10 Tooth Brushing Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Thought you had your tooth brushing technique all nailed down? Thought you were the tooth brush queen? Think again! In this article, Beauty and Tips uncovers the 10 tooth brushing mistakes that you should avoid.

We pick up so many of our habits and assumptions from childhood. Our parents told us that carrots make us see in the dark, and Beauty and Tips still believes that.

But a really bad habit many of us have kept since childhood is the way we brush our teeth.

Dental hygiene is incredibly important if you want to hold onto your winning smile. If you don’t want crooked, bad teeth and gum disease, it all starts with making sure you brush your teeth properly.

Keep making the kind of mistakes that we’re all making, however – and have been making since childhood – and you can say au revoir to nice teeth and healthy gums.

Don’t believe us? Here are 10 tooth brushing mistakes that you should avoid!

Keeping The Same Toothbrush For Too Long

You know your toothbrush is suffering some really bad wear and tear. It’s become brittle, some of the bristles have fallen out, and it’s even changed colour (eew). Worse still, it’s riddled with bacteria that you can’t see.

But it’s your best buddy who never lets you down. Moreover, you just never get round to buying a new one.

And what does it matter anyway? Toothbrush last for ages, right?!


Toothbrush start to fray and become rather useless after just three months, and sometimes even sooner than that. And once you start to notice the really visible changes, it’s time to swap your brush for a new one.

This should be common sense.

Failing To Floss

Them: “How many times a day do you brush your teeth?”

You: “Two to three times. Once if I’m feeling gross haha.”

Them: “How many times a day do you floss?”

You: “What.”

We all clean our teeth, but we don’t all floss. Why not? Because it takes too much time? Because we didn’t know we had to floss?

Flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth. It should be done prior to brushing, and it’s the only way to get the best out of your tooth brushing experience.

Brushing For 60 Seconds Or Less

Do you race through a teeth brushing session as though your life depended on it? Maybe you’re always in a hurry in the morning, and give yourself a minute or less to clean your teeth.

Unfortunately, brushing your teeth for 60 seconds or less could be creating problems in your mouth.

Dentists recommend that we brush our teeth for at least two minutes. This gives the toothpaste fluoride enough time to work its magic on our enamel before we flush it away with water.

Most people brush their teeth for 45 seconds. This isn’t always their fault, as few – if any – of us time our tooth brushing sessions.

However, maybe it’s time you did just that! It’s not weird.

(Just don’t tell your partner what the timer is for, they might laugh)

Brushing Too Much

There is such a thing as not brushing enough – once a day or (gulp) not at all – and there is also such a thing as brushing too much.

It’s recommended that you brush three times a day if possible, but two is also okay.

However, more than three times is too much, as it can harm your gum line.

Don’t overdo it. There’s no need. Calm down.

Not Rinsing Your Brush

It’s morning and you’re in a rush. You spend 30 seconds whizzing through your teeth, before sticking your brush back on the shelf.

But uh-oh. We didn’t hear you rinse your brush!

Rinsing is important, as it removes the disgusting bacteria that’s clinging to your bristles.

Sharing Your Brush

Eew gross, right?!

Surely no one shares their brush?



Actually, people do share their brush from time to time. It’s usually partners who are staying over at their better halves house for the night, and haven’t brought their trusty brush with them.

But while it’s cute to say, “it’s okay I don’t have cooties you can use mine,” the truth is that we all kinda have cooties. It’s called bacteria, and sharing your brush means you’re spreading a lot of bacteria.

Employing The Same Routine

Do you always start and end with the same teeth? How come you never mix it up?

Most of us use the same routine. We start in the same spot and end in the same spot. It’s natural. After all, humans love routine.

But this means that you’re probably guilty of devoting more time to some areas and less time to others. You probably start strong, scrubbing a particular area for ages, before sprinting to the end, devoting much less time to your last few teeth.

Mix things up a bit. Change your routine.

Flushing The Toothpaste Out With Water Straight After Brushing

This is a common mistake that everyone makes. And we reckon that – just like everyone else – you picked it up when you were a kid. Right?

Don’t be shy to admit it. We all rinse our mouths out with water after brushing. Who wouldn’t?

Who wouldn’t want to flush out all that good stuff and stop it from being effective?

Exactly. When you rinse your mouth out with water, you rinse all that fluoride out, thereby stopping it from being super effective.

Instead of water, try a mouthwash.

Ignoring The Inner Surfaces

No doubt you brush the outer surfaces of your teeth. No one’s denying that. But are you brushing the inner surfaces? Truly and honestly?

Many of us aren’t. Failing to do so means that lots of plaque is building up inside there. And you know what that means? PLAQUE ATTACK!!

Brushing Your Tongue With Your Tooth Brush

We’re told to brush our tongue. As a matter of fact, Beauty and the Tips have recommended that you brush your tongue on this very website.

But you shouldn’t brush your tongue with your tooth brush. It’s a tooth brush, not a tongue brush. The clue is in the name!

Brushing your tongue with your tooth brush is not only ineffective, but it means lots of hard-to-remove bacteria clings to your bristles. Not cool.

Stay happy!

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