How to stop binge eating at night? 10 Tips

Night time binge eating is not as unusual as you might have thought and it is far more than just a habit. There have been scientific studies into the problem and there is still no one answer to why people do it. Some people even consume as much as 50% of their calorific intake in their night time binges, so read on and find ten ways to reduce your cravings and stop the night time binge eating.

1. Eat regularly through the day

The first tip on how to stop binge eating at night is to take a look at what you eat during the day. If you have got yourself into the habit of eating all your food late at night, you need to gradually change that habit. Start by snacking during the day and it will reduce your night time craving for food and slowly get you back to a regular eating habit.

2. Don’t skip breakfast

Another tip on how to stop binge eating at night is to start every day with a good breakfast, and you will find that you will eat more during the day and less at night. Breakfast kick starts the metabolism and, once you get back into the habit of eating it, you will soon find that the next step is to start eating a proper lunch too.

3. Occupy yourself

A lot of people find themselves eating out of pure boredom. So our next tip on how to stop binge eating at night is to keep yourself occupied in the evenings by going out or, if you stay in, then read a book or do something creative, like painting or a craft. Keep your hands occupied, as well as your mind, and you will be less likely to overeat.

4. Drink a hot drink at bedtime

Another effective and useful tip on how to stop binge eating at night is to drink a hot drink at bedtime. A nice hot and pleasant drink will help you get to sleep and it will stop the hunger pangs too. Nothing with caffeine in it though, that won’t help at all!

5. Chill out before you go to bed

Another cause of binge eating at night is stress. If you are feeling stressed, then you will find it hard to sleep and that’s why many people then turn to food, to calm themselves down. Try and relax in the evenings by playing some calming music or through meditation. And then you will be more likely to sleep better and less likely to eat.

6. Don’t starve yourself in the evenings

Some people make the mistake of saying that they will eat nothing at all after a certain time in the evening, but this can be counterproductive. So our next suggestion on how to stop binge eating at night is, if you do feel hungry during the evening, then eat a small healthy snack. Forcing yourself not to will leave you more open to temptation later in the night.

7. Break the routines and the habits

Try and break out of the routine situations that would normally be accompanied by eating. The most usual of these is late night TV and snacking. With any eating, when your mind isn’t focused on what you’re doing, there is always the danger of overeating.

8. Regulate your sleeping patterns

Try and get yourself into a regular sleeping pattern by going to bed at the same time every night and waking at the same time too. Your body needs a regular pattern of sleep, for you to rest well, and a lack of sleep will make you feel hungry.

9. Remember that breakfast is not far away

Next tip on how to stop binge eating at night is, when you get the urge to eat late in the evening, try and remind yourself that breakfast is not all that far away. If you eat a late night snack, then you probably won’t want breakfast in the morning and then, you will start the whole night time eating cycle all over again.

10. Smooth all the peaks and troughs in your eating habits

For most people, the key to stopping late night binge eating is to smooth out the peaks and troughs in your eating. This is why starting your day with breakfast and then eating regularly through the day is so important. At first, it will seem quite hard to force yourself to eat during the day, but you will be surprised at how soon you can replace your bad habits, with the new good ones.

How to stop binge eating at night? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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