10 Tricks on how to improve posture

As so many of us spend our working hours sitting at a desk, it’s no wonder that so a lot of people have bad posture. As kids, we are all told to sit up straight in our chairs and not to slouch, but many of us have forgotten all about that good advice that our parents gave us. Regaining a good posture is not just about looking good, it can also help to improve your health too, because slouching can restrict your blood flow and it can have a long term detrimental impact on your spine. If you slouch in your chair at work, or you walk with your shoulders hunched and your head down, here are ten great tricks that you can use to improve your posture.

1. Be aware of your posture

You may not even know that your posture is bad, but if you get a lot of backaches and neck aches, then there is a good chance that it is poor posture that is to blame. Check yourself out in a mirror and see how you look when you are sitting, and when you are standing up. Being aware of your posture is the first step to correcting it, if it is wrong.

2. Move around more

Another tip on how to improve posture is to move around more. Your muscles are not designed to be doing nothing for long periods of time, so the longer you stay sitting in the same position, the more tired your muscles will become, and the more you will slouch. Take every opportunity that you have to get up and move around. One good trick is to always stand up when you talk on the phone.

3. Imagine there is a balloon tied to your head!

Another great tip on how to improve posture is to imagine there is a balloon tied to your head, pulling you straight up, that will give you a good guide as to how you should be standing. Give it a go, and you will find that your spine becomes straighter, your head goes back, and your neck straightens out. If you keep practicing it, it will become a habit that will improve your posture.

4. Don’t cross your legs

Next tip on how to improve posture is to avoid crossing your legs. Crossing your legs may well be the ladylike thing to do, but it is not the best way to sit, if you want to learn how to sit up straight and not slouch. The best way to sit, is with your back straight and your feet flat on the ground. That will keep your spine in an upright position and you won’t slouch so much. If your feet don’t touch the ground when you sit, then your chair is too high, so lower it.

5. Spend less time in heels

They look great, they make you feel wonderful, but heels aren’t doing your posture any good at all. Good posture begins with the muscles in your legs and your feet and, if you spend all day, every day, teetering on a pair of heels, you will be putting a strain on your back and your leg muscles. Wear flats to work and save the heels for special occasions.

6. Be more confident

Self-confidence and good posture go hand in hand and the more confident you feel the straighter you will stand, and vice versa. You can learn to be more self-confident, it’s just a habit, so check out some of our posts on how to build your self-confidence, or buy a book on the topic. You’ll be amazed at how much difference your confidence can make to your posture and your perception of yourself.

7. Your ears should be in line with your shoulders

Another good test to see if you are sitting and standing properly is to think about where your ears are in relation to your shoulders. If you are adopting a good posture, then your ears will be in line with your shoulders. This is another great trick that you can get into the habit of using that will improve your posture over time.

8. Draw back your shoulders

Where you hold your shoulders will also affect your overall posture. To avoid getting rounded shoulders, try to remember to pull your shoulders back and down. This will bring your chest out, your head up and it will also straighten up your neck. If you let your shoulders slouch to the front, then your whole body will begin to lean forward.

9. Position your computer properly

Another good tip on how to improve posture is to position your computer properly. As so many people spend their day looking at computers, where you position your computer screen is worth a mention here too. When you use a computer, the best place for the monitor is to have it positioned in such a way that the top of the screen is at eye level. You can buy stands that are made especially to do this, but a couple of thick books should also get the monitor to the right height.

10. Don’t try too hard

While all these tricks will work to improve your posture you can overdo it. Don’t try and sit up, as stiff as a board, all day long, or you will give up and start to slouch again. Apart from that, if you sit and stand like a robot, people are going to start to worry about you!

How to improve posture? What are your best tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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