mothers. The juice is a great natural source of folic acid, which is recommended during pregnancy, because it helps with the proper formation of the baby’s spinal cord.

4. It improves brain functions

Another great beetroot juice benefit is that drinking beetroot juice is a very good way to improve cognitive functions in people of all ages. It is especially effective though in older people, as it increases blood flow to the brain, which can assist in fighting off dementia.

5. Beetroot juice improves stamina

One of the very first uses for beetroot was by the Romans to boost stamina. Beets contain high levels of the compound boron, which is directly linked to improving stamina.

6. Detoxifies the liver

Another one of wonderful beetroot juice benefits is that beetroot makes a very effective detox drink, which helps your liver rid itself of damaging toxins and stimulates the cells in the liver. Beetroot contains methionine and glycine betaine, which support the detoxification process and the juice can also protect your liver from the build-up of fatty deposits.

7. It provides a good source of energy

Beetroot juice benefits also include energy boost. Very few natural foods are as good at providing you with energy, than beetroot is. Beets are low in calories but high in sugars that are released slowly into your body, giving you a sustained energy boost that will last far longer, than the boost you get from eating chocolate or candy.

8. Beetroot juice helps fight the ageing process

Another one of fabulous beetroot juice benefits is that you can help prevent the early onset of the signs of ageing by drinking beetroot juice. The juice contains a good supply of antioxidants and phenolic compounds, which are known to fight the effects of free radicals and help prevent damage to your DNA, which can be the cause of premature ageing.

9. It can help to prevent cancer

Beetroot juice benefits also include cancer prevention. Beetroot juice contains a number of compounds that have been proven to be effective in preventing cancer. The juice contains betacyanin, which has been linked to the reduction of tumours.

10. It improves your metabolism and your digestion

Drinking beetroot juice can greatly improve both your metabolism and your digestion. The juice stimulates the nerves in your intestine and helps your body to digest food better, which keeps your digestive system working properly and boosts your metabolism.

Beetroot juice benefits list can be pretty long.

What other beetroot juice benefits do you want to add to this list?

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