20 Amazing Benefits Of Neem For Beauty And Health

If you haven’t heard of the neem tree, it isn’t because you’re uncultivated. It’s because you probably know it by its other names, such as the arishta tree, or the holy tree, or the bead tree, or the margosa tree.


Okay, so you probably haven’t heard of any of these trees. But that’s because the neem tree is one of health and beauty’s best-kept secrets. And you’re about to discover what it’s all about.

The neem tree in its entirety has many health and beauty benefits. From its root to its fruits, to its flowers and leaves, the neem tree can treat and even prevent all kinds of nasty diseases and ailments, including diabetes, heart disease, libber issues and ulcers.

All parts of neem are used in health and beauty circles. Let’s take a look at 20 amazing benefits of this amazing tree.

Neem Can Eliminate Acne

Acne breakouts are a pest that always seem to happen at a time when we really don’t need this. You could be getting ready for a date or a job interview, before checking yourself in the mirror and boom! There it is in all its spotty glory.

One of the best benefits of neem is that it eliminates acne from your skin. It’s rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents that are effective at eradicating acne, as well as dark pigmentation.

In order to clear up breakouts, you should bowl a handful of neem lives in water until the leaves soften and the water turns green.

Then, strain before keeping in a bottle. You can then use the liquid as a skin toner.

Neem Can Purify Your Blood

You might be under the impression that your blood is already pure. After all, if your blood was impure, wouldn’t you be seriously ill?!

Toxins enter our bloodstream all the time. When there are too many present, they can make us feel tired and listless. Other symptoms include headaches and skin conditions.

For this reason, it’s important to flush the toxins out of your blood.

To do this with neem, make a juicing using leaves and water. Add roasted cumin and asafoetida, and use the solution at least twice a day.

Neem Can Eliminate Pigmentation

Pigmentation can get really annoying, especially during the summer. Neem seed oil is your best bet when it comes to a natural pigmentation killer.

It works in a few ways. It makes your skin fairer and fresher when you apply it regularly.

It slows down your skin’s production of melanin, a colouring agent that, when secreted in unusually high amounts, can cause pigmentation.

Neem seed oil also inhibits the formation of too much melanin, making your skin fairer and minimising pigmentation.

Neem Can Slow Down The Ageing Process

None of us want to visibly age, but some of us age quicker than others. Why? Because we aren’t doing the right things. If you want to slow down the ageing process, you could do a lot worse than turn to neem.

Neem is rich in regenerative agents and immune-stimulating compounds that keep your skin looking fresh and young.

Moreover, neem also contains vitamin C, which eliminates dullness and blackheads, thus restoring a youthful shine to your skin.

Neem is also loaded with antioxidants that prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Simply apply neem oil to your face regularly to minimise the telltale signs of ageing.

Neem Promotes Healthier Hair

To promote healthier hair with neem, it’s important that you apply neem oil weekly on your scalp.

Massage the oil into your scalp, before leaving overnight as you get into bed. Alternatively, you can apply neem oil before washing your hair.

Before you apply the oil, it’s a good idea to weaken it with a carrier oil. For example, you could use coconut oil or almond oil. This is because neem oil is really strong, and comes with an odour that some of you might find overpowering.

Moreover, neem oil could also cause a reaction on people who suffer from sensitive skin.

Neem Can Stop Blackheads From Returning

The worst thing about blackheads is not their ugliness, but the fact that they return! It’s like some sort of horror movie – The Return Of The Blackheads 17.

Neem is one of the best herbs for beauty that I can think of right now. If your skin is sensitive and populated by blackheads, you can use neem oil to eliminate them without having to worry about irritating your skin.

I recommend using a pinch of neem oil (3 drops at the most) and mixing it with water before applying over your blackheads. Do this a few times a week and you should eliminate and prevent blackheads altogether.

Neem Oil Can Treat Dandruff

Dandruff is not easy to get rid of, and because it’s so visible it can be really embarrassing. Neem oil is an ideal natural remedy. Indeed, you will find neem oil in many dandruff shampoos you buy from the supermarket.

Neem oil boosts the health of your scalp, as well as maintaining its PH level.

Neem oil is a really convenient way of eliminating other scalp ailments, such as psoriasis and an itchy scalp.

Apply it regularly, and you can eradicate dandruff completely while strengthening your roots.

Neem Can Help You Lose Weight

Is there anything neem can’t do? Probably not. Among its repertoire of tricks is its ability to help you lose weight.

To lose weight with neem, use neem flower juice. This is because the neem flowers enhance your metabolism and break down your body fat. Therefore, they help you to shed some weight the healthy way. Ace.

To get your own glass of neem flower juice, take a handful of neem flowers before crushing them. Then, add a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of lemon juice before mixing.

You should aim to drink a glass of neem flower juice each morning for weight loss.

Neem Can Treat Frizzy Hair

Got rough and frizzy hair? Neem oil can help to condition it.

All you need to do is add a pinch of neem oil to your shampoo, before applying to your hair and leave to set for a few minutes.

Afterwards, your hair will shine beautifuly!

Neem oil, then, is the ideal hair moisturising product that keeps your hair smooth and hydrated.

Neem Deals With Skin Infection

If your skin is infected, you can turn to neem.

Neem is ideal for tackling skin infection because it’s rich in all kinds of anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial agents that deal with infections.

To tackle an infection head-on, simply boil a handful of neem leaves in water. Once the water has turned blue, add around 90ml of it to your bathing water.

Then, get into your bath and have a soak. Lovely!

Neem Can Treat Head Lice

Head lice is gross, and just thinking about lice crawling in your hair is enough to make you shiver.

Especially if you have young children, head lice can become problematic. One of the safest ways to take care of this problem is by applying neem oil to your scalp.

Simply massage the oil into your scalp before leaving over night. In the morning, comb with a nit comb in order to get rid of any lice.

Neem oil is safer to use than chemical products because there is no chance of it having any adverse effects. Some chemical products trigger allergies, and they can leave your scalp looking less than desirable.

Neem Can Deal With Infections And Allergies

Neem can help you lose weight, restore health skin – and it can also deal with skin infections and allergies.

Thanks to its fab properties, neem soothes your skin if you have an infection or an allergy. To treat an ailment, simply boil 10-20 neem leaves in water before leaving to cool down.

Once the water has cooled, apply to your infection or allergy to ease the pain.

You could also pour the neem water into your bath before getting in.

Neem Promotes Hair Growth

As well as everything else, neem oil can also stimulate hair growth. This is fab news for anyone whose mane isn’t looking its best at the moment.

Thinning hair happens. Stress is sometimes the underlying cause, but so too is medication and even pollution.

Whatever the cause, neem oil can reverse the situation, promoting healthier, stronger hair.

Neem Can Control Excess Oils

I used to have really oily skin that I couldn’t get rid of. I tried everything until one day my friend recommended that I use neem. And it worked a treat.

Because neem is rich in anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, it works well at controlling the excess oils on your body’s largest organ.

Neem is also on of the most powerful exfoliants around that tightens your pores and eliminates your skin of impurities.

To get a good mix, combine neem powder with a hint of lemon juice, as well as a dollop of yogurt. Combine until you get a paste, which you can then apply to your skin.

Neem Can Remove Split Ends

Split ends are annoying. No one is going to deny that. Spit ends make your hair totally unmanageable.

But the good news is that there are natural remedies available, and neem oil is one of the most powerful.

Neem oil is a deep moisturiser that repairs broken hair cuticles and makes your hair easier to control again.

Neem Can Aid Toothache

How horrible is toothache? On a scale of one to ten, the pain is often eleven.

If you can’t wait until your see your dentist, neem can soothe your teeth problems. In fact, people of eastern Asia are known to use the branch of the neem plant as their toothbrush!

To make a remedy for toothache, take 50gm of neem bark, 10gm of rock salt and 50gm of ferrous oxide.

Mix together before adding neem juice. Then, store in a bottle before using to brush your teeth.

As well as toothache, the mixture can soothe bleeding gums and halitosis.

Neem Can Treat Psoriasis 

Psoriasis can be an awful, debilitating skin condition that wreaks havoc with your self-esteem. It’s characterised by dry, scaly skin and it can flare up anyway, including hidden areas and very visible areas – such as your face.

Neem can help, thanks to its agents which soothe itchiness and irritation that are symptomatic of psoriasis.

In addition, neem can moisturise your skin and reduce scaling and dryness. Neem can also prevent future breakouts.

Neem Can Treat Dry Skin

Dry skin gets especially bad during the winter when it itches and itches so much that you just want to shed your whole skin and begin again.

Neem can control your skin’s excess oils, and it can also treat dry skin, too. For this reason, neem restores your skin’s natural, healthy glow.

To tackle dry skin with neem, simply combine neem powder with a few pinches of grape seed oil before adding some water. Stir together until you get a paste.

Then, apply the paste to your dry skin. Lovely!

Neem Can Treat Eczema

Like psoriasis, eczema is an awful skin condition that can damage your self-esteem. It can be caused by stress and anxiety, and it can erupt anywhere on your body.

But thanks to anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agents, neem can treat eczema so that it doesn’t outstay its welcome.

To treat eczema, all you need to do is boil neem bark with water before applying the cooled paste to any affected areas. The condition should improve rapidly.

Neem Can Aid Heat Strokes

When the summer finally swings around, everyone is excited. We get to wear our bikinis, hit the beach and have some fun.

Unfortunately, the fun well and truly ends when too much sun has crippled us with heat stroke. We feel nauseous, drained of energy – and just generally horrible.

Neem can reduce the effects of a heat stroke. Take 10gm of the neem plant before mixing it with 10gm of sugar. Stir in water, before straining.

Do you know other neem benefits?

Stay beautiful!

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