Healthy living tips: 10 Daily habits of fit people

Have you ever looked at a really fit person and wondered how on earth they do it? Well, there is no single big secret and no wonder treatment that will do it; it is all down to adopting a healthy lifestyle. Fit people don’t starve themselves, fit people don’t spend all day at the gym and fit people don’t live on a crazy super restrictive diet. What they do, is they get some healthy lifestyle habits, firmly ingrained in their daily routine, and here are ten of those:

1. They eat a smart breakfast

Research has shown, time and time again, that not eating breakfast will make you put on weight. A quick granola bar won’t do the job either; make time for a healthy, satisfying breakfast that conations lean protein, healthy fat and good carbohydrates.

2. They never sit still

The sedentary lifestyle causes obesity and other health problems, so fit people don’t sit still for very long. They would rather be doing something more active like walking or going for a bike ride.

3. They start their day with exercise

Get into the habit of taking some exercise every morning because it has been proven to be by far the most effective time. People who are in the habit of exercising in the morning also find that it puts them in the right, healthy, frame of mind for the rest of the day.

4. They only eat when they need to

Healthy people listen to their body and they only eat when they are hungry. They don’t eat, just because the food is there; and if they are not hungry then they will not eat the muffins at the breakfast meeting or even the popcorn at the movies.

5. They are careful about what they drink

Fit people habitually reach for the bottle of water, because they know that other drinks, especially soda, contain far too many calories and have no health benefits at all.

6. They don’t ride, when they don’t have to

The idea of jumping in a cab to go a few blocks wouldn’t even occur to a fit person. Their natural inclination is to walk, whenever they can.

7. They make exercise fun

Fit people choose healthy activities because they enjoy them, that way they don’t have to spend hours in a gym. They take up sports, dancing, cycling and going for long walks. That way they keep fit, while they are also enjoying themselves.

8. They pick up the pace

If you ever go for a walk with a fit person, then you will know what we mean! What is a gentle stroll to them seems like a crazy power walk to you and they keep that pace up all day long.

9. They cook and eat at home

You won’t find a pile of takeout menus in a fit person’s home, but you will find their refrigerator stuffed full of healthy and fresh ingredients. Eating out, or phoning in, is not the first thought they have when they get hungry; they head to the kitchen and cook it themselves.

10. They don’t obsess about their body

Most fit people don’t even think about being fit. They don’t constantly weigh themselves and check themselves in the mirror. They don’t need to obsess about their body, because their healthy lifestyle and the habits they adopt, look after it for them.

Do you know some other habits of fit people?

Stay happy!

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