How to maintain good health? 21 Simple tips

We’d all like to be healthier (well, most of us would), but we’re not all prepared to do the things that will make us healthier people. Yet many of the requisites for being healthier are really simple. They’re so simple, in fact, that anyone can do them.

So if you’re looking to become a much healthier person, and if you want to do it the simple way (rather than working out tirelessly each day and going on a detox diet), why not take a look at our list of the 21 simplest things you can do each and every day to become a much healthier person. You’ll thank us for it.

1. Go To Bed

In fact, don’t just go to bed. Go to bed at a bedtime. According to some, sleep is seen as the third pillar of health. That should be enough to convince you of its importance. Without enough sleep, we find it hard to make memories, and we find it difficult to be alert and focused in the morning.

Moreover, a lack of sleep can lead to a poor immune system, bad moods and weight gain. All of these are disastrous. To make sure that your bedtimes are no longer erratic, and to make sure that you stop hitting the hay at 2AM before rising at 6AM, create a bedtime that you’ll stick to. Forget work, forget checking your emails – just go to bed!

2. Do An Exercise You Enjoy

One of the reasons many of us don’t bother to exercise in a bid to become healthier is because we simply don’t enjoy it. We don’t like the idea of running for 2 miles, or for working up a sweat down at the gym. And so we avoid exercising altogether.

But if you can find an exercise that you actually enjoy, you’ll be much more likely to keep it up and get healthier. For example, why not take up a fun sport, such as volleyball, hockey or soccer? And if you don’t like running, why not get on your bike?

3. Slow Down A Second

The 21s century is all hustle and bustle. We live our lives at such a frenetic pace that we rush to get from A to B. Therefore, we never take the time out to just relax and simply enjoy life. Instead, we’re too busy speeding through phone calls, bombing into meetings and rocketing down the highway in our cars.

So our next tip on how to maintain good health is to take a few minutes out of your day to just sit down, relax and observe the little things in life. Smell some roses, stroke some horses (or dogs), make faces in the clouds. And more than anything, take a few deep breaths!

4. Live Closer To Work

When you live far away from work, you have to travel further. This means you have to get up earlier each day, which invariably means you get less sleep. This is bad in itself, but when you add the traffic jams you have to sit through, as well as all the angry drivers and the bad weather, you’ve got a very stressed, very exhausted you.

To remedy this situation, we suggest that you shorten your commute by moving closer to work. You’ll be able to sleep longer, and you won’t have the stress that comes with getting stuck in those awful traffic jams. Yay!

5. Cut Out Unnecessary Sugar

Sugar is everywhere. We know this. There is some sugar you can’t really eliminate from your diet (and after all, your blood needs a certain amount of sugar), but there are definitely some sugars you can lose.

So while we’re not asking you to go on a total sugar-free diet before suffering from withdrawal, what we are asking is that you cut out any unnecessary and, most importantly, artificial sugars. This means cupcakes, ice creams and brownies after your meal. It also means swapping your pre-packaged orange juice at breakfast for a freshly squeezed one, choosing fruit instead of candies to satisfy your sweet tooth, and decreasing the amount of sugar you take in your coffee. If you get rid of all sugars, you might become miserable; but if you allow yourself to keep some, you’ll be just fine.

6. Switch Off Your Phone From Time To Time

We might not be addicted to our phones as such, but we certainly use them a lot in 2015. We use them first thing in the morning, on the commute to work, at work, during a meeting, during dinner, during a date, during a reunion with mom and dad, during a movie, during a party, and so on and so on! We use them all the time, endlessly, tirelessly. It becomes annoying to others, and it can be damaging to our health.

Next tip on how to maintain good health is to switch your phone off when you really don’t need to be using it. Put it away for an hour or so, and actually enjoy your life without looking at a tiny screen and tapping away message after message.

7. Take The Stairs

Okay, let’s do a little Q&A.

You’ve got to get to the second floor at work, and you see a lift. Bing! Doors open.

What do you do? Do you get the lift or do you take the stairs?

You get the lift, of course!

Well, actually, this is the wrong answer. Too many of us are guilty of stepping into a lift to propel us to the second floor, when taking the stairs will be healthier for us and will take just a minute longer. It’s time to stop indulging in lifts and it’s time to give your legs a little workout.

8. See Your Friends and Family More

In 2015, we’re working more than ever. And when we’re not working, many of us are filling in those small windows of spare time with video games, Netflix and binge-eating. This is all unhealthy. To get healthier, we suggest that you use your spare time to see your friends and family more often.

Time is short and we’re not going to live on this Earth forever, so it’s important that we don’t regret anything when we’re on our deathbed. And, indeed, one of the biggest regrets folks have is not seeing their friends and family more.

If your friends live far away, go travel to see them! Traveling can make you healthier in itself.

9. Listen To What Your Body Says

Another good tip on how to maintain good health is to listen to the wisdom of your own body. If your body is saying it’s taken too much after a weekend of drinking, it’s saying that it’s taken too much!

So instead of subjecting it to another night out, why not give yourself a rest for a few days or even weeks? The older we get, the less indulgences our body can take. If you don’t look after your body, it isn’t going to look after you. So listen to it!

10. Drink Water

This tip on how to maintain good health is already very well known, but we can’t help but mention it again. Many of us don’t drink nowhere near enough water. We might think we do, but we really don’t. Worse still, far too many of us derive most of our water intake from food as opposed to an actual glass of water.

But if you don’t drink enough water, you could end up with all kinds of health problems. These include dry skin, dry mouth, dry eyes, joint pain, headaches and constipation. Keeping your body properly hydrated is absolutely essential for a healthier life, so it’s high time that you started swapping one or two fizzy sodas for a glass of fresh water.

11. Get Some Fresh Air

Another great tip on how to maintain good health is to get some fresh air every day. Spending most of our time cooped up within four falls, be it at work our in our own home, can be damaging to our health. We’re surrounding ourselves constantly with toxins, microwave rays, television rays, and we’re not getting enough vitamin D from the big yellow ball in the sky.

Getting out more is not hard to do. It’s free, convenient and anyone can do it. Even you! Getting out and about in nice weather is not only healthy, but it can also brighten your mood, therefore relieving stress and anxiety. Try it!

12. Do A Crossword

Your brain needs exercise. Yet for such a remarkably powerful and complex organ, it only needs simple exercise. To enhance your brain, you don’t need to go on a 20 mile run or wear yourself down on the treadmill. Instead, you can just sit at home and do a crossword!

Or, if crosswords aren’t really your thing, how about a game of chess? Your brain will be engaged and it will be given a timely boost.

13. Cook!

Okay, so cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea and not everyone is a fantastic cook. The great thing, though, is that it’s never too late to learn. See, many of us rely on ready-meals. But this means that we subject our food to nasty microwaves on a daily basis, and it also means that we’re buying food that is riddled with pesticides, artificial flavourings and all kinds of hidden chemicals.

When you buy and cook your own food (preferably organic), you know you’re eating healthier. You know you’re not subjecting yourself to harmful chemicals, and you know how much salt you’re using. Cooking for yourself is also fun and exciting, and you’ll be encouraged to experiment with different foods. This could mean you try healthy foods you’d never find in a pre-packaged meal.

14. Meditate And Pray

Another important tip on how to maintain good health is to meditate and pray regularly. Meditation and prayer are great ways to help us lose unnecessary bad thoughts that we really could do without. When we meditate, we’re taking time out to just sit and do nothing but relax. We perform a mental flushing, thereby easing our minds and eliminating stress, worry and anxiety.

Meditation and prayer are really easy to do, and you literally only need ten minutes a day. Many business executives, stressed students and even top sports people meditate or pray to help them avoid burnout and any nasty mental health issues.

15. Stop Worrying

How to maintain good health? Stop worrying. Naturally, it isn’t easy for any nervous nellies out there to just stop worrying. But when we worry, we get stressed. And when we’re worried and stressed, we rarely get anything done. We get trapped in our fears, and this can be damaging for our health.

We suggest that you stop focusing on what might happen, and focus on the present. Don’t worry about a thing, because everything will work itself out. It always does, right?

16. Smile!

Stress is one of the biggest health problems in the 21st century. We’re all feeling more pressure at work, and many of us are working more hours than ever before. For this reason, it can be hard to smile about anything.

But did you know that smiling is an excellent way of relieving stress, worry and pain? Now, unfortunately, you can’t fake a smile. If you fake a smile, you’ll actually feel even worse. And we don’t want that! But if you back up your smile with positive thoughts, you will begin to feel much, much better. Try it!

17. Laugh

As well as smiling, you could do a lot worse than laughing more often. Laughter has been proven to be healthy for us and it also helps to brighten our moods.

It isn’t hard to laugh neither; we suggest that you watch your favourite comedy, or that you act silly with a friend.

18. Cut Back On Caffeine

Next good tip on how to maintain good health is to cut back on caffeine. Many of us love a good cup of Joe in the morning; it helps to wake us up, and it makes us more alert and ready for the day. Without a morning coffee, we would struggle to get through the day at work.

But a number of us also like to have a good cup of Joe a few hours later. And then another. And another. And another.

Too much caffeine is bad for you; it can lead to anxiety, increased heartbeat and dehydration. So although one or two cups a day is okay, you should try to cut back if you have any more than this.

19. Let Go Of What You Don’t Need

Think about your indulgences.

Now think about which ones you really need, and which ones you can do without. So our next important tip on how to maintain good health is to let go of what you don’t need, be it things, addictions, time wasting activities or unhealthy relationships.

20. Sprinkle Cinnamon On Your Food

Cinnamon is a feel-good food. It tastes great, smells great and makes our coffee look cute as a button. Cinnamon is also a fantastic health booster that improves our heart, regulates our blood sugar levels, enhances our brains function and reduces the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. Five cheers for cinnamon!

The great thing is that you can sprinkle cinnamon in your cooking. From deserts to teas, cinnamon can be slipped in most anywhere.

21. Concentrate On How You Feel, Not How You Look

Way too many of us are so wrapped up in how we look that we forget to think about how we actually feel. This can have disastrous consequences for our health.

We suggest that you remind yourself that health and happiness comes from within and not from outside. It comes from nourishing your mind, body and soul in the right way and cultivating a feeling. Looks are looks, but health starts with how you feel.

How to maintain good health? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!

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