20 Must Know Benefits of Noni Juice For Health, Skin and Hair

Heard of noni juice? In this article, Beauty and Tips gives you the lowdown on what it is and why you should be drinking it for health, skin and hair.

Noni juice is pretty hot right now and for good reasons. But what is it? Noni itself is a fruit that’s rich in antioxidants. In fact, it’s so rich in antioxidants that it’s been rightly termed a super fruit. All hail the noni! Even better, noni juice has been hailed as a wonder food. Noni originates in the sun-drenched Pacific Islands, as well as India, Australia and Southeast Asia. It’s been used for years by locals as a remedy for numerous ailments and continues to be used by natives for healing.

Most of us are late to the party, but noni juice is becoming more popular in the west. It’s been researched a lot and has been found to provide numerous wonderful benefits for our skin, hair and overall health. What are they? Let’s take a look and find out!

Noni Juice Is Rich In Antioxidants

It’s always a massive bonus when food or drink contains antioxidants. These are very special, because they can stop us from getting really sick. Noni juice is rich in some truly powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals in your body. And free radicals are intent on only one thing – causing you as much harm as possible. Free radicals attack your cells and it’s up to antioxidants to reverse the damage that’s been caused by oxidative stress. Unless this damage is reversed or reduced, it can lead to some very nasty diseases.

Noni Juice Aids Digestive Health

One of the most common ailments is indigestion. Indeed, indigestion is one of the biggest reasons many of us visit the doctor. Digestive health is important but many of us rarely give it a second thought and instead continue to binge eat junk food. If you’re suffering with indigestion at the moment, feel bloated, gassy, constipated or otherwise, noni juice can help. It has a hugely stimulating effect on your digestive system, cleaning your colon and relaxing your intestinal muscles.

Noni Juice Can Reduce Cholesterol

There’s good cholesterol and there’s bad cholesterol. And bad cholesterol is very nasty. In other words, it’s something you really could do without. Bad cholesterol is associated with heart disease, which is now the biggest killer of American adults. If you smoke, it’s very important that you do all you can to lower your cholesterol. See, cigarette smoking not only raises our bad cholesterol levels, it also lowers our good cholesterol levels. This in turn causes an increase in calcium and plaque in our blood cells, which is bad news. One of great benefits of noni juice is that it can help to bring your bad cholesterol levels down, but it’s also a good idea to ween yourself off smoking, too.

Noni Juice Can Repair Cells

This is another one of fabulous health benefits of noni juice. Because noni juice is rich in alkaloids, it can repair cells. Studies have shown that an alkaloid known as xeronine is absolutely crucial for our bodies. The thing is that xeronine is usually used up right away in our body by protein, which means there’s never any left to repair cells. This is where noni juice comes in. Hurray! Noni juice contains xeronine as well as proxeronine, a unique colloid that triggers the release of even more xeronine in your intestinal tract. And the more xeronine you have in your body, the more cells can be repaired. Excellent!

Noni Juice Can Prevent Cancer

Just the word “cancer” is enough to send shivers down our spine. No one wants to get cancer but are we doing enough of the right things to reduce our risk? Diet plays a key role in either increasing or decreasing your chances of getting cancer, and noni juice has been found to have anticancer qualities. Indeed, a lot of laboratory and clinical research as gone into this, and it’s been suggested that noni juice can help to reduce our risk of developing the likes of renal, liver and lung cancer. Noni juice has also been found to reduce the pain associated with tumours, as well as their weight and volume.

Noni Juice Can Soothe Muscle Spasms

Anyone who has suffered from muscle spasms will tell you that they are not nice at all. Muscle spasms are super painful and they can take a while to settle down. The good news is that one of health benefits of noni juice is that it can actually help. Noni juice relaxes the muscles by virtue of the fact that it contains anti-spasmodic properties, the juice can suppress muscle spasms, and it can also reduce the discomfort and pain. Of course, this shouldn’t be the only way you treat muscle spasms. Warm showers or baths are recommended, and you should apply heat pads to the affected areas.

Noni Juice Protects Your Liver

Our liver is a vital organ, but lets face it – very few of us give it much of a thought. We know it’s there and we know we upset it each Saturday night but we’re hardly ever kind to it. The thing is that your liver needs you to start caring about it, otherwise it won’t be able to perform its day to day jobs properly. And when that happens, you’ll need to detox. From now on, show your liver some love by adding noni juice to your diet.

Noni Juice Looks After Your Heart

Our heart is something we’re aware of a lot. We can hear and feel it beating inside us. Despite being so aware of it, many of us are clearly not doing enough to look after it. If we were, heart disease wouldn’t be the biggest killer of American adults. Our hearts need our help and noni juice can be their saving grace, it dilates blood vessels and encourages better blood flow in your arteries. Noni juice can also help your body regulate blood pressure better and it improves heart health overall. Research has also shown that noni juice has a positive effect on our lipid profiles, which is also linked to good cardiovascular health. And as mentioned earlier, noni juice can reduce bad cholesterol levels, which is amazing for the health of the heart.

Noni Juice Can Treat Psychosis

As well as everything else, noni juice has been found to have anti-psychotic properties. Is there anything it can’t do?!

Noni Juice Can Combat Inflammation

Inflammation is a bit of a buzzword that’s thrown around a lot. But what does it actually mean? Inflammation is bad news. It’s been linked to the onset of the likes of cancer, diabetes, arthritis and a number of other chronic diseases. Basically, you need to do what you can to avoid inflammation as much as possible. Noni juice is rich in an enzyme called quinone reductase, which is known to be a fab anti-inflammatory. In general, noni juice contains lots of anti-inflammatory molecules that can either delay or prevent inflammatory diseases altogether, such as diabetes or inflammatory bowel disease.

Noni Juice Can Eliminate Fatigue

This is another one of great benefits of noni juice. Isn’t fatigue just annoying?! When we wake up in the morning ready to tackle a new day, the last thing we want is to still be yawning twenty minutes in. After an hour, we’re still absolutely knackered and we know this is going to be another horrible, unfocused day. It sucks. While many people turn to coffee to give them a pick-me-up, noni juice might be a better way to relieve fatigue. Indeed, it’s been used for centuries by tired Polynesians who needed to be more alert and awake. It boosts our energy levels and can help us power our way through the day.

Non Juice Can Stop Parasitic Disease

Parasitic disease is just plain nasty and can leave you bed-bound for weeks. Fortunately, one of good health benefits of noni juice is that drinking it can stop parasitic disease from getting started.

Noni Juice Can Help To Treat Diabetes

Diabetes is manageable but ask anyone who’s suffering from it, and they’ll tell you that it can be hard to live with. One of the problems diabetics face is that insulin action often slows down. Noni juice, on the other hand, can actually get insulin action to improve in people who have diabetes. Pretty cool, huh? This means it can work alongside insulin in the treatment of diabetes. Moreover, noni juice should be added to your diet, if you are suffering from diabetes. It’s a great health food that can give you a boost.

Noni Juice Can Boost Brain Health

Like our other vital organs, our brain isn’t really something we think about until we lose our car keys or get a really easy question wrong on the pub quiz. And then we spend a lot of time complaining about it! However, your brain needs your help if it’s to keep functioning properly and its cells don’t die too fast. Noni juice can help. One of health benefits of noni juice is that it slows, and perhaps even prevents, neuro-degeneration, while its antioxidants fight oxidative stress. Noni juice can also fight any signs of cognitive decline brought about by stress, and can help to calm you down, if you’re suffering from anxiety.

Noni Juice Boosts Immunity

It’s super duper important that you look after your immune system, so that you’re not vulnerable to infections. Noni juice helps here too, because it can help naturally boost immunity.

Noni Juice Brings Out Your Skin’s Glow

We know this is the one of those benefits of noni juice you’ve been waiting for: “Yeah, yeah, brain, cancer, heart WHAT ABOUT SKIN?!” Because noni juice has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic properties, it’s very good at improving the health of your skin and bringing out its natural, youthful glow for all to see. Fantastic! Moreover, noni juice contains lots of essential fatty acids that play a key role in building the good oils and fats in your body. These acids are a great booster for your cell membranes, which is good news for your skins appearance.

Noni Juice Could Improve Eyesight

This one is tentative as the research into the link between noni juice and vision is in its early stages. However, sources so far have suggested that the antioxidants found in this wonder juice might be able to boost vision, while warding off cataracts and macular degeneration. And since we all care about our eyesight, we reckon this is a fab reason to drink noni juice!

Noni Juice Treats Dermatitis

Speaking of skin, how about when we’re suffering from a debilitating skin condition, such as dermatitis on our face? Can noni juice still save the day then? It sure can! In fact, noni juice is growing in popularity as a remedy for dermatitis, a particularly nasty and sore skin complaint that not only knocks our self esteem, when it’s on our face, but which can also make us feel pretty lousy. Apply noni juice topically to any areas that are affected by dermatitis and leave for around fifteen minutes. Then, gently rinse off with warm water. It’s possible to also use this same treatment to cure acne, as well as…

Noni Juice Can Slow Down The Ageing Process

Ah, the ageing process! The most troubling aspect of being young is that it never lasts forever. One day, we all start to show visible signs of ageing. And it isn’t cool at all. Signs of ageing include dark circles beneath our eyes, wrinkles and fine lines. They don’t look good, especially when they show up much earlier than they said they would!  The thing is that, although you can’t prevent yourself from getting older, you can slow down the ageing process. The best thing? There’s no need to resort to magic! In fact, all you need is some noni juice. Apply it to any affected areas, leave for fifteen minutes, and then rinse with warm water. And repeat.

Noni Juice Strengthens Hair

Who doesn’t want a healthier, stronger mane? Who wants to stop losing great chunks of hair in the shower? Who wants better hair follicles? If you raised your hand to each of those questions, it’s time to start drinking noni juice. We’ll drink to that!

Do you know other benefits of noni juice?

Stay happy and healthy!

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