15 Super Effective Home Remedies For Whooping Cough

Cough can be a total nightmare, especially when it just won’t go away. In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 15 super effective home remedies for whooping cough.

Whooping cough sounds like something from years gone by, but it’s making a comeback. Fortunately less dangerous to adults, it can prove dangerous to infants if not treated properly. Antibiotics are the standard treatment method, but if you prefer to heal yourself naturally, we’ve got 15 great ways to do it. But what is whooping cough? It is a cough that distinguishes itself from other types of coughs by virtue of a high-pitched “whooping” sound that we release when we’re struggling to breathe during a nasty coughing fit. It’s incredibly contagious, and passes through the air from person to person. As mentioned, adults generally aren’t at risk of death from whooping cough, but infants under 3 months old need to be watched super carefully. Let’s take a look at 15 super effective home remedies for whooping cough.

Avoid Foods That Cause Mucus

The first thing you need to do is to avoid foods that cause mucus in the first place. These include the likes of most dairy products (especially milk and eggs), as well as sugar and flour.

Get Lots Of Rest

The second thing you need to do is get lots and lots of rest. Don’t think that you can go to work with whooping cough; stay home, take regular naps and get lots of rest. Do as little work in the home as possible. Ask people to help out.


Ginger can treat just about anything, from stomach complaints to whooping cough. This is because it’s so beneficial for our immune system. Ginger works by breaking down the sheer amount of toxins in our bloodstream and organs, and because it has anti-bacterial properties, it is also able to clean up or lymphatic system. This ensures that it eliminates nasty toxins that would otherwise compromise our respiratory system.


Like ginger, lemon is good for treating many things. It has immune boosting vitamin C, as well as antiviral and antibacterial agents. Simply add a small tbsp to your morning glass of water until you’re feeling better.

Drink Lots Of Water

When you have whooping cough, you throat will get raw and sore. To ease it as much as you can, it’s important that you stay properly hydrated. The best way to do this is with lots of water. Aim to drink at least 5 glasses per day, but drink 8 if possible. Always have a glass next to you and take regular sips.


One of our favourite nuts, almonds come with many health benefits. Because they are rich in antioxidants and numerous immune boosting agents, almonds combat whoopping cough.


Who doesn’t love honey? A somewhat healthier but even more divine alternative to sugar, honey makes a marvellous addition to any savoury meal. Just pour some into your cup of coffee, or drape a teaspoon over your bowl of oatmeal and savour its delightfully warm and comforting taste. Unlike sugar, honey has lots of health benefits too, including an ability to remedy whooping cough. Indeed, just a smidgen of honey each day can cut down the amount of mucus secretion in your lungs, thus providing relief from a cough. Consume a teaspoon of honey before bed and see how you feel over the next few days.


Saffron is expensive, but if you can afford it, buy it and add it to your meals. It contains powerful antibacterial agents that destroy bacteria, and it also loosens your chest, so that you breathe more easily.

Peppermint Oil

Less expensive than saffron, peppermint oil is just as effective at treating some of the symptoms and side effects of whooping cough. It’s got antibacterial agent as well as methanol, and can relieve sore throats that come about as a result of whooping cough.


Dieticians, nutritionists and health experts around the world recommend that we eat garlic at least once a day. If you have whooping cough, it’s more important than ever that you listen to this advice. A natural antibiotic, garlic, is easy to add to your broths and soups and will take the fight to whooping cough.


A powerful herbal tonic, oregano contains antibacterial anti-spasmodic agents that clear out your lungs, and it’s another one of amazing home remedies for whooping cough.


Probiotics have been studied extensively, and it’s been found that they can reduce inflammation and combat bacterial infections. Probiotics also encourage more antibody responses when you’re fighting a disease such as whooping cough.


If there was ever a herb that takes the fight to disease, it’s turmeric. A fearless, heavyweight champion of the herb world, it eases pain by reducing inflammation. It’s essentially a painkiller, and unlike most over-the-counter prescription painkillers, it’s not got any side effects (well, unless you go crazy and consume loads, that is). Add turmeric to your meals if you have whooping cough (it’s great on broccoli) and it can help to alleviate your symptoms.

Chamomile Tea

One of the most calming drinks there is, chamomile tea also soothes your throat and reduces the spasms that cause all that nasty coughing. Drink a cup in the morning, another in the afternoon, and another in the evening, it’s one of great natural, home remedies for whooping cough.

Bone Broth

More of a left field choice, bone broth is a proper winter warmer that boosts your immune system and kicks whooping cough in the bits that hurt. Rich in nutrients, bone broth’s benefits extend beyond helping you eliminate whooping cough, and it’s one of the best foods to eat when you don’t feel too well.

Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood oil loosens your respiratory system and prevents spasming. It also removes phlegm and can prevent congestion that arises as a result of whooping cough. Simply rub a pinch onto your throat and chest at bedtime.

Do you know other home remedies for whooping cough?

Stay happy and healthy!

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