What Are The Benefits of Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day?

What are the benefits of drinking a gallon of water a day? Are there any benefits?

Moreover, what happens to your body in general? In this article, Beauty and Tips set out to find out.

People often say we should drink more water.

“But water is boring,” we shoot back.

If it’s so boring, why do some people drink a GALLON of water each day?

Water actually isn’t boring. Instead it’s our perception that makes it boring – as well as the fact that so many of us are “addicted” to colourful sugary drinks.

But still, water is an acquired taste, and for some people drinking a gallon of the stuff in just one day is a step too far.

That said, would drinking a gallon of water a day benefit us? Would it massively improve our health? Is it worth it?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of drinking a gallon of water each day.

Water Stops You From Overeating


Having trouble controlling your eating habits?

Find that snacks are contributing to some unwanted (and pretty major) weight gain?

Sick and tired of feeling hungry at odd times?

You probably need to drink more water.

It might surprise you to learn that water can satisfy your hunger cravings so much that you no longer feel hungry, but it’s totally true.

See, many of us get most of our water content from food. So when our body is thirsty and wants to hydrate with some water, it tricks us into thinking we’re hungry.


If you feel hungry at odd times of the day, try drinking water and see what happens. From then on, drink a gallon of water throughout the day and see what it does to your appetite.

More Water Improves Your Focus

Ever had those days where you REALLY need to focus, but no matter what you do you just can’t?

Focus can be an elusive mistress, and when it deserts us, it sucks.

It especially sucks if it’s exam season, or if you’ve got an important day at work. There’s SO much you need to do, but you just can’t do it. Productivity takes a hit.

The thing is that your brain needs water just as much as all your other organs. It CRAVES water. It needs it. If you don’t drink enough water, your brain will leave you unfocused and your day will be long and unproductive. And THAT’S not cool.

Ease the strain on your brain by getting through a gallon of water. See how it improves your mental performance.

More Water Helps You Overcome Tiredness


Tiredness *yawn* sucks, right?

Sometimes we wake up REALLY tired but assume that it will go away as the day goes along.

Noon swings around and we’re like, “wait – why am I STLL tired? What’s happening?!”

We try to shake it off but it’s impossible. We’re tired all day.

And the thing is that we slept well, too! So what gives? Are we seriously ill?

It’s probably that you just haven’t drank enough water.

Many people who complain of tiredness are just like most people in general – they don’t drink enough water.

“I do!” they protest.

But are they drinking a gallon of water per day? Probably not.

A gallon of water a day sounds like a lot, but if it can help you beat tiredness it’s gotta be worth it, right? And it does a much better job of this than sugary energy drinks that can ruin your body if you’re not careful.

Your Skin Will Look Better

No woman likes dry, flaky skin.

We hate acne and any other skin conditions, too.

But did you know that a lack of water could be contributing to your skin looking less than perfect?

When your skin is dehydrated, it dries up and it loses its youthful glow. Blemishes appear, as do wrinkles and even acne.

To stop this from happening, you simply need to drink a lot more water.

A gallon of water a day rehydrates your skin in the right way and restores it to its former glory, rejuvenating your pores and bringing out your youthful radiance once again.

Water Flushes Out Your Toxins


I don’t have toxins, I’m a lady,” you might protest. But everyone has toxins.

“Okay. But Beyonce doesn’t.”

No – everyone has toxins.

Toxins come from our diet and the environment primarily. If they’re allowed to remain in our body, they can build up and cause all kinds of issues, from fatigue to headaches to skin complaints.

You need to flush toxins out of your body if you want to perform at your optimum at all times, and the best way to do this is by drinking a gallon of water per day.

Start in the morning with a glass of lemon water and continue drinking water regularly as the day goes on.

Drinking More Water Can Help To Prevent Headaches

Are you the kind of person who struggles with headaches?

Headaches can be really nasty. They throb, and they can stop us from doing the things we want to do – or even need to do, such as work.

One of the causes of headaches is dehydration, which is caused by a lack of fluids.

Ergo, the more water you drink, the less headaches (if any) you’ll experience.

Dehydration might not be the cause of your headaches, but it’s well worth drinking a gallon of water per day to find out. If your headaches clear up, you’ll know why!

More Water Helps To Keep Your Joints Moving


Have you ever woken up and noticed that your joints are a bit achy? They feel stiff too, and you feel tired.

It almost feels as though you’ve got a cold coming on but you know that isn’t the case. You just feel a bit wooden. What gives?

It’s probably that you haven’t been drinking enough water.

Joints are surrounded by this thing called cartilage, which is estimated to be around 85% water. Cartilage prevents your joints from rubbing and grating on each other. In short, it stops them from feeling all stiff and achy.

The problem is that when you haven’t been drinking much water, your body has to deliver what water it can to your most valuable organs. This means that cartilage gets ignored.

Water Can Prevent a Hangover

Let’s face it, no one wants a hangover. But we’ve decided that the pleasure of going out and drinking with our friends is worth the small (ok large price) of a hangover that we have to pay the next day.

And hangovers are horrible. Sometimes they’re merely mild (yay), but sometimes they’re downright evil.

But let us just ask you this. Let’s say there are two friends who are going out to drink at night. Friend A has been drinking water all day long, while Friend B is a bit dehydrated come evening time because they haven’t drank much at all.

At night time, they both go out and start drinking. They drink the same amount of alcohol, but Friend A also has a few glasses of water throughout the night, as well as just before bed.

Friend B, on the other hand, doesn’t drink any water at all and goes to bed full of alcohol.

Who’s going to wake up with the biggest hangover? Or are they going to share the same type of hangover?

It’s very likely that Friend B – who’s completely ignored water all day and all night – is going to wake up with a far worse than hangover than Friend A, despite them having drank the same amount of alcohol.

This is because they are more dehydrated, which is one of the causes of a hangover. Granted, it’s not the prime cause, but it leads to things like dry mouth, headaches and extreme tiredness.

Top tip? Drink a glass of water now and then throughout your night (between drinks if you can), and enjoy a glass before bed. This last glass of water is important and could be the one that saves you from a Day of Death the next day!

More Water Boosts Athletic Performance


Are you an athlete?

Or perhaps you’re competing in a marathon for charity this year?

Or maybe you want to compete in an Iron Man competition?

If so, you’ll need to do all that you can to boost athletic performance – and this includes drinking a gallon of water per day.

If you’re an athlete – even an amateur who’s training like an athlete while you prepare for a major event – it’s even more important that you drink a gallon of water a day. The benefits are incredible.

When we’re dehydrated, our muscles really suffer. Without enough water, they just don’t contract properly and athletes can’t perform at their usual level. It sucks.

Even worse, their muscles won’t repair properly after a workout, which means it will be even harder next time.

Moreover, when we exercise, our body loses a LOT of water via sweat. As such, you need to keep drinking water in order to stay hydrated so that your muscles keep working properly.

Then there’s the mental aspect of being an athlete. The top athletes are VERY fit mentally, and this helps to give them an edge over their rivals. And as we’ve already pointed out, water is important if you’re to stay mentally sharp.

There’s also the issue of lost nutrients. When an athlete sweats heavily, they don’t just lose water – they also lose nutrients.

Stay replenished by drinking a gallon of water a day.

More Water Can Relieve Constipation

Lots of things can go wrong with the human body, but perhaps the most embarrassing problem is constipation.

Okay, it might be THE most embarrassing problem – but it’s pretty darn awkward and also upsetting and frustrating.

When you’re constipated, you don’t pass stools as often as you know you should. You feel “bunged up” and it sucks.

More Water Helps With Better Blood Circulation

A substance known as plasma dominates your blood, making up more than 50% of what’s in there. Plasma transfers cells around your body, taking them to wherever they’re needed. Plasma also keeps your body temperature regulated, and it also helps you to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Yay for plasma!

The thing is that plasma itself is pretty much water. This means that if you don’t drink enough water and become dehydrated, plasma won’t be able to do its job properly – and you’ll have to suffer the consequences.

What are the consequences? Your blood becomes more concentrated and thicker, and your heart has to work double hard to pump your blood around your body.

Not cool, huh? Stay cool and drink a gallon of water per day, yo!

More Water Can Prevent Disease


Just the word disease is horrible. Eew. We hate it.

But did you know that so many of us are adopting lifestyle habits that are leaving our bodies vulnerable to disease?

It’s true. Many of us don’t drink enough water, don’t eat enough fruit and veg, and consume too much junk food and too much sugar. This puts us at risk of all kinds of disease, from diabetes to cancer to heart disease, the latter of which is now the single biggest killer of American adults.

If you drink a gallon of water a day, your body flushes out more toxins. In turn, this protects against disease and reduces your risk of developing something very nasty indeed.

More Water Helps Digestion

One of the most common reasons people visit the doctor is because something is wrong with their gut.

Digestion is such an important bodily process, yet so many of us make it harder than it has to be by adopting a poor diet and maintaining bad habits.

Without enough water in your system, your digestion changes for the worse. You could end up constipated, and you could end up with diarrhoea due to having too many toxins in your system.

To make sure everything is functioning well down there, drink more water.

Stay beautiful!

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