10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Grits

Grits were immortalised in the 1993 Joe Pesci movie My Cousin Vinnie. They didn’t exactly look healthy then, but as it turns out this cornerstone of the American breakfast actually has lots of health benefits. In this article, Beauty and Tips has ten of them for you.

But first of all, what are grits?

Grits popular in Southern America. To any outsiders just visiting the Deep South for the first time, grits sound as alien as a UFO. But the history of grits goes way on back to the American Indians, who gifted their grits to the colonists.

Made of dried corn kernels that have had the germ and hull removed, grits are essentially rich in cornmeal. They’re an American alternative to oatmeal in the morning. To cook them, you simmer them in water, milk or chicken stock. For a bit of flavour, you can add cheese or butter.

They’re usually eaten for breakfast, but Southern American’s have no problem adding them to their dinners to bulk up their meals.

But now, what about their health benefits? Can a cornerstone of the American diet even be healthy?!

Let’s take a look at 10 amazing health benefits of grits!

Grits Are Rich In Protein

Protein is an important macronutrient that helps to build muscle, as well as repair cells and tissue. We all need protein to stay healthy, and some need more than others. It just depends what your body goals are.

A single cup of grits is rich in 1 g of protein. That’s pretty good, but we need to point out that there is a big caveat: These are incomplete proteins, which means they don’t come with all the amino acids.

In fact, they don’t come with many at all.

Still, if you eat grits for breakfast, they’re still a good way to start your day.

Grits Are Ideal For Athletes

If grits are ideal for athletes, they must be healthy, right?

Sure! In fact, grits are better for athletes than oatmeal. That’s really saying something. This is because a single cup of grits contains almost 40g of carbs, which is enough to keep us fuelled for the rest of the day. Awesome.

Grits Are Not So Fattening

There is a bit of a myth surrounding grits that suggests they’re really fatty and cause weight gain. Perhaps it’s to be expected, since many of us associate all American foods with weight gain.

But grits actually contain less calories per cup than oatmeal – 91 calories per cup, to be exact.

Moreover, a single cup of grits contains 0.2 g of fat.

What this means is that if you’re trying to lose weight, you can add grits to your list of foods. Try it for breakfast instead of oatmeal.

Grit Can Help You Lose Weight

By virtue of them not being fattening at all, grits can actually help you lose weight.

In fact, this is one of their best benefits. Because they’re rich in carbs and can keep you energised for a long time, it means that grits prevent you from overeating. In that sense, they’re the perfect breakfast food.

Grits Contain Folate

What is folate? Folate is a key nutrient that often gets overlooked. It helps to keep your immune system ticking over, and it can reduce the risk of you developing cancer and anemia. It also repairs DNA, and it’s recommended that adults get around 400mg of this nutrient each day.

Grits can help you reach your daily folate goals. In fact, just two cups of grits contain all the folate you need for one day.

This means you could eat a bowl of grits in the morning and proudly boast on Facebook that all your folate goals have been reached for the day!

(but maybe you shouldn’t do that, it might look weird)

Grits Are Rich In Fibre

Because a half-cup serving of grits contains around 1.7g of dietary fibre, it means that grits can reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease, while also lowering your cholesterol.

Grits Provide Fuel For A Workout

Want to be able to last longer in the gym without quitting and going home early? Grits might be able to help.

Because they provide near-instant energy that lasts a long time, grits are ideal as a pre-workout meal. Containing iron, grits get your oxygen circulating much quicker, ensuring that you turn into beast mode for the gym.

Grits Are Rich In Vitamins

Bet you weren’t expecting this one!

Grits are rich in vitamins? Like, seriously?!

But wait a minute. Aren’t vitamins those healthy things normally found in fruit and vegetables?

Yes, and Oh yes!

Contrary to popular belief, grits are actually really rich in vitamins. If you cook a single cup of grits, you’ll end up why 20% of the B1 vitamin for starters.

But that’s not all. A single cup of grits also contains 25% of your daily recommend amount of folate, and around 1/6 of your daily recommended amount of B3 vitamin.

As you might know, B vitamins are really important. They turn carbs and fats into energy, and can treat insomnia, depression, and they also protect our eyes.

Grits Are Rich In Minerals

As well as containing lots of vitamins, grits also contain lots of minerals.

By now, this shouldn’t surprise you. Grits are basically super healthy. Who knew?!

Just a single serving of grits contains around 1.2mg of iron, as well as 7mg of selenium.

Iron is needed to help transept oxygen with greater efficiency around our body. When that doesn’t happen, we feel tired and sick. Worse still, if you don’t get enough iron into your body you could even become anaemic. Not cool.

Selenium, meanwhile, is tasks with controlling inflammation. That’s also kinda important.

Grits Help You Gain Muscle

Muscle is important for lots of things. You don’t just need extra muscle mass to be able to complete more physical feats. You also need it to ensure you don’t become underweight.

Grits can help with muscle gain because they’re rich in leucine. This amino acid promotes protein synthesis, which in turn boosts muscle growth.

Do you know other health benefits of grits?

Stay happy and healthy!

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