10 Fabulous and healthy New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Eve is the time that many people resolve to do something to get themselves fitter and healthier in the next twelve months. New Year’s Day, is the day that many of those people wish that they’d kept their thoughts to themselves! The New Year is as good a time as any, though, to make a commitment to doing something that will be good for you, so, get your will power into gear and take your pick from these ten healthy New Year’s resolutions.

1. Get outdoors more

Let’s start off with something really easy. Make a resolution to get outdoors, at least once a week, and take a short walk around a green area. You don’t need to trek into the wild open spaces to find fresh air and a bit of nature, your local park will do. Get outdoors more often and it will lower your stress levels, give you a bit of exercise and give you a bit of peace and quiet too.

2. Eat more fruit and vegetables

This is another resolution that is easy to stick to. Adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet is much easier to do, than to say that you are giving something up, and it could still have a marked positive impact on your health. Just add one extra portion of vegetables to your meals and eat a piece of fruit for dessert and you will be adding some of the vital fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you need in your diet to stay healthy.

3. Quit smoking

This really is one of the biggest New Year’s resolutions, if you are a smoker, and it’s a tough one to do was well. If you are planning to quit smoking this year, plan out how you are going to cope with the cravings well in advance of New Year’s Eve and get some help and support. Within days of quitting smoking you will begin to feel the benefits, and we don’t need to tell you about health benefits, do we?

4. Lose some weight

Obesity is becoming a major health problem in many countries and, in America, over 60% of the population are overweight or obese, so losing some weight should be the number one New Year’s resolution for a lot of people this year. You can start by just cutting out processed food and taking some exercise, it doesn’t have to be anything too drastic for most people, but it could save you from heart disease, diabetes and many other health issues, and it could prolong your life too.

5. Drink more water

Water is good for your skin, your energy levels, your metabolism, and pretty much everything else too, so making a New Year’s resolution to drink more water will be a huge boost to your health. The average adult needs eight glasses of water a day to keep everything functioning properly, so set that as your target for next year.

6. Reduce your stress levels

Stress wrecks your immune system and makes you more susceptible to illness like colds and the flu. It also raises your blood pressure and plays havoc with your cardiovascular system, so one of the good New Year’s resolutions is to resolve to try and reduce some of the stress in your life this year. You may not be able to solve all your problems overnight, but you could make a resolution to take more breaks during the day and get away on a proper vacation this year.

7. Go meatless one day a week

Going vegetarian is not for everyone, but you could resolve to eat no meat in just one day in every week. Too much red meat in your diet can lead to diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Cut out meat for just one day a week and it will give your body a break and time to digest properly what meat you have already eaten.

8. Get in shape

When you start to take more exercise you will look better, feel better, and you will probably live for longer too. ‘Get in shape’ is quite a broad New Year’s resolution to make, though, so break it down into more manageable targets and track how you do against those targets. You could start with something simple, like walk an extra mile every day and then work your way up from there.

9. Get more sleep

You could resolve to get to bed at a decent hour more often and that would bring you many health benefits too. When you get a good night’s sleep, you look better, feel better and your stress levels will reduce. The average adult needs about eight hours of sleep a night, so change your routine to make sure that you get enough and you will soon feel the difference.

10. Take up a new activity

One of the easiest, and the most enjoyable, ways of increasing your physical activity is to take up a sport or other pastime that involves exercise. Start taking yoga or dance classes, or join a hiking club. You’ll get to meet new people, have fun and you will get more exercise.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Stay happy and healthy!

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