10 Things that can cause under eye bags and circles

What causes bags under eyes? While under eye dark circles can be caused by simple tiredness, there can be more serious underlying causes of the problem. You can disguise under eye bags and circles with things like cucumber slices and cold tea bags, and you can conceal them with makeup, but that will only provide a temporary solution. The dark circles, are caused by the blood vessels that lie just below the skin showing through and, puffy eyes are caused by an accumulation of fluid beneath the eyes. So, if you gave ever wondered what actually causes these things to happen, read on, and you will find ten things that can cause under eye bags and circles.

1. Sorry, but it could just be your age

As you get older, the skin loses some of its ability to regenerate and its elasticity. Dark circles under the eyes are the result of the light reflecting the colour of the blood vessels that are visible under the thin skin under the eyes and, when you get older, the skin can become even thinner, which is why you often see elderly people with dark circles under their eyes.

2. It could be in your genes

Dark circles can also be caused by your genetic makeup and it is often common in people with darker skin. This is a result of such thing as periorbital hyperpigmentation, which is a condition where more of the skin pigment, melanin, is produced in the skin beneath the eyes. Unfortunately, it is a condition that can be quite severe, but is almost impossible to treat.

3. Food allergies

While not everyone with a food allergy will suffer from puffy eyes and dark circles, it can be one of the symptoms. If, unbeknown to you, you do suffer from a previously undetected food allergy, then an allergy could be putting a strain on your liver, which can manifest itself in the form of dark circles under the eyes.

4. What causes bags under eyes? Eating too much salt

Puffiness under the eyes could simply be the result of your having too much salt in your diet. When you get puffy eyes, that is the result of an accumulation of fluid under the skin and too much salt in your diet will cause fluid retention, which will show under the eyes.

5. Lack of sleep

It is true that lack of sleep can make dark circles under the eyes more pronounced. This is simply due to the fact that, when you haven’t had enough sleep, your skin can look pale and that will allow the colour of the blood underneath the skin under the eyes show through more easily.

6. Toxins in the body

What causes bags under eyes? Dark circles under the eyes can also be a sign that toxins are not being expelled properly by your body. This could be an indication that you are in need of a full body detox or, at the least, be re-thinking your lifestyle and your diet.

7. Kidney dysfunction

Puffy eyes can be the result of kidney problems, but there will usually be other associated symptoms as well. Kidney problems will usually lead to a general puffiness around the eyes and not just underneath the eyes. It would also usually be accompanied by swollen fingers or ankles. If you do suspect that you have issues with your kidneys, then you seek the advice of a doctor and don’t try and treat the symptoms yourself by taking diuretics.

8. It may just be apparent in the mornings

It is worth mentioning that puffy eyes and dark circles will naturally be more apparent in the mornings and you may just have to give it an hour or so to wear off. When you are sleeping, fluids and blood do pool under your eyes, but this will disperse of its own accord, once you are standing upright again.

9. Excessive rubbing of the eyes

If you scratch your eyes a lot, or you rub them hard, then that can cause the dark circles to appear too. Harsh treatment of the thin skin under your eyes can cause the blood vessels to dilate or rupture, and that will create the same effect as a bruise under your eyes.

10. Dermatitis

More often than not, puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes are a harmless annoyance. Sometimes, if it is accompanied by an itchy rash, or flaking skin, then it could be the sign of dermatitis. Generally, though, unless it is unusual for you have to have dark circles under your eyes, in which case you see a doctor, it is most likely hereditary, so you can blame your ancestors!

Such important factors as healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, regular exercise, plenty of sleep and daily hydration (by drinking plain water) can significantly improve under eye bags and circles, and luckily makeup exists too!

What causes bags under eyes?

Stay beautiful!

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  1. Ben Adam
    January 16, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    This is a very informative post.
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    Repeat the process until you see considerable improvement in puffiness.

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