How to get rid of back acne scars? 10 Tips

The skin on our backs has a high concentration of the glands that secrete natural oil and, because our backs are usually covered up by clothing, that oil, along with dead skin cells can get into the pores in the skin, clog them up and become infected, which causes acne. Acne can affect anyone at any age, but it is often at its most severe during teenage years, when hormones are running riot in our bodies. Acne itself can be treated, or may clear up of its own accord, but it can leave scars and blemishes on the skin and those scars can be embarrassing, especially in the summer months when you want to wear swimwear, or backless tops. If you feel embarrassed by your acne scars, then read these ten tips on how to get rid of back acne scars. For mild cases of back acne, we have listed some natural cures that will fade blemishes and scars, but for more severe cases, where the skin has become pitted, one of the medical procedures we have described might be more appropriate.

1. Lemon juice

Our first tip on how to get rid of back acne scars is to use lemon. Lemon juice contains high concentrations of citric acid, which will lighten blemishes on the skin and the Vitamin C in lemon juice will also promote the growth of new, healthy skin. For the best effect, wash your back first with warm water and a mild soap, and then rub the lemon juice into the skin using a cotton pad, keep it on for five minutes, before washing off. Be aware, though, that if you have any cuts or wounds on your back, lemon juice will sting and inflame the skin, so be careful!

2. Tomato pulp

Tomato pulp has a similar effect to lemon juice and it will gently bleach the skin and help to fade scars. Rub the pulp of several fresh tomatoes into the skin and leave it on your back for about ten minutes before washing off. Like all of these natural remedies, it will take time and multiple applications to work, but with persistence, this method will help scars fade.

3. Vitamin E oil

Another tip on how to get rid of back acne scars is to use vitamin E, which is well known for its healing effects and is often recommended as an effective way to help any type of scars heal faster. To use Vitamin E on back acne, extract the oil from Vitamin E capsules, massage it into your back and leave it on overnight. If you repeat this regularly, you will soon see a fading in your acne scars.

4. Orange peel

Orange peel is another natural remedy for acne scars that will fade the scars and help them to heal. The best way to use orange peel is to dry out the peel first and then grind it into a powder. Mix the powder into a paste with some warm water and then apply the paste to your back. Leave the paste on your back for about ten or fifteen minutes before washing it off.

5. Potatoes

Next tip on how to get rid of back acne scars is to use raw potatoes. Potatoes contain a natural bleaching agent, as well as vitamin C, which will help to fade acne blemishes and heal the scars. To use potatoes on your back, grate a peeled, raw potato and mash it to pulp and then, rub it onto the affected area; leave it on for about ten minutes before washing off again.

6. Laser treatment

For more severe cases of back acne scars, there are also a number of medical treatments available, one of which is laser treatment. Laser treatment works by blasting pulses of light onto the skin that take off the upper layer, leaving the fresh skin underneath to heal and regrow, which significantly reduces the appearance of any scars or blemishes.

7. Chemical peels

Another tip on how to get rid of back acne scars is to use chemical peels, which can be used on acne scars that are not too deep. It works in very much the same way as exfoliating does, by removing the top layer of skin, so that new, unblemished skin can grow.

8. Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a medical procedure that removes scars on the skin with a spinning wire brush or diamond wheel. In the same way as the previously mentioned medical procedures do, by removing the upper layer of skin so that new skin can grow back. After treatment, new skin begins to grow after about seven days, but the skin could stay pink in colour for up to twelve weeks after the procedure and you would have to wear sunscreen whenever your skin is exposed to sunlight.

9. Augmentation therapy

Augmentation therapy works in a slightly different fashion, by raising the skin in the damaged areas with injections made of fat taken from other parts of the body or collagen. This treatment brings the pitted skin that has been caused by acne up to the same level as the rest of the skin.

10. Subcision

Subcision is a medical procedure that is used for deeper acne scars and is usually combined with other treatments, such as laser scar treatment, for example. In this case, the scar is surgically removed, which allows the skin to re-heal and level with the surrounding skin.

If you have severe problem with acne scars, we recommend to consult your doctor before trying any self treatments. 

How to get rid of back acne scars? What are your best tips?

Stay happy and healthy!

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