10 Amazing habits of highly healthy people that you can implement in your life too

If you were to make a study of all the healthy and fit people in the world, they would probably all have their own secrets to tell on how they keep healthy. They would swear by special diets and unusual exercise regimes, but, underneath it all, you would find many other things that they all share in common. The real secret is in the everyday habits that healthy people adopt that anyone can follow and here are ten of them:

Health tip 1: They put their health first

The biggest choice that healthy people take is to make the conscious decision to be healthy. They understand that, if you have your health you can do pretty much anything and they strive to always make their health a priority.

Health tip 2: They only eat unhealthy foods in moderation

Healthy people don’t deny themselves all the pleasures in life, but they do practice moderation. As, for example, a famous supermodel Cindy Crawford explains, she follows the 80/20 rule, in other words, she prefers to eat healthy 80% of time, while leaving 20% to some guilty pleasures and indulgences. A healthy person will eat a pizza or drink soda as a treat; they just don’t have pizza and soda every night.

Health tip 3: They live active lives

Healthy people tend to always be on the go. They don’t sit all night in front of the TV; they’d rather be up and about doing something. They understand that by simply spending more time on your feet, you can shed calories and keep yourself fit.

Health tip 4: They enjoy exercise, but they don’t force it

You don’t have to go to a gym to be healthy and, if you hate doing that, you won’t keep it up. So, if you don’t like the gym, then don’t go. If you hate running, then don’t run. Chose an activity or a sport that you enjoy, and you will gain far more from it, than trying to force yourself to do something you hate.

Health tip 5: They get plenty of rest and sleep

It has been proven that people who do not get enough sleep are not very productive during the day, nor do they have the energy for physical activities. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep every night and you will wake up feeling brighter and be more inclined to exercise too.

Health tip 6: They don’t diet

The healthiest people amongst us are those annoying people who never have to diet. The reason why, is that they know that a diet is only a short term fix. The long term solution is to eat healthy and stay active all the time, and that way you can easily maintain a stable and comfortable weight.

Health tip 7: They eat lots of vegetables

Fresh vegetables with every meal will provide you with all the fibre, antioxidants and disease fighting phytochemicals that your body needs to stay healthy. It’s easy to include an extra portion of vegetables with every meal and there are hundreds of different varieties to try, so you won’t get bored of them.

Health tip 8: They prefer healthy snacks

Snacking can make all the difference between a healthy diet and a poor one. Skipping the potato chips and sugar filled snacks is an important habit that healthy people follow. They opt instead for fruit, nuts or raw vegetables, when they feel a bit peckish.

Health tip 9: They always look on the bright side of life

Along with their decision to live a healthy life, the highly healthy people in the world take the decision to live to the fullest and be grateful for the things that they have. If there is something that they need to change in their life, they change it and their positive mental attitude is a part of what keeps them healthy.

Health tip 10: They smile often

Along with positive mental attitudes goes smiling. Highly healthy people usually also chose to be highly happy, and their face is always decorated with a beautiful smile that shines and brightens the world and people around them.

What other habits of highly healthy people did we forget to include in our list?

Feel free to share your thoughts and health tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy and healthy!

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