How To Alkalize Your Body And Why It’s Important?

In case you didn’t know it, your body has a Ph balancing system that is constantly regulated so that it doesn’t swing too wildly one way or the other. If it does, you will die!

Okay, that sounds scary. Sorry! But it’s okay because your body is super duper at regulating this balancing system so that things never get scarily out of control.

However, it needs your assistance.

See, the Ph scale has two extremes:

1) Acid

2) Alkaline

Your body needs alkaline in oder to neutralise the acids that you consume. And because we tend to consume more acidic food than alkaline food, our body is constantly working overtime to make sure we don’t randomly, um, die.

The thing is, though, that your Ph balancing system will occasionally go out of whack if you’re not alkalising your body. While you won’t die, you will suffer a few noticeable and annoying symptoms, such as indigestion and even asthma.

Making sure that your body is alkalised is the best way of ensuring that your Ph levels are perfectly balanced, and any nasty symptoms caused by an imbalance are remedied.

So let’s take a look at how to alkalise your body!

Alkaline Water

If you’ve ever cared to check the Ph of a bottle of water you’ve purchased, you’ll have noticed that it’s usually always 7. This is normal and good for you.

But alkaline water has a Ph level of 8, and sometimes even 9. Which means it’s even better for you if you want to alkalise your body.

Alkaline water has been tested and proven to remedy a number of conditions. For example, it can treat high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also reduce acid reflux by deactivating the chief culprit, pepsin.

If you talk to any dietician, health expert or even your doctor about alkaline water, all will have no hesitation in recommending it.

… But Drink Lots Of Water

You don’t HAVE to drink alkaline water, but if you can get through 5-6 glasses of water each day, you’re doing an ace job at alkalising your body.


Are you crazy for coconuts? You should be. Coconuts are super alkalising, and come with so many other health benefits that my mom always referred to them as a miracle.

And she’s right – they are a miracle. To alkalise your body via the greatest miracle on earth, you can either drink coconut juice or milk, cook your dinner in coconut oil, or tuck into fresh coconut “meat”.

Coconuts boost your energy levels, improve digestion, and support tissue repair.

Eat Your Greens

When I was a kid, my mom had a lot of trouble convincing me to eat more greens. She’d sneak spinach, lettuce and sprouts onto my plate and tell me how strong they will make me. I wasn’t having any of it!

Would I have been convinced if she’d have told me that greens would alkalise my body and better regulate my Ph levels? Probably not. I was seven years old! LOL.

However, I now realise the important of alkalisation, as well as how effective greens are at alkalising our body’s.

Greens can be really tasty, too, and a lot of the time it just comes down to how you cook and prepare them. Add them to some tasty salads and sandwiches and you’re onto a winner.

Snack on Almonds

Nuts are super healthy for you, but almonds come out on top when it comes to alkalising your body. Stuffed with natural alkaline minerals such as magnesium and calcium, they balance you blood sugar and your Ph levels.

Replacing your usual chocolate snacks at work with almonds, then, is a fab idea.

Water And Baking Soda

Baking soda and water combine well together, and can be used for a number of different things. For example, this mixture can act as a replacement to over the counter shampoos that are full of chemicals.

Thankfully for me, my greens-loving mom has always been into natural health. So when my dad started to suffer from some really nasty acid reflux, she treated him immediately with this concoction.

Baking water and soda is an ace way of alkalising your body and balancing your Ph levels. All you need to do is drop a tsp of baking soda into a cup of water, stir, and drink in the morning.

Take A Breather

Stress and anxiety wreak Hell with your body, and you probably wouldn’t believe the different symptoms they can cause.

One of the primary symptoms caused by stress and anxiety is indigestion. And when your digestive system decides that it doesn’t wanna work anymore, you’e gonna feel it because toxic acids will quickly start to build up.

To flush this toxins out of your body, you need to make sure that you remain as stress and anxiety-free as possible. Taking regular walks, some time off work, and trying yoga can all help.

Aloe Vera Juice

The aloe vera plant should be one of the wonders of the world IMO. The Great Wall of China is essentially nothing more than a very long wall. The aloe vera plant, on the other hand, can remedy a large number of irritating ailments that make us feel lousy.

Aloe vera juice does a fantastic job of alkalising your body, balancing out your dietary habits that are a bit too acidic.

You can make your own aloe vera juices at home, or you can buy it already bottled from a health food store. If you choose to buy it pre-bottled, just make sure to avoid juice that contains carrageenan.

Eat More Plant-Based Food

Eating more plant-based food is good for the environment, and it’s also good for your body. Meat is acidic, and your body can’t metabolise all the acid. I suggest that for at least three days a week you go meat-free.

Lemon Water

If the thought of stirring baking soda into your water before drinking it grosses you out, you might want to give lemon water a shot instead.

Lemons are ace. Among other things, they fight infections, boost your liver, look after your heart, clean out your bowels, destroy intestinal worms and strengthen your blood vessels.

But more than anything, lemons are awesome at alkalising your body. Combine lemon juice with water first thing in the morning and you’ve made an awesome start to the day.

Stay happy and healthy!

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