20 Amazing Health Benefits Of Black Tea

Do you love tea as much as we do? In this article, Beauty and Tips takes a look at 20 amazing benefits of black tea for health, skin and hair.

To many people, tea is the joy of the world. It’s better than coffee and everything else that ever existed EVER. To them, there is nothing like starting the day off with a cup of tea. It comforts them, keeps them calm, warms them up, and it tastes oh so divine. There is a science behind all this. Black tea is rich in antioxidants that provide lots of health, skin and hair benefits, including reducing our risk of cancer and slowing down the ageing process (yay!). In America, ice tea is arguably more popular than hot, black tea. But in Europe, UK and the East, black tea is one of the leading beverages. It’s available in different varieties, including Darjeeling and English Breakfast tea. Some add essential oils to theirs, others add sugar, and while many add milk, some do without it. Black tea, then, is super popular. But what are 20 of its most amazing benefits for health, skin and hair? Sit back, pour yourself a cup and let’s take a look!

Black Tea Looks After Your Heart

Too much caffeine in one go has been linked with heart failure, but in moderation black tea is very good for your heart. In fact, many studies have found a positive link between black tea consumption and booming cardiovascular health. One of the ways black tea protects your heart is by reducing your LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. When these two are too high, you’re at risk of developing heart disease, or even of having a heart attack. The aim is to lower them and keep them low with our diet. As long as you drink black tea in moderation and don’t go overboard, you can keep your heart in perfect tick-tock condition.

Black Tea Looks After Your Teeth

It’s important that you look after your teeth, if only to keep your dentist pleased. After all, no one wants to see their dentist shake their head grimly and mutter something to the nurse about a “root canal” while we’re strapped to the chair, panic stricken. The easiest way to keep your dentist happy and keep them from wanting to pull teeth or drill holes into you is by maintaining good oral health. And black tea can help, because one of amazing health benefits of black tea is that it can help look after your teeth. The reduction of plaque formation is just one of the ways that black tea can help with oral health. It can also prevent bacteria from growing, thus ensuring that cavities don’t get a chance to grow in the first place. This is all down to the polyphenols in black tea. They kill the existing bacteria in your mouth and prevent new bacteria from growing and flourishing. We always knew there was a good reason to drink so much tea.

Black Tea Relieves Stress

Feeling stressed lately? One of fabulous health benefits of black tea is that it is known for its calming qualities. Drink a cup of tea in the morning before work and whenever you feel anxious to steady your nerves.

Black Tea Can Tan Your Skin

If you want a darker skin tone, you’ve probably already tried the more conventional options. There is the tanning salon, but it’s expensive and perhaps you’re frightened of skin cancer. Another option is to use a fake tan spray, but you don’t want to look like Ross Geller from Friends. So what do you do? Well, you could take the unconventional route and use black tea to enhance your looks. Sure, using black tea as a fake tan sounds weird, and you’re hardly likely to tell your friends what you’ve been up to. But, hey, it works! It works because black tea is chemical-free and is easy to use. All you need to do is soak a sponge in black tea, before rubbing it over the areas of your skin that you want to tan. Be careful, though, as things could get sticky and messy.

Black Tea Boosts Energy Levels

One of great health benefits of black tea is that it can boost your energy levels. Whenever we think of hot beverages and energy levels, we think of coffee. But black tea also provides you with a boost in fuel. Unlike coffee, it contains less caffeine, which means you won’t crash and you won’t have to worry about damaging your heart.

Black Tea Could Prevent Cancer

Let’s face it, although we don’t spend all our days worrying about it, we all live in fear of The Big C. Cancer doesn’t discriminate in the western world; anyone who has had a relatively poor habit, who doesn’t exercise, who has bad habits such as smoking and who is cursed by genetics is at risk of developing some form of cancer at some point. Sometimes, cancer gives us some breathing room and a chance to get better. Sometimes, we win the fight. Other times, however, cancer is aggressive and can prove fatal just days after being discovered in a person. It’s mean, it’s horrible and we hate it. However, while there is no magic bullet for cancer prevention, you can reduce your chances of developing it by doing the right things, such as drinking more tea. If ever there was a good excuse to drink more tea, this was it. Thanks to its antioxidants, cancer may be able to reduce your risk of developing certain cancers, specifically ovarian. And because ovarian cancer can be hard to detect, this is mighty good news for tea drinkers.

Black Tea Can Treat Kidney Disease

If you’re suffering from kidney disease, or if you know anyone who is, adding black tea to your diet is a good idea as it improves the flow of blood to the kidneys.

Black Tea Controls Blood Sugar Levels

If you care at all about your health, you’ll know that high blood sugar levels are bad news. If, on the other hand, you maintain a healthy diet, you can keep your blood sugar levels under control – and black tea can help, because one of great health benefits of black tea is that it can help seemlessly control your blood sugar levels.

Black Tea Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

Because diabetes is able to regulate your blood sugar levels, it’s able to reduce your risk of diabetes.

Black Tea Can Cure Smelly Feet

Feet are SO weird, right? It’s very rare for someone to say that they love feet, or that that feet are “beautiful.” Sure, some people do have a thing for feet and some feet are lovely and dainty. But some feet are huge, weird-looking – and smelly. Foot odour is a real issue for some people, and it can cause embarrassment. The worst thing is that it’s very hard to get rid of. Once your feet smell, they seem to smell for good. And as soon as people find out about it, it’s difficult to shake off the fact that you’re the person with the foul smelling feet. However, if you or your partner are struggling with a smelly feet issue, you can use black tea to relieve the odour. All you need to do is make a boiled tea solution in a large bowl, wait for it to cool and then dip your bare feet inside. Leave for several minutes until the anti fungal and antibacterial agents of the tea have done their work.

Black Tea Treats Asthma

Asthma is just awful. If it isn’t treated in time, an asthmatic attack and prove fatal. As well as that, asthma makes one feel pretty darn lousy – but black tea can help by reducing the symptoms. It works for bronchitis, too.

Black Tea Eliminates Puffy Eyes

Eew puffy eyes. Eew dark circles. We definitely don’t like them. And yet they KEEP COMING BACK. For many of us, the struggle is real where eye beauty is concerned. Our eyes are supposed to be the windows to our soul, but if we’ve got huge bags around them and dark circles, they look more like boarded up windows on a bad estate. Eew. To alleviate your eye issues and make your eyes sing again, take a few used tea bags, let them cool down, and place them on your eyes for several minutes. Used tea bags sounds a bit gross, but if you can get over this and perform this beauty treatment in a room where no one will ever see you, you should totally go for it.

Black Tea Can Calm Itchy Skin After Shaving

If your skin itches after shaving and it’s starting to become really annoying, try applying a cool tea bag to the affected area. It should sooth those pesky razor burns.

Black Tea Can Strengthen Your Bones

Bone health isn’t something most of us think about, not until we sustain a fracture or a break, that is. And why would we think about our bones? We’re still young, they’ll look after themselves, right?…Right? Actually, just like everything else in your body, your bones need some help from you if they’re to stay tough and resilient. Osteoporosis, which is thinning of the bones, is real and more and more people are being diagnosed with it. It’s a debilitating disease that makes it so much easier for you to sustain a break or fracture. The time to start thinking about your bones is while you’re young and healthy. Adopt the right diet so that you aren’t left with regrets later on in life. In other words, drink more tea!

Black Tea Helps With Weight Loss

This is another one of great health benefits of black tea. It is rich in key antioxidants that have been linked to a faster metabolism. And the faster your metabolism is, the more calories you burn. Black tea also controls your blood sugar levels which, if left uncontrolled, contribute to weight gain.

Black Tea Adds Shine To Lifeless Hair

If your mane isn’t looking its best at the moment, it’s important that you don’t get too disheartened. Instead, steep a few tea bags in boiling water for up to 20 minutes, before letting them cool overnight. The next day, wash your hair and then apply the cold tea in question. This beauty tip will help revive and nourish damaged hair. However, it’s only suitable for dark haired ladies, avoid using this beauty tip if you are blonde, as black tea can slightly color your hair too.

Get Relief From A Bug Bite

One of the worst things about the summer are the bugs that lose their minds and decide to sting and bite us. So annoying! All we want to do is relax in a park! If you get stung by a bug this summer, grab a used tea bag and apply to the area. It wills soothe the inflammation, redness, swelling and pain.

Black Tea Can Reduce Your Risk Of Diabetes

If you’ve seen someone struggle with diabetes, you’ll know how bad it can get. Diabetes can greatly reduce the quality of your life. It certainly changes the way you live. For many, it means they have to be much closer and stricter attention to their diet than they ever have done. And the problem is that related problems can easily escalate. It’s just a horrible but thankfully avoidable disease. Easiest way to avoid diabetes? Fix your diet. Now, we’re not saying that drink copious weekly amounts of black tea means that you don’t get diabetes. No way. But black tea can play a key role. If you look at people living in the Mediterranean Islands, diabetes is barely heard of. Their diet is so good that people over there just aren’t risk factors for such a disease. And crucial to their diet is a good cup of tea.

Black Tea Boosts Mood

This is another one of fabulous health benefits of black tea. Need a pick me up? A hot cup of tea can help! The more tea there is in your system, the less there is of the stress hormone cortisol.

Black Tea Can Soothe Sunburn

Who doesn’t like the summer? The problem is that, as much as we love the sunshine ole mister sun has a bit of a mean side. In other words, he’ll burn us if we’re not careful! Sunburn can be really painful, and it can ruin your vacation. The next time you get burnt by the sun, whip out a used tea bag and apply it to the affected area.

Do you know other health benefits of black tea?

Stay beautiful!

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