How Your Thoughts Affect Your Health?

It’s easy to assume that our thoughts don’t have an impact on our body. But consider this: whenever you think of a sexual fantasy, your desire immediately rises. The connection between your mind and your body is glaringly obvious!

So why should all kinds of thoughts, no matter how varied, and no matter how seemingly trivial, not affect our health?

There is in fact a brand new science termed – wait for it – psychoneuroimmunology. This science is responsible for working out the correlation between our thoughts and our nervous system.

Understanding this correlation is super important to make sure that you remain in tip top health. It will help you to better manage your thoughts, emotions – and your body.

But just how do our thoughts affect our health? Let’s take a look.

1. Frustration Can Lead To Shortage Of Breath

We all get frustrated. When we’re stranded in a never-ending traffic jam, our minds begin to wander. We worry that we’re going to be late for work, late for a date, or late for an important appointment. We grow angry at the amount of people that is in the world.

What happens when you’re frustrated like this is that your breathing becomes shorter and more shallow. You shoulder and stomach muscles tighten up. This is not a good situation. It’s much better to remain calm and in control.

2. Your Thoughts Can Alter Your Genes

We’re all told that the only way we can alter our genes for the better is via our diet and exercise. We’re told that the only way we can improve the genetic legacy handed down to us is by changing what we eat, and by sweating in the gym. There are no other ways, apparently.

But, actually, you can also think your way to better genes too. A new field known as epigenetics explores the relationship between our mental activity and our genes, and it has so far concluded that the way we think can affect our genes in a devastatingly powerful way.

3. Anxiety Can Lead To Stomach Aches

Anxiety is an awful thing, but we’ve all experienced it at some point or another. We feel anxious when our child is late returning home, when we have a presentation to give, or when we’re waiting on the results of a job application or a blood test.

As well as the usual loss of appetite and sleepless nights, anxiety can also cause stomach aches. It can also cause your legs to ache, too.

4. Upsetting Thoughts Can Cause Sore Throats

Upsetting things happen. As sad as it is, we do get upset in life. It may be because a relationship has come to an end, or because we didn’t get the dream job we’d been pinning all our hopes on. We might get upset because we failed an exam, or because one of our closest friends has moved away.

Unfortunately, upsetting thoughts are not something you can really control. Everyone should be allowed the time to grieve. But what happens when we get upset and dwell on upsetting things, is that our throat swells up and becomes sore. Our head also begins to ache, causing us physical distress.

5. Memories Can Make Us Sweat

Ah, memories. We love memories, don’t we? Fond memories are what comfort us when we’re feeling nostalgic, or even a little blue. They remind us of happier times, and they can remind us that life has some really beautiful moments and is worth living.

But what about bad memories? When you bring up a bad memory, you should observe what happens. It could be that you begin to sweat, and your muscles tighten up. Moreover, you might feel nervous and anxious.

Happier memories relax us and make us feel warm. Bringing up painful memories, though, is not good for our health.

6. Suppressed Anger Can Be A Real Headache

Few of us actually like expressing our anger. We don’t actually enjoy shouting at people, making them feel small, and looking like a psycho in the process.

But sometimes you have to get angry. Sometimes you have to express your anger and let people know exactly how you feel. Unleashing your anger is actually healthy for you, as it gives all that pent-up rage a channel.

Suppressing anger and bottling it all up, on the other hand, is not healthy. Stored-up anger can cause headaches, clenched muscles – and even constipation.

7. Sudden Anger Can Even Cause A Heart Attack

As just mentioned above, suppressed anger is not good. It can cause headaches, clenched muscles and constipation.

And when you suppress anger for a very long time, only to unleash it suddenly and rather unexpectedly? That can cause a heart attack.

Thinking about being angry is very harmful; instead, you should learn to express yourself more often. Erupting randomly every few years like a volcano is damaging to your health.

8. Negative Thinking Can Cause Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers are nasty, nasty things that nobody enjoys. Although they only last for 10-14 days at the most, and although they aren’t serious and don’t usually require medical attention, mouth ulcers are extremely painful and can feel almost like an illness.

One of the causes of mouth ulcers is feeling rundown. If you’re dwelling on negative things constantly and can’t rouse yourself out of a malaise, you could end up with a mouthful of ulcers. Which is not nice!

9. Feeling Rundown Can Cause Chronic Stress

As well as mouth ulcers, feeling rundown can exacerbate your stress and make everything a whole lot worse.

If you simply cannot rouse yourself and be more positive, stress can dominate your life. And when it dominates and is prolonged, it can make existing health problems much worse.

Headaches become chronic, as do stomach aches. Fatigue begins to take over, and you feel irritable for no real reason.

10. You Can Actually Think Yourself Ill

Think you can’t surely think yourself sick? Consider the power of positive thinking, and how it creates a can-do attitude. A positive mental attitude has been shown to energise people, motivating them into action. It ultimately leads to success and happiness.

Therefore, it’s very possible that you can actually think yourself ill. Known as the placebo effect, dwelling on physical illnesses can actually cause your body to imitate the symptoms.

Stay happy and healthy!

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