What causes yellow teeth? 10 Drinks and foods that cause yellow teeth

Teeth can turn yellow for two reasons. The first is that your teeth are covered by a white, protective layer of enamel and, over time, that can be worn down and eroded by acidic foods. That is why elderly people often have yellow teeth. The other reason that your teeth can turn yellow is because they become stained by the food that you eat. Interestingly, though, it is not just the dark coloured drinks and food that can cause yellow teeth and, experts say, that any food that can stain a white t-shirt, can stain your teeth. Here are ten drinks and foods that can cause yellowing of the teeth:

1. Coffee

Coffee is one of the biggest culprits in our list of food and drink that can stain your teeth. If you like your coffee strong and black, then you could well be causing your teeth to look yellow. The only remedy is to drink less coffee and to start adding more milk to it, or to brush your teeth after every cup of coffee.

2. Curry

If you’ve ever spilled curry on your clothes, then you’ll know how badly it can stain. If you eat a lot of curry food, then you may end up with very brightly yellowed coloured teeth. The spices in all types of curry are notorious for causing stains.

3. Wine…and not just red wine…

You might have expected that red wine would stain your teeth, but did you know that white wine is just as bad? All wine contains tannins, which are yellow or brown polyphenols, which can leave a stain on your teeth.

4. Tea

Tea has many health benefits, but it does stain your teeth. Tea is another drink that contains tannins, especially black teas, such as Earl Grey or English breakfast. The good that tea can do, though, outweighs the downside of the fact that it stains teeth, so either put more milk in your tea or switch to green tea or herbal varieties that will stain less.

5. Blueberries

There is no way that we would want to put you off eating blueberries, because they are so nutritious and absolutely packed with antioxidants. As good as they are for your health though, they are not great for your teeth. To avoid the dark stains that blueberries can cause, just remember to swirl around some clean water in your mouth after you have eaten blueberries.

6. Tomato sauce

Pasta lovers should beware too, because the tomato sauce, which is the base for most pasta sauces, can also stain your teeth. One way that you can stop food from staining your teeth is to eat some vegetables, before you eat the sauce. Vegetables, such as broccoli or asparagus provide the teeth with a temporary coating that will stop the tomato sauce from staining them.

7. Beets

Beets are another healthy food that can stain your teeth and that’s no surprise, given how they can discolour your urine too. The deep red colour of beet can quickly stain teeth, so, as with all these foods, a quick swish with some water after eating them would be a good idea.

8. Cola

Here’s another good reason not to drink too much soda; the dark ones will stain your teeth. Another factor in the teeth staining power of cola is that you usually drink it very cold and that can make the teeth contract and make them more porous.

9. Balsamic vinegar

It may make a delicious salad dressing, but the dark colour of balsamic vinegar won’t help you get sparkling white teeth. The good news, though, is that lettuce, like the vegetables we mentioned previously, provides a protective film over your teeth, so eat a few lettuce leaves, before you cover your salad in dressing.

10. Brightly coloured candy

The brightly coloured candy, that you loved so much as a kid and now treat yourself to occasionally, is another major tooth staining food. The artificial colourings that are used in this type of candy will stain your teeth and, of course, all that sugar won’t do your teeth a lot of good either.

What causes yellow teeth?

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