10 Amazing health benefits of cauliflower

A close cousin of broccoli, cauliflower is a member of the cruciferous group of vegetables. The florets of the vegetable can be used in cooking or eaten raw with a salad, and it contains a healthy range of minerals, vitamins an antioxidants. Though most people only eat the white of the cauliflower, its stalk and leaves are also edible and can be added to soups and stews. Add cauliflower to the range of vegetables that you eat and here are ten health benefits that you will gain:

1. Cauliflower has anti-inflammatory properties

This versatile white vegetable is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, as well as Vitamin K, which gives it its ability to assist in preventing the chronic inflammation in the joints, that is the prime cause of arthritis.

2. It aids a healthy digestion

Health benefits of cauliflower include healthy digestion. A typical serving of cauliflower provides over 3g of dietary fiber, which is essential to maintain a healthy digestive system. The vegetable also contains glucoraphanin, which is believed to help protect your stomach lining from bacteria.

3. Cauliflower is high in antioxidants

Cauliflower contains beta-carotene and phytonutrients, antioxidants that, with regular consumption, will reduce the risk from free radicals and help protect against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

4. Helps in pregnancy

During pregnancy, folate (B9) can help to protect unborn children and help their healthy development. Cauliflower is a good natural source of the B vitamins that doctors recommend that women take during pregnancy.

5. Cauliflower can help you lose weight


Health benefits of cauliflower also include weight control. This high fiber, low calorie vegetable is a great way to get the nutrients that you need without compromising your diet. It’s high fiber content means that, when you use it cooked as a vegetable with main meal, it will help to make you feel full for longer and you can also eat it raw, as a low calorie snack (cauliflower has only 25 kcal per 100grams). People who watch their carbohydrate intake can use cauliflower, as a potatoes or rice substitute, as cauliflower is low in carbohydrates and high in dietary fiber, and it can produce similar texture without the starch of rice and potatoes.

6. Strengthens bones and boost the immune system

Health benefits of cauliflower can’t be complete without mentioning that the vegetable also can help strengthen your immune system. Cauliflower contains bone strengthening phosphorous, calcium and selenium, which help to keep your immune system in good working order, as well as sodium, which helps to maintain the balance of fluids in your body.

7. Cuts down the risk of developing cancer

Cruciferous vegetables, like cauliflower, can significantly reduce the risk of developing various types of cancers. People who eat these types of vegetables on a regular basis have been shown to have far less chance of developing breast cancer, ovarian cancer and bladder cancer, as cauliflower contains several phytochemicals, such as sulforaphane, carotenoids and indole-3-carbinol – a chemical that helps DNA repair, preventing and slowing the growth of cancerous cells.

8. Cauliflower detoxifies your body

Health benefits of cauliflower also include body detox. The florets of a cauliflower contain thiocyanates and glucosinolates, along with enzymes, which help the liver to neutralize toxic substances in the body and which can help to avert the onset of cancer, therefore don’t be shy and add cauliflower in your healthy detoxifying smoothies.

9. It can help prevent heart disease and strokes

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, eating cauliflower can reduce internal inflation in the blood vessels. This inflammation, along with the deposit of lipids in the blood is what can restrict the blood flow through the body and be the cause of heart disease and stroke.

10. Reduces the signs of aging

One of the important health benefits of cauliflower is that it can help slow down signs of aging. Cauliflower provides a great source of antioxidants and one of the benefits of antioxidants is their ability to fight free radicals, which increase the signs of aging. Eating cauliflower is one of the ways that you can help slow down the signs of aging and keep you young and healthy looks for longer.

Do you like to include cauliflower in your diet? What other health benefits of cauliflower would you like to add to this list?

Stay happy and healthy!


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