Why sleeping nude is better for you?

Many people grew up sleeping in pyjamas when they were children, so they just carried on that way, but sleeping naked has many benefits that you may have never even thought about. For one thing, without pyjamas, you will be cooler and it will be easier to regulate your body temperature on warm nights and you will sleep a lot better when you are cool. There are also some surprising health benefits of sleeping nude, and it’s just a lot easier to jump into bed nude, than it is to find and put on pyjamas. In these days of central heating, there really is no need for us to wear nightclothes, so go on and give it a go. Here are ten benefits of sleeping naked.

1. It is good for your skin

When you sleep naked, it allows the air to get to your skin, so that it can breathe better. Your skin is trapped inside your clothing all day long, so it could do with a bit of fresh at air night. Sleep naked and you will find that it helps with skin conditions like acne on the back, and athlete’s foot, because the skin gets a chance to dry out properly.

2. You sleep more soundly

A lack of sleep can cause all kinds of health problems, including elevated stress levels and anxiety. When you sleep in the nude your body temperature will be lower, which will help you sleep better. If you do get too warm in the night, it’s also much easier to cool yourself down by removing the bed covers, or poking a leg out from under the sheets.

3. It balances the hormones in your body

Keeping cool at night by sleeping naked also allows your body to regulate the levels of melatonin and growth hormones. When you wear clothes in bed, your body may become too hot and that prevents the body from using these hormones properly, which could actually lead to you ageing faster.

4. It reduces cortisol levels

Sleeping in the nude will also help to lower the levels of cortisol in the body overnight. High levels of cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone, can lead to anxiety, elevated blood pressure and it can make you crave food and cause you to put on weight. Sleeping naked lets your body cool down properly and that will reduce the levels of cortisol.

5. It will boost your self-esteem

Sleeping naked could also help you get over any body confidence issue that you may have and that will give you more self-confidence. Sleeping without pyjamas will get you more used to your own body and make you less self-conscious about it. Try it and it might even make you start to appreciate yourself and your body more.

6. It is just so much easier

When you stop wearing pyjamas to bed, bedtime just becomes so much easier. It will save you money, because you will no longer have to buy pyjamas, or wash them and you will have less things to tidy up too. You might want to wash your bed linen more often, but that’s nothing when you compare it with all the other benefits you will be getting from sleeping in the nude.

7. You will get improved circulation

Wearing no clothes in bed will also allow the blood to flow freely around your body, which will get more oxygen to your brain and to all your vital organs. The elasticated waist bands on pyjamas, even if you don’t notice it, will restrict the flow of blood, so sleeping nude will be much better for your circulation.

8. It can prevent yeast infections

Letting the air get to your body will also help prevent yeast infections. If your vaginal area is too warm at night, that will encourage yeast and bacteria to grow, so ditching your PJs will keep everything healthy down there too.

9. It could boost your immune system

When you sleep naked with your partner, the skin-on-skin contact reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol in your body and increases the production of oxytocin. The combined effect of that is that your body becomes more relaxed and that lowers your blood pressure and increases the effectiveness of the immune system and the healing processes.

10. You feel much better in the mornings

When you wake up from a good night’s sleep in the nude, you will feel more refreshed and awake. Not only will you have slept more soundly, you will not have become so hot and sweaty, so you will feel cleaner too. It could even reduce the number of days that you wake up to a bad hair day, because sweating will make your hair greasy too.

Do you know other health benefits of sleeping naked?

Stay happy and healthy!

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