20 Amazing Health Benefits of Morning Walk

Thinking of getting up with the sun and taking an early morning walk? In this article, Beauty and Tips offer 20 good reasons as to why you definitely should.

We’re not all morning people. Some of us like to rise with the sun and do stuff before work starts, while others prefer to stay in bed right up until the last moment before dashing out of the house just in time to catch our bus or train. Rising early means you get more time to chill, relax and do things that benefit your body and emotional wellbeing. This can include cooking yourself a hearty breakfast, taking a long shower, or watching a motivational video that gets you ready for the day ahead. It can also include taking a morning walk. Believe us when we say it or wait until you’ve finished this article, but taking a walk in the morning really can change your life. Morning walks are highly recommended to anyone, but they especially benefit people who are already suffering from something chronic, such as heart disease or diabetes. A morning walk can boost your mood, loosen up your joints and provide you with the energy you need to get through the day. Let’s take a look at 20 amazing health benefits of morning walk.

A Morning Walk Reduces The Risk of Diabetes

Cases of diabetes are growing all the time, and it’s now one of the most serious lifestyle-related diseases around. There are lots of ways you can reduce your risk of developing this debilitating disease and one of them is by taking a morning walk.

One of great health benefits of morning walk is that it helps to regulate your blood sugar levels, and it also lets your muscle cells burn more fat and use more glucose. All of this helps diabetics, and it also reduces your risk of developing diabetes in the first place.

A Morning Walk Gives You A Chance To Reflect And Put Things Into Perspective

If you’ve had an argument with someone, be it online or offline, it can make you feel pretty lousy. Not only do you feel bad, but you don’t know what to do next. Or maybe you were asked a big question the next before and you’re not sure what your answer should be. Either way, taking a morning walk gives you the chance to reflect, put things into perspective and make the right decision.

A Morning Walk Can Help Prevent Cancer

A morning walk isn’t a miracle cure that’s going to prevent cancer all by itself. But when combined with an overall healthy lifestyle, a morning walk can help to keep The Big C at bay.

A Morning Walk Can Help You Lose Weight

As well as diabetes, the number of cases of obesity is also on the rise and it’s one of the biggest killers of Americans. The reasons people get overweight? One of them is obviously down to a poor diet, but a sedentary lifestyle is a major factor. In other words, if you don’t move enough, you could end up putting on more weight than is good for you. There are lots of ways we can move more to keep weight off. We can join a gym and exercise more, walk to work, take the stairs…and we can also take a morning walk, which is one of the easiest, most calming ways to help you lose weight. This is one of fabulous health benefits of morning walk. It increases your heart rate and helps your body burn more calories quicker. So plug in your headphones, get outdoors and lose weight the easy way!

A Morning Walk Can Prevent a Stroke

To prevent a stroke, it’s important that you look after your heart and keep it strong and healthy. People who take morning walks regularly cut their chances of suffering a stroke down hugely. Just think – all you need to do to reduce your risk of having a stroke is take more walks. It can be that easy but of course you need to make other lifestyle changes, too.

A Morning Walk Wakes You Up!

Sometimes, it takes us a while to wake up. Other times, we just can’t seem to wake up at all! It’s midday and we STILL feel knackered. One of the best ways to wake up and get energised for the day ahead is by taking a brisk morning walk. Get some fresh air, feel the cool breeze against your face and soak up the sun.

A Morning Walk Can Boost Your Mood

This is one of the most important health benefits of morning walk. Sometimes, we need a pick-me-up in the morning. Hey, it’s the morning and who doesn’t occasionally feel pretty lousy that we have to get up and do stuff, such as work? Sometimes, we’re just not in the mood. While a lot of people turn to coffee to help lift their mood in the morning, a much better idea is to take a brief morning stroll. It’s a form of exercise – if moderate – and all exercise triggers the release of more endorphins in your brain that instantly makes you feel better. Of course, where you take your walk and what the weather is like can also affect your mood. But just getting out there is a fabulous way to start your day. Try it!

A Morning Walk Can Make Skin Glow


Wish your skin was more glowing? Take a morning walk to boost blood circulation.

A Morning Walk Strengthens Hair

A morning walk should clearly be a key part of your beauty regime from now on.

A Morning Walk Can Give You A Jolt In Energy

Another one of fantastic health benefits of morning walk is that it can dramatically boost your energy levels. If you’re the kind of person who wakes up feeling low on energy and doesn’t really see an improvement as the day goes along, you need to rethink your morning routine. Morning routine is key when it comes to how the rest of our day goes. If our morning gets off to a bad start, it sets the tone and the rest of the day usually follow suit. If, on the other hand, our morning gets off to an amazing start, we can be pretty sure that unless something majorly disastrous happens, the rest of our day is going to be pretty amazing. Eating a protein-rich breakfast is a great way to fire up your metabolism and fuel up in the morning. Compliment it with a morning walk and you’ll literally be on fire with energy! Walking wakes us up, boosts blood flow and helps us to create more energy.

A Morning Walk Can Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Heart disease is now the biggest killer of American adults. It’s fended off cancer to take the number one spot. That’s pretty scary but the thing is that heart disease can be prevented, if you do the right things earlier in life. How you live your life and the choices you make when it comes to your lifestyle can make or break your health. Taking a brief morning walk can help you lower your risk of cardiovascular disease by around 10%. Taking a longer walk – say 40 minutes – can lower your risk by as much as 20%. That’s amazing and the thing is that walking is incredibly easy and any one of us can do it. So go do it more!

A Morning Walk Means You’ve Already Done Something

How many of us get up in the morning, think about the things we have to do, and say “I’ll do it later”? Lots of us. In fact, there are times when we get to midday and still haven’t done anything. We feel guilty but, as 3pm approaches, we also know that we’re probably not going to get anything proactive done today at all. Taking a morning walk means that you’ve at least done something as soon as possible. You’ve got out of bed at a decent time, showered and changed and headed out. It might seem minor but the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel will be pretty darn big. Try it and see how good it makes you feel. Then, you’ll be able to return home and race through your remaining tasks for the day. Go you!

A Morning Walk Tones Your Body

Want a really easy way to get a more toned body? Take regular morning walks, as it will help to tone your stomach, legs and muscles. In fact, there’s a chance you don’t even need to join a gym! Health benefits of morning walk are pretty unlimited.

A Morning Walk Puts You In A Positive Frame of Mind

Carrying on from the point above, when we don’t do anything with our mornings we tend to feel pretty lazy. We might go as far as admitting that we just “wasted” an entire morning. It’s not cool and it doesn’t make us feel good. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do something, such as take a morning walk, that lifts your mood and actually makes you feel positive? A morning walk – especially if the sunshine is out – can put a smile in your face. In turn, this makes you feel more optimistic about the day ahead. And the more positive you feel, the likelier it is that you’re going to achieve some big wins today.

A Morning Walk Could Improve How Much Sleep You Get

Not sleeping much at the moment? Take regular morning walks to keep your mind calm.

A Morning Walk Gives You Creative Ideas

Feeling a bit stuck for ideas? Want to work on a new project but can’t think of how to make a start? Got a problem at work that you can’t unravel? Take a morning walk to clear your head and find new solutions. When we’re stuck indoors all the time, surrounded by our workstations, our emails and our clutter, it’s hard to think straight. We feel the pressure of having to come up with ideas quickly. When we take ourselves out of the firing line and visit new surroundings free from distractions, we’re able to think more clearly. This is what taking a morning walk can do for you: It can give you the chance to be creative inside your head. Free from clutter and the things that are grinding you down, you’re able to take some time to find the right solutions. New ideas will pop into your head and it will feel darn good.

A Morning Walk Boosts The Immune System

This is another one of great health benefits of morning walk. As powerful as your immune system is, it needs some help from you if it’s to keep functioning at its peak and doing a grand job. Take morning walks, as much as you can, to strengthen it and protect you from various infections and diseases.

A Morning Walk Is a Great Way to Hangout

Not seen a certain friend for a while? Tired of going to the usual hangout places (coffee shops and bars)? Then why not ask a friend if they want to take morning walks with you? Morning walks can be solitary but they can also be social. There’s nothing wrong with grabbing a coffee and going out for a walk and a catch up with a friend in the wee hours. In fact, it’s a pretty cool thing to do. Moreover, taking someone along with us can help those of us who get bored being by ourselves keep up the morning walk. Sharing the walk with someone else can make it less tedious and it can encourage us to keep walking.

A Morning Walk Can Help Control Cholesterol

As you know, cholesterol is bad news. There’s such a thing as good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, and the latter is very annoying. In fact, if your bad cholesterol levels are elevated, they can lead to a heart attack. Keep them low by fixing up your diet and leading a more active lifestyle that includes taking morning walks.

A Morning Walk Can Help Fight Depression

This is another one of powerful health benefits of morning walk. In a world where more and more people are getting diagnosed with depression, are we doing enough to relieve the symptoms? When the black dog of depression strikes, it’s hard to know what to do and where to turn. The good news is that there are natural cures and taking a morning walk is one of them.

Do you know other health benefits of morning walk? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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