10 Useful tips on how to overcome anxiety and worry

We can’t live one hundred percent without worry and sometimes we actually need it. Worrying makes you get things done and it also makes you take care of your issues, but too much worrying can turn into anxiety and then it can become a problem. Over-worrying is just a habit though, and, just like all habits, it’s one that can be broken. If you find yourself worrying too much, then read these ten tips on how to overcome worry and anxiety.

1. Learn to accept uncertainty

You will never be able to control everything in your life, and you don’t need to, so try and accept that. You are probably worrying more about what you think might happen far more, than you worry about what has happened. To some extent, you just have to leave life to fate, believe in the best and accept what comes along.

2. Remind yourself how many times your worrying has been unfounded

Another tip on how to overcome anxiety is to take an honest look back over the past six months or so, and see how many of the things that kept you awake at night actually happened. You will find that most things that you spent time worrying about worked out just fine and, if they didn’t, you found a way to cope with them.

3. Expose yourself to the things that worry you

Familiarity breeds contempt and that works for fears and anxieties too. The best way to conquer anxieties is to expose yourself, gradually, to the things that you fear. If you are scared of riding in an elevator, for example, start by just getting into one and then getting out again. Then, the next time, go up one floor, then two, and so on. Slowly, you will get used to the idea and become less fearful of it.

4. Allow yourself some worry time

You won’t be able to defeat worrying in one go, but you can decide when you will worry, and when you won’t. It can helpful to take the decision that you will worry for one hour, say, in the morning, but that you will not allow yourself to worry at night. That way, you can tell yourself: ‘Nope, I’ll worry about that in the morning’, and then you can get a good night’s sleep.

5. Don’t even check the things that you can’t control

Worriers tend to try and control everything around them and they double check everything. Don’t even bother checking the weather, for example, because if it rains, then it rains, and don’t get panicked when you get stuck in traffic; consequently, you’ll be a little late, and so what? The strange thing is that when you just let things happen, you actually begin to feel more in control.

6. Keep busy

Next tip on how to overcome anxiety is to keep busy. Keeping your hands and mind occupied has been proven to be an effective way to combat worry, anxiety and stress. It needs to be something that fully occupies you though, not something that you half do, like watching the TV.

7. Get some exercise

You probably know that exercise is good for combating stress, but it can also be a good way to combat anxiety too. Taking exercise will keep you occupied and clear your mind, and it will also release ‘feel good’ hormones that will make your problems seem less important.

8. Don’t try and fight all your worries

It is better to learn to control your worrying, than trying to stop it completely. If you try and suppress your anxiety completely, you will end up worrying about worrying! Research has shown that people, who accept their worries, but don’t obsess over them, are less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

9. Write down the things that you are worried about

When you are suffering anxieties about a number of different things, then your thoughts can become uncontrolled. When you list out your worries on a piece of paper, you can see them more clearly and get your mind in focus.

10. Be more mindful of today

This sounds a bit simplistic, but it works. Most of your worrying is probably about what could happen tomorrow and not about what is happening right now. Concentrate all your efforts on enjoying the here and now; you can worry about tomorrow, when it comes.

How to overcome anxiety and worry? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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