How To Live Longer? 10 Secrets Of The Oldest Living People

Many of us would like to live a long time. We don’t want to live forever, but we’d like to at least live a healthy life until we’re in our nineties. Or possibly even until we reach a hundred! But because the worldwide average life expectancy is just 71.0 years, most of us probably don’t anticipate that we’re going to get past our seventies.

Well, not unless we make a few adjustments anyway.

See, there are people who live a long time. Inhabitants of the so-called Blue Zones tend to live longer lives, with islands such as Okinawa, Sardinia and Icaria being home to some of the world’s oldest living people.

But what is their secret? Why do some people live longer lives than others? Well, let’s find out! Here are 10 secrets of how to live longer.

They Don’t Try To Clear The Plate

Westerners in particular have an obsession with trying to clear the plate. When we see a huge plate full of food, we make it our mission to finish it all – even if we’re feeling absolutely stuffed after demolishing half of it.

One of the most important secrets of how to live longer is to eat less food. For example, one of the reasons the Japanese people live immeasurably longer lives is they don’t force themselves to clear their plates. They stop eating when they’re about 80% full.

Research has backed up their method too; if you eat less, you age slower. This is because less calories in one go inhibits the production of a thyroid hormone called T3, which slows metabolism. And a slow metabolism means a faster ageing process.

They Replace Junk With Seeds

Where we might say: “Junk”, the world’s oldest living people say: “Seeds”.

I know what you’re thinking: eating seeds instead of sweets sounds boring. To the world’s oldest living people, though, there is nothing boring about them at all.

It’s not just seeds that are important; your diet needs to improve if you’re going to live a longer life. Fruit and vegetables are important, as are oily fish and different grains.

They Stay Active

This is another important secret of how to live longer. The world’s oldest living people certainly haven’t earned their stripes by sitting around all day watching television. They don’t lie in bed until noon before carelessly drifting through the day on a binge of Netflix, ready meals and naps. Instead, they get active.

There are many ways to stay active; you can make love 3-4 times a week, head to the gym a few times a week, go for morning jogs, take up a sport, or bag a job that requires you to move around a lot.

They Avoid The Sun When They Can

Too much sun exposure can lead to skin cancer, which is one of the fastest growing cancers in the world. Each year, more and more people are developing skin cancer; if left untreated, it can prove to be fatal, and even young people are dying from it.

Staying out of the sun also has other ageing benefits too; as well as reducing your risk of premature death from a type of cancer that can easily be avoided, staying out of the sun also prevents wrinkles, saggy skin and blemishes from developing too early. So not only are you going to live longer, you’re also going to look younger too. Fantastic!

If you are going to spend a lot of time in the sun (for your job perhaps), you should definitely apply plenty of sunscreen.

They Know Their Blood Pressure

Annual trips to the doctor are a necessity for the world’s oldest living people. Although they know their bodies pretty well by now, they also recognise that there are things that only their doctor can tell them.

A visit to a doctor each year can save you a lot of hassle. For example, if you have high blood pressure or if you’re at risk of diabetes, your doctor will put you on a diet that can save your long-term health.

If you do not know that your body is ailing, you will continue to subsist on a diet that is only worsening your condition and shortening your life. Annual health check-ups help you to make lifestyle and dietary adjustments.

They Are Social People And They Know How To Enjoy Life

How to live longer? It’s simple: be more social and enjoy life! When we were kids, there was a common perception that old people were miserable. Whenever our ball landed in their garden, they wouldn’t throw it back. They’d either keep it or they’d pop it with a pin!

But older people who live long lives are definitely nice people, and they’re very socially active. See, loneliness can really takes its toll on your health, and research has indeed confirmed that it can even cause inflammation, which in turn can lead to heart disease.

Loneliness is something that can easily happen when we get older; the world’s oldest people have taken precautions and continue to engage in social activities with their community.

They Drink  – But Not Too Much!

Next tip on how to live longer is to drink in moderation. Alcohol is a poison, but it’s okay to drink it in moderation. Wine forms a strong part of the Mediterranean diet, but the locals tend to stick to just one glass for dinner each day.

Men who have three or more drinks a day and women who have two or more drinks a day are putting their long-term health at serious risk. If you want to live a longer life, you’re going to have to enjoy your alcohol in moderation. In fact, when drank in smaller quantities, booze can actually have positive effects on your health!

They Don’t Smoke

The world’s oldest people may drink now and then, but they almost certainly don’t smoke at all.

Smoking causes all kinds of physical defects, and although it can take a long time to ultimately cause someone’s death, it definitely cuts your life short significantly.

They’ve Learned How To Manage Their Stress

Stress can cause internal damage. When we’re stressed, free radicals are given the chance to wreak havoc with our immune system, leading to indigestion and all kinds of pesky ailments.

Stress is visibly noticeable too, and can cause premature wrinkles and grey hairs. It’s also linked to heart problems and obesity as well.

You need to learn how to cope with stressful events so that you can avoid a full-on mental and physical meltdown. The key to living longer is living without stress.

They Sleep!

Finally, the world’s oldest living people know the joys of sleep. Many of us, in the rat race, don’t tend to get as much sleep as we really need. This can lead to diabetes, depression, heart disease and even car accidents.

Do you know other secrets on how to live longer?

Stay happy!

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