10 Amazing Properties Of The Humble Tomato

Ah, the tomato. One of the humblest, juiciest fruits in existence. Whether we’re slicing and dicing one up for a salad, sprinkling some on top of a pizza, slotting them into our pasta, or pureeing a few for our soup, tomatoes are ready and willing to let us do just about anything with them.

Tomatoes are indeed not just really tasty and versatile, but they’re also packed with numerous health benefits that keep us humans ticking over. But because they’re so humble, they won’t admit it! This means that it is up to us to big-up the humble and always blushing tomato. So let’s take a look at 10 amazing benefits of tomatoes, one of the world’s finest ever fruits.

1. Tomatoes Are Great For Your Skin

Many of the more expensive facial cleansers contain a substance called lycopene – and so, too, do tomatoes. In fact, tomatoes contain such a high level of lycopene that they totally outdo those pricey over-the-counter facial cleansers.

For an all-natural facial cleanser, you could do a lot worse than buy a bundle of tomatoes. All you then need to do is peel them and place the skin on your bare face. Leave for at least five or ten minutes before washing off. And bingo! Your face will now feel lovely, smooth and glowing, thanks to slightly exfoliating and polishing effect of tomato.

2. Tomatoes Can Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer

Another one of great benefits of tomatoes is that eating them can reduce the risk of cancer. The Big C is one of the biggest threats to our livelihoods, and can cut short people’s lives by numerous years. The humble tomato, though, is ready to take the fight to cancer and due to those aforementioned high levels of lycopene, it can work to reduce our risk of developing colorectal, stomach and prostrate cancer among others.

To get the most out of these round cancer-fighters, you could cook them as this produces more lycopene. Tomato soup anyone?

3. Tomatoes Are Good For Your Bones

Worried about weak, brittle bones? Had an injury recently that’s taking its time to heal? You won’t have to worry about any of these if you introduce more tomatoes to your diet, because another one of wonderful benefits of tomatoes is that they can help strengthen your bones.

See, tomatoes are rich in vitamin K and calcium, which means they work to fortify and repair our bones. We can also again refer back to lycopene, which has been proven to enhance bone mass. Moreover, lycopene can also fight back against osteoporosis. Go tomatoes!

4. Tomatoes Can Help To Regulate Your Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes sufferers are often told to eat more tomatoes. Why? Well, sure they taste great and that alone can be enough to make us feel better. But another one of great benefits of tomatoes is that these juicy red balls also help to restore our blood sugar levels to normality.

This is largely because tomatoes are rich in chromium, and when our body mines it, our blood sugar levels are better regulated. So, for a well-balanced diet without any nasty surprised, eat more of the red, juicy stuff!

5. Tomatoes Can Help To Prevent DNA Damage

You might be wondering why on earth DNA damage should even bother you. After all, DNA damage is not something you hear about. You hear about diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease, but not DNA damage. So why should you care about it?

Well, DNA damage from free radicals is precisely what leads to those aforementioned diseases. Eating more tomatoes means that you’re preventing such ailments at source, as the antioxidants found within these marvellous red ‘berries’ fight off those nasty free radicals.

6. Tomatoes Curtail Inflammation

It has been found that by drinking a glass of tomato juice a day, we can cut the amount of TNF-alpha in our blood levels by over 30%. This is a fabulous thing because it’s TNF-alpha that causes inflammation.

And inflammation is, of course, something we associate with a high number of degenerative diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.

7. Tomatoes Are Rich In Vitamin A

Another one of wonderful benefits of tomatoes is that they are rich in vitamin A. They won’t admit it, of course, because they’re too humble for that kind of thing. But vitamin A is super useful, because it helps to maintain our healthy skin, as well as our teeth, bones and mucous membranes.

To get the half the recommended daily amount of vitamin A, all you need to do is eat just one cup of raw, chopped tomatoes. Easy peasy!

8. Tomatoes Can Help To Control Asthma

Asthma is a pesky ailment that blights millions of people all around the world. But one of the easiest and tastiest ways to control it is to eat more tomatoes.

Yup, due to the amount of lycopene and vitamin A found in these blushing babes, your exercise-induced asthma symptoms can be easily relieved. Lovely!

9. Tomatoes Reduce The Risk Of Blood Clots

Few of us worry about blood clots on a daily basis, but the stark truth is that blood clots do occur. They can easily be avoided by being active and mobile, because blood clots tend to form when we aren’t able to move around too much.

For this reason, travellers are advised to make sure they always stretch their legs on long flights. But blood clots can also form when we’re unwell, or over the age of 60. The most worrying thing is that they can happen to anyone, and they can also be life threatening.

Indeed, blood clots can also form because our platelet cells have clumped together, thereby causing blockage and clotting. Stopping this from occurring is fundamental for our good health. And one of the ways you can prevent this from happening is by eating more tomatoes. Yay!

10. Tomatoes Can Prevent Stroke

Benefits of tomatoes also include stroke prevention. Stroke is a nasty, nasty thing that can drastically alter people’s lifestyle for the worse. Scarily, stroke can happen to anyone and it always strikes without warning. Thankfully, eating more cheery and humble tomatoes can actually help to prevent stroke. This is down to the help of our good friend lycopene. All hail lycopene!

The humble tomato, then, can literally help us out of many fixes. Even if you don’t like the taste of raw tomatoes, there are many ways you can incorporate them into a tasty diet. It’s just a case of experimenting and being creative, because our humble buddy can literally do just about anything.

Do you know other benefits of tomatoes?

Stay happy and healthy!

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