10 Health Benefits Of Drinking Espresso

If you enjoy a shot of espresso each morning because it gives you a proper wake-up call, have you ever considered that espresso actually has more health benefits than simply waking you up?

We all know about the benefits of drinking coffee. It gets our brain in gear, makes us alert, gives us energy, opens our eyes, and turns us into something resembling a normal, functioning human being who can actually do some work.

But a shot of espresso perhaps comes with more benefits than your usual tipple – and more benefits than you probably realised.

A shot of espresso gives us a shot of energy. It makes us feel that yes, at last, we can actually crack on with our day. But it does a LOT more than this. Let’s take a look at 10 health benefits of drinking espresso.

Espresso Boosts Long—Term Memory

Memory is super important. Those of us who have great memories often make the best conversationalists because they’ve literally got so much to talk about. If asked a difficult question, they can rely on their amazing memory recall to provide an awesome answer.

There are a few ways you can boost your long-term memory, and one of these is by pouring yourself a shot of espresso more often.

Two shots of espressos each day are enough to improve your memory consolidation. Any more than two, and you’re not really likely to see better results.

It’s Quick And Easy

I love meeting up with friends at a coffee shop and enjoying a catch-up over a frothy latte and cake. I also enjoy going to coffee shops by myself and escaping into a book while drinking a cappuccino.

But sometimes we don’t have the time to indulge in a large coffee. So what do you do when you still need all the benefits you get from your usual tipple but are short on time? You order a shot of espresso, of course!

Espresso Improves Attention

It comes as no surprise that lots of people rely on a shot of espresso to wake them up in the morning, because among other things espresso improves our attention. This is super important if you’re driving to the office, or have a really important task to do at work. Attention is key to good performance, and espresso can help with it.

This is because espresso enhances dopamine concentration, especially in the part of the brain which is linked to attention.

However, this benefit is short-term and isn’t likely to last the whole day. At the same time, you don’t want to guzzle down too many espressos to keep your attention span high, as too many shots can cause you to feel jitter. And this can have a weakening effect on your attention span.

Espresso Boosts Physical Performance

I’m always reading about ways to improve my performance at work, and one of the things I keep coming back to is coffee. More specifically, espresso.

Espresso acts on the central nervous system, where it improves muscle contraction and releases more adrenaline. This is ideal if you’re preparing for a physical activity, or even if you’ve got a long day at work that you know is going to drain the life out of you.

Espresso Is Good For Your Liver

If you’re to stay healthy, you absolutely MUST look after your liver. You can do this by drinking espresso, which gives you a 20% less chance of developing liver cirrhosis (liver failure, basically).

Espresso Can Help With Weight Loss

One of the benefits espresso has that many other types of coffee don’t is that it is remarkably low in calories – just three for each ounce. So unless you top it up with sugar and cream (and who would do that?!) your espresso treats you to many of the benefits of a regular latte or cappuccino, but without all the calories.

Espresso can also help you to lose weight by virtue of the fact that it aids your exercise performance by making workouts look less vigorous. Exercise suddenly becomes a whole lot easier, which in turn encourages you to do more. How? By reducing muscle pain.

To push yourself a bit harder in the gym, consume a shot of espresso around an hour before you workout.

Espresso Can Improve Digestion

This one is partly anecdotal. Just think back to the amount of times a cup of coffee has been followed almost immediately by a trip to the bathroom!

It happens – it works. Espresso is very good at getting your bowels moving, which is ideal if you’ve been feeling a bit bloated lately.

Espresso Can Minimise The Risk Of Stroke

Sometimes strokes just happen, but more often than not there are risk factors involved. And just like there are risk factors involved, there are also things you can do that will reduce the risks. And drinking espresso each day is one of them.

This is down to the antioxidants found in coffee, remarkable little things that are body’s first line of defence against free radicals in your body which, one built up, can cause serious health issues.

Espresso Is Good For Your Teeth

Okay, so coffee can stain your teeth. But you’re not drinking a large cappuccino – you’re quickly downing a shot of espresso.

Moreover, studies have shown that coffee reduces the likelihood of cavities.

Espresso Can Reduce Your Risk Of Diabetes

More and more people are getting diagnosed with diabetes. In America alone, 9.3% of the entire adult population have now been diagnosed with diabetes. It’s almost scary to think how many people remain undiagnosed, as well as how many people will be diagnosed in the years to come.

Diabetes is not a cut and dry thing. It doesn’t just develop by chance. Whether you get diabetes or not comes down largely to your lifestyle, which means that if you do the right things you can avoid being caught up in this awful epidemic.

Espresso can help. Drinking one to two shots each day can cut your risk, but you have to do other things, too, such as staying active.

Stay happy and healthy!

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