How To Keep Yourself Fit & Energized

We can see new, crazy diets in the magazines every week that promises crazy weight losses in only a few days…but instead of starving yourself and living on celery for weeks, we recommend taking slow, consistent steps to change your lifestyle. Whether you’d like to lose weight, get better skin or simply feel a bit better about your body and be more energized, we have the 8 best tips to help you achieve results in the long-run.

8 Cups A Day

I know, it sounds so…ooo…oo obvious and it’s usually the first part of every list… but water is really the secret potion you need to change your lifestyle, from inside and out. I never thought it would make such a big different until I decided to finally try it and drink more water – after a month, the results were absolutely visible. My skin never was that clear, and although feeling better and healthier unfortunately doesn’t come at the cost of simply drinking a bit more water, it really helped me cleanse out my body and feel more energized. In order to remind yourself all the time, keep a water bottle with yourself everywhere you go, or follow the “8 cups a day” rule until drinking at least 2 liters of water becomes one of your healthiest habits.

Conscious Breakfasts

Salmon, cream cheese, avocado, eggs, chicken breast, and the list of mouth watering, filling breakfast ideas will convince you to switch from doughnuts and caramel lattes to healthy options. These filling breakfast ideas are especially great choices if you would like to lose weight, because they will keep your energy level up during the day, so you won’t crave for your afternoon sugar-bomb snacks.

Trying out new sports

Don’t think you are horrible at sports just because you hated running, basketball and P.E. lessons in general…because most of us did. Say goodbye to the boring 30 minutes at-home cardio sessions and your fears that you are not good enough and look up the most exciting, interesting or even relaxing sports that you were never brave enough to try out. Salsa, kangoo, diving, surfing, body art, Pilates – your options are basically endless, and there are always beginner classes where they teach you from the very beginnings so you can easily catch up to the rest.. You can even bring one of your friends with you to make sure you don’t get scared at last minute and cancel your plans.

Taking Small Steps

Let’s face it: thinking realistically and taking small steps first are essential parts to have a truly successful lifestyle changing progress. Instead of rushing into eating only healthy food, exercising crazily and refusing to party every now and then, try to plan in smaller steps to get consistent, long-lasting results and find your motivation. If you are just like me, there is a big chance you want to change everything at once without thinking realistically, but if you jump into it right ahead, the wanted results will be missing and your lifestyle change will easily become a rushed, 4-day starving diet (I’ve been there, done that.)

Getting Your Beauty Sleep

As if we needed one more reason to sleep more…but besides jumping into a bed and hiding under the blanket is one of the most pleasant things in the world, it is also very healthy. Although it can be difficult to sleep as much as possible during exam season or a stressful week at work, try to have a schedule that lets you sleep during the night instead of short afternoon naps. Going to bed before 11 (ok, maybe midnight) will make you more fit, increase the level of productivity and will help you focus and concentrate more during the day.

Wake Up Sports

You probably think I must be crazy. Most of us are happy if we can get out of bed and have five extra minutes to drink coffee (and not take it like a quick shot) and comb our hair, but waking up 10 minutes earlier and spend a little time with morning meditation or yoga will change your days in an extremely positive way. You don’t have to do crazy running or as many push-ups as you can, just take it simple and slow. Moving around will get both your body and brain get started quicker and will keep your energy level up during the day.

Find Your Inner Inspiration

One of the hardest steps is probably finding the right motivation and keeping it in the long run. Mood-boards and inspirational Pinterest pages are amazing, but say goodbye to photoshoped images of models, Adidas ads and other unrealistic images and find your true inspiration elsewhere. Ask yourself why you’d like to change: your inspiration can come from many sources, such as feeling bad in your own skin or the wish to loose weight. The personal motivation will help you keep going even if you are craving a huge slice of pizza or would like to avoid the gym.

Be Forgiving

Don’t be too hard on yourself, especially during the first few days of your new diet/lifestyle change. While we all dream of quick and effective changes, giving up on cupcakes, energy drinks and late night series sessions with pizza definitely isn’t an easy task, so whenever you feel weak, don’t be mad or disappointed, and never force yourself to starve. Think about your inner inspirations, your goals and why the diet change will be worth it, take a deep breath, and keep going.

Stay happy!

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