10 Warning Signs That Your Body Is Dehydrated And You Need To Drink More Water

In this day and age, with so much water around us, can you really be dehydrated? Totally. And often, you might not even realise it when you are dehydrated. There are, however, signs that you need to look out for.

It does seem strange that in 2017, with so much abundance of fresh, clean water around us, some of us still get dehydrated. How on earth is this possible?

It’s possible because many of us simply don’t drink enough water. We prefer to guzzle soda, energy drinks, or refuel on coffee. Water is something we gargle when we brush our teeth. It’s an afterthought. It’s too bland to be drank often.

Dehydration, though, is dangerous, and it comes as a result of you not drinking enough water. And because your entire body mass is as much as 80% water, it’s really important that you drink more of it.

If you want your body to function at its best each and every day, you need to drink more water. If you don’t, you could be dehydrated. Let’s take a look at the 10 warning signs that your body is dehydrated and you need to drink more water.

Your Urine Is Yellow

Okay, we’ll start with a gross one.

Yup, a really clear sign that you’re dehydrated is when your urine is no longer clear – instead, it’s dark yellow.

Lots of people panic when they see yellow urine in the toilet. But usually it’s nothing major to worry about. It just means you need to drink more water.

But why does urine turn yellow? It’s because it’s mixed with too much waste. When you’re fully hydrated, your urine contains more water than waste. When you’re dehydrated, it contains more waste than water.

Your Urine Also Smells Funny

As well as turning your urine yellow, dehydration can cause cause it to smell funny.

In fact, the odour is very reminiscent of ammonia. Not cool. This is because the chemicals in your pee have been made super concentrated now that you’re not getting enough water.

Also, your urine might have bubbles in it. Weird.

You Have A Constant Headache

Headaches can be really viscous. A lot of the time when we have a headache, we’re inclined to not even find out why we have a headache. It’s just one of those facts of life – headaches come and headaches go. They’re a part of the human condition!

But headaches that linger are worrying. We start to wonder why it’s still there, and why its intensity is increasing. Could it be a tumour?

If you’ve not been drinking enough water lately, the answer for your pounding, stubborn headache could be that you’re dehydrated.

When you don’t drink enough water, a chemical reaction is triggered in your blood. Your brain, highly sensitive as it is, becomes aware of this and instigates a headache. And the more water you lose, the worse your headache becomes. This is because your blood volume is plummeting, which means oxygen can’t get to your brain with its usual efficiency.

You’re Really Tired All The Time

If you’re feeling tired all the time and just want to sleep, it might mean that you need to drink more water to perk you up.

Cut down on the coffee and drink water instead. See what happens.

Without enough water in your system, oxygen isn’t able to move through your bloodstream efficiently. And when it’s slow to move, you feel more tired.

You Feel Dizzy When You Stand Up

Does standing up make you feel dizzy and light headed? If so, it could be that you’re dehydrated.

Dizziness when standing is another common symptom of dehydration. You feel dizzy because your blood pressure and volume has dropped so much that your head feels airy and light.

Try standing up quickly. If you feel an onset of lightheadedness, it’s a sign that you need to drink more water.

Your Skin Is Dry

If your skin has lots its youthful, healthy glow and has dried out, no amount of over-the-counter products will help you if dehydration is the chief cause.

We all want supple, soft, elastic skin that radiates with health, and which makes us feel awesome. But if you’re not drinking enough water, you could be committing a cardinal beauty sin.

To make sure that your skin stays looking fresh and vibrant, drink 5-7 glasses of water per day.

You Can’t Focus

Lack of focus is otherwise known as brain fog, and it can really slow down our productivity. We can’t keep our attention on something, our memory is playing tricks on us, and we’re in a sour mood.

It’s so frustrating, especially when we have lots to do.

To stay mentally sharp, drink more water.

Your Muscles Ache

To perform optimally, your muscles and joints need water. After all, they are up to 80% water!

To properly take care of your muscles, drink an adequate amount of water each day.

You Have A Bigger Appetite Than Usual

During the early stages of dehydration, you might find that your appetite is bigger than usual. You’re positively ravenous, and your stomach is empty. Hunger is gnawing at you at unusual times, despite you having eaten just as much as you usually do.

This is because your body is so used to you getting your water from food that it tricks you into believing you’re hungrier than you actually are. It’s begged you for years to drink more water, but since you get most of your water from food, it’s going to encourage you to eat more so that it can hydrate!

If you have a bigger appetite than usual, try drinking a glass or two of water and see what happens. It might decrease the hunger pains. If so, there’s a good chance that you weren’t hungry – you were just dehydrated!

Your Mouth Is Dry

This last one is easy to explain. When you don’t drink enough water, your mouth produces less saliva.

Also, when there is less saliva in your mouth, bad breath arises. Eew.

Do you know other signs that your body is dehydrated?

Stay happy and healthy!

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