How To Stop Underarm Sweating And Be More Confident Again?

Excessive underarm sweating can be a really embarrassing problem that robs you of your self-esteem. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at how to stop underarm sweating and be more confident again.

Unfortunately, humans sweat. But while we expect to sweat after an intense workout, or a walk in the sun, we don’t expect to sit every minute of the day.

And we’d especially prefer it if we didn’t sweat under our arms during a first date!

But despite all your best efforts to get yourself looking fly for your date, there is one adversary that just won’t go away – underarm sweat.

We sweat because we have to sweat. It might not be very ladylike, but it’s a natural process. It’s all part of being a human!

But there is sweat, and there is excessive sweating. And this is the really annoying, embarrassing kind.

Excessive underarm sweating can be caused by your mood, or certain special circumstances. For example, anxiety can cause excessive underarm sweating.

Fortunately, there are tips on how to stop underarm sweating. Let’s take a look!

Eat Differently 

“We are what we eat.”

Never has there been a truer or more overused saying!

One of the many quirks of science is that certain foods contain certain chemicals that cause very funny things to happen to our body’s. Asparagus can make your urine taste funky, while garlic and coffee can make you sweat more than you’d like!

If you happen to be a big coffee drinker, there could be a strong link between how much caffeine you drink, and how much you sweat. It’s a link you’d probably prefer to ignore, but we suggest that you cut caffeine out for a few weeks and see what happens.

Coffee – and some alcohol – are very good at raising your core body temperature, so much so that your body decide it’s time to sweat to cool off. Because of this, you could try switching to iced coffee.

Spicy foods are also main offenders.

Wear Deodorant

If you’re experiencing constant underarm sweating, it’s a really good idea to use a deodorant each day. They replace the pungent odour with a sweeter smell, masking underarm sweat so that nobody knows you’re even sweating!

Deodorants have been around for thousands of years because people – especially women – love to smell good. There is no shame in applying one under your own arms. No one will guess that you’ve been sweating. They’ll just assume that you – like they – enjoy smelling good!

If spray-based deodorants usually give you a sore throat, try the roll-on kind instead.

Apply An Antiperspirant

Deodorant’s are only temporary solutions, and all they do is mask the problem. The odour is technically there, it’s just that you and everyone else can’t smell it.

This is why you should double up with antiperspirant, which blocks your sweat glands.

Wear Light, Airy Materials

The chief cause behind your excess underarm sweating could be the materials you’re wearing. Are your shirts heavy and thick? Are they not very breathable? If they aren’t, they could be making you hot and sweaty.

More breathable fabrics will help you to feel more comfortable. They include wool, linen, silk, hemp and cotton. Their weave is generally loose, and it lets air pass nicely into your skin.

The fibres from such fabrics also absorb moisture like a sponge, which stops bacteria from feasting on sweat, therefore causing a smell.

What are the materials you should avoid? Tighter weaves, such as rayon, polyester and nylon. These materials are very good at trapping heat, which in turn causes you to sweat excessively. They’re also bad at allowing moisture to evaporate, which makes you sweat even more. This is because sweat isn’t allowed time to cool. In a way, your skin becomes locked in an atmosphere akin to a greenhouse!

Acknowledge Why You’re Anxious

Often, we sweat more under our arms when we feel anxious. Just think about the times when you’ve experienced excess underarm sweat. What were you thinking about, doing, or preparing to do?

Perhaps you were worried about the first day of a new job, a job interview, or a first date.

Maybe there were other things on your mind that you didn’t even realise were making you anxious.

Anxiety does some very weird things to our body. It can cause skin conditions to flare up, and it can definitely cause us to sweat more.

Sometimes, we aren’t even aware that we’re anxious. As such, we fail to connect the dots.

Try to find out if there is something you’ve been anxious about recently. Identifying the cause of your anxiety can be the first step to alleviating underarm sweat. Once you can reduce your anxiety, you can reduce its symptoms.


Another common reason for excessive underarm sweat is stress.

If you can bring stress under control, you can improve your life in so many areas. You’re able to think straight, your productivity goes up, and your confidence returns.

When stress gets on top of you, your sweat glands become over-active. They have a party! And when they party, you lose out.

How you manage stress will depend on what methods work for you. Some people find that meditation work for them, while others prefer to take a break from work. Others de-stress with breathing exercises, while others prefer to work out.

Eating a healthy diet can help, too, as it can reduce your body’s production of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Visit Your Doctor

As a last piece of advice, you could talk to your doctor if you’re sweating excessively and can’t control it.

Your doctor may suggest Botox injections, which block the chemicals which activate your sweat glands in the first place.

There is also the possibility of your doctor actually killing off your sweat glands altogether, which acts as a permanent solution.

Your doctor may also offer medications that bring temporary relief to sweating.

Do you have other tips on how to stop underarm sweating?

Stay happy and healthy!

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