What Is Distilled Water And What Are Its Benefits?

You probably know distilled water best as the stuff you use for your ironing. But distilled water is also one of the safest types of water that we can drink. The distillation process destroys potentially harmful micro organisms that a lot of regular water treatment methods can’t get rid of; it eliminates metals and a number of other contaminants.

To begin the process, water is collected in a tank before being heated to boiling point. Rising steam floods into condensing coils, where it cools down and reverts back to water. The water that leaves the coils is now distilled. It is the process of boiling the water that destroys the bacteria and micro organisms.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 benefits of distilled water.

Distilled Water Is Free Of Micro Organisms

While other purification processes might be able to free water of harmful micro organisms, distillation is the only process that definitely removes these organisms. For anyone who has a weak immune system, this is hugely beneficial because destructive parasites that are normally resistant to other treatment methods are eliminated.

For example, the parasite Cryptosporidium is resistant to chlorine – but not distillation. And in case you didn’t know, Cryptosporidium can cause death if your immune system is compromised enough.

Distilled Water Is Free Of Contaminants

The distillation process can remove some healthy minerals, but at the same time it also gets rid of dangerous metals, such as arsenic, mercury and lead. It can also get rid of volatile organic chemicals that you find in cleaning fluids, which can occasionally mend their way into ground water.

The process also eradicates nitrate, a contaminant which has the ability to evolve into nitrite, at which point it can become dangerous – especially for pregnant women and folk with low stomach acid.

Distilled Water Is Free Of Chlorine

Although regulated chlorine levels are not dangerous, chlorine can influence flavour in a bad way. And although the flavour of distilled water has been described flat, it also has zero chlorine, which is often seen as a flavour benefit.

So although chlorine won’t aggravate your health, it has a taste and a smell that can be off-putting to some. Distilled water, then, is appealing to people who don’t tend to drink water simply because of the chlorine content.

Distilled Water Is Free Of Additives

You’ve probably heard of additives and the health problems they cause. Additives are substances that are added to food and drink to enhance their flavour and aesthetics. These include colourings, flavourings, sweeteners, emulsifiers, preservatives and stabilisers. The problem is that a lot of additives are added to cut costs and to make you practically addicted to the food and drink.

Thankfully, distilled water contains no additives.

The Distillation Process Is The Most Natural Purifying Method

The hydrological cycle is the water cycle that distributes water in the earth, as well as reuses it. This cycle actually affects everything because water is also found in our planet’s atmosphere.

If you’re looking for the purification method that is as close as possible to the hydrological cycle, the distillation process is the answer. First, you boil the water. Unwanted minerals and chemicals are left behind in a liquid state, while only the pure water that you want to drink is transformed into steam.

It is then turned back into water during the condensation process, a process which mirrors evaporation in the hydrological cycle.

Distilled Water Reduces Your Risk of Water Borne Diseases

Even if you have never contracted a water borne disease, the risk is always out there. Parasites and bacteria find their way into water – and then into the human body, at which point they spring to life, wreaking havoc with your insides. It’s not pretty!

The only way to be absolutely sure that you won’t contract a water borne disease is by drinking distilled water. There are also numerous immune disorders that can be contracted from badly managed water supply, so distilled water is your number one line of defence against epidemics. Try it!

Drinking Distilled Water Can Help To Detoxify Your Body

After a while, your body fills up with toxins. Often, we aren’t even aware that our system is crammed with toxins until we start to develop symptoms. These include headaches, fatigue, stress. It is basically our body’s way of telling us that we need to flush out a whole load of pesky toxins.

Distilled water is a great way of safely eliminating harmful toxins from your body. You can also eliminate poison from your body by drinking distilled water, though it only works if you detoxify your body regularly – a few weeks at a time.

You Can Still Recoup The Healthy Minerals That Distilled Water Loses

One of the major arguments against distilled water is that, as well as losing harmful contaminants and bacteria during the distillation process, it also loses healthy minerals. While this is certainly true, what is also true is that these healthy minerals can easily be replaced via your diet.

Hard water comprises around 15% of our daily recommended amount of calcium and magnesium. These minerals are found in numerous foods, which means that you simply have to adjust your diet accordingly if you’re drinking distilled water. After all, food is the correct source of minerals – not water!

Moreover, tap water is also rich in inorganic minerals – minerals that are not good for us. Distilled water eliminates all of these.

Distilled Water Contains No Added Noxious Substances

Tap water often contains noxious substances that are added. These substances are scarily already contaminated, and although they won’t cause any serious health problems, they will not effectively eliminate toxins from your body in quite the same way as distilled water will. Why? Because they’re already contaminated.

Distilled Water Can Eliminate Nagging Conditions

If we have a nagging condition, such as a headache, brain fog or bad skin, we drink water in a bid to improve our condition. We do this because we’re told that water can cure these problems.

While that’s true, tap or bottled water will not be as effective as distilled water. So if you’re drinking more water but finding that you still feel strange, you could instead try distilled water. Consult your health care professional before switching to distilled water though.

Stay healthy!

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