10 Amazing Tips For Flat Stomach

We’ve all tried the “amazing” flat-stomach trick that is “proven” to work. You know the trick I’m talking about: The trick where you suck your stomach in so much that, after a lot of effort and even more pain, you are able to magically fit into those cute jeans you bought five years ago.

Such a cool trick!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work in the long-term. At some point, you are going to have to puff some carbon monoxide out from your lungs and watch your belly swell until your top trouser button bursts open. Oh dear.

Here’s the thing: There are far less painful ways of getting the flat stomach you desire. The top tips we are about to show you are also recommended by experts who know exactly how to get your stomach to stay flat over the long-term. Some tips are surprising, others are probably ones you thought about before but never tried. But they are all genius. So let’s take a look at how to slip into your old skinny jeans without any pain.

Snack At The Magic Hour

Did you know that there is a magic hour to snack at? You didn’t? Well, that probably explains your bulging abdomen (no offence).

According to Natasha Turner, author of The Hormone Diet, there is indeed a magic hour to snack at, and it lies between 3pm and 4pm. Turner has identified this window as the ideal time to snack on something that is rich in protein, such as a handful of almonds or a protein bar.

Turner is insistent that you snack at this hour, and that you do not skip it. It’s an important hour because it enhances your metabolism and regulates your blood sugar levels. And when your blood sugar levels are better regulated, your insulin levels are kept down. And it is insulin that is responsible for all the fat stored around our belly.

“Eating every three to four hours will keep your blood sugar even,” explains Turner, “but many people tend to go five or six hours between lunch and dinner without eating.”

Play With A Big Ball

Before your husband or boyfriend gets overly excited, we’re not actually saying that you should take up football. Instead, we’re suggesting that you do the ball exchange (you know, the big stability gym ball) at least three-four times per week.

What you need to do: Lie flat on your back and hold your arms aloft above head while keeping your legs nice and straight.

Then, hold the big ball above your head, before bringing it above your chest while simultaneously raising your legs so that they meet the ball. Now, place the ball between your ankles, before gently bringing it back down to the floor with your legs. Keep your arms straight and over your head.

This needs to be done around 10 times for a flat stomach.

Go For A Walk

If you spend most of your day sitting down, whether it be at work, in the car or at home, you might need to do a bit more walking.

Walking doesn’t have to be a solitary practice; instead of going to the cinema of the pub, why not suggest to your friends that you all go for a walk?

Chew, Chew, Chew

Lots of people get bloated after dinner, and they wonder why. There are a few causes of bloating, and one of them is eating our dinner so quickly that we forget to chew.

If this is you, it’s definitely time to start being more mindful when you eat, which includes chewing your food until it’s turned into mush.

See, digestion starts in the mouth. If you do not chew food properly, it’s not going to get digested properly, which in turns leads to gas and bloating.

Chill Out

Did you know that anxiety can contribute to belly fat? This is because, when we’re anxious, our body is very good at going haywire. It goes so haywire that it produces too much cortisol, a hormone that encourages excessive fat storage.

Finding a way to alleviate stress can not only help your mind, but it can also help your body.

Always Do Your Crunches Last

Your exercise routine is super important if you’re going to be the proud new owner of a flat stomach. You might not realise it, but the order you do your exercises can have a profound effect (positive or negative) on your physical shape and wellbeing.

Matt Murphy, author of The Body You Want In The Time You Have, recommends the DCBA approach: “Diet first, cardio second, building muscle third, and abs last.”

If you follow this routine, you can lose around 2 pounds each week.

Avoid Salt

Salt is a wicked mistress. A few years ago, salt was getting a really bad reputation, and lots of health-conscious people eliminated it from their diet. In recent years, sugar has superseded salt as the arch-villain, and as such salt has snuck its way back onto our dinner tables with a warm smile and a friendly wink.

But salt is still bad for you. Nothing has changed, it hasn’t suddenly become “not so bad compared to sugar.” Indeed, salt could be the prime reason why your stomach looks so puffy.

The problem is not limited to table salt because sodium (as salt is also known) lurks hidden in foods. Often, we aren’t aware that it is there but companies add it to make the food taste better.

It’s worth carrying out some research to find out what the main culprits are; what foods are you eating that contain lots of salt? These foods included pre-packaged soups, crackers, as well as a whole host of sauces.

Avoid Sugar Too

Sugar is just as bad as salt in terms of how it’s hidden in our food and drinks. You’ll be surprised at the places where lots of sugar is hidden, such as so-called healthy fruit juices. To ensure you don’t consume too many empty calories, find out what’s really in the food you eat on a weekly basis.

Drink Green Tea

When your stomach is bigger than you’d like, it’s sometimes down to a very slow metabolism. You might not even eat that much, but because your metabolism has all the urgency of a 90-year old man with arthritis, you’re going to bulge around the waistline anyway.

To help boost your ailing metabolism, you could drink green tea. Green tea contains an antioxidant that can help to boost your metabolism, ensuring that your body is able to utilise fat more productively. We suggest that you drink around 2-3 cups per day. If you dislike the taste, you can always drink flavoured green tea.

Eat The Right Fats

It’s a myth that you have to avoid fats to get a flatter stomach. Instead, you just need to eat the right fats.

Mono-saturated fats are key if you’re looking to get the rock-hard stomach you crave. These are found in foods such as avocados and nuts, as well as healthy oils.

Avoid all processed food.

Stay beautiful!

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