How to detox your body naturally?

If you have been feeling tired lately, or feeling a little under the weather, then it could be that you need a detox. With today’s busy lifestyles, people often skip meals, or eat too much fast food and convenience food and that, along with the high levels of pollutants that there are in the atmosphere, can lead to a build-up of toxins in the body. There’s no magic in a detox, it’s just a matter of eating the right foods and taking some exercise, so that your body gets a chance to dispose of the toxins that are in your system. Here are ten tips on how to detox your body naturally.

1. Avoid alcohol

Although moderate alcohol intake does have some health benefits associated with it, especially the drinking of red wine, it would be better for you if you cut out alcohol altogether during your detox period. You want to avoid anything that will put a stress on your body and alcohol is one of those things. The other thing that alcohol can do is that it can weaken your resolve to not to eat unhealthy foods.

2. Cut out processed and fast food

Your best bet is to only eat the food that you have prepared from scratch, because then you know exactly what ingredients have been used. Avoid fast food, pre-prepared meals and pretty much anything that comes in a can or a packet. Give restaurants a miss as well, because you never know what is in restaurant food either.

3. Cut back on caffeine

You don’t really need to cut out caffeine altogether, but you should certainly restrict how much you have. A cup of coffee in the morning to wake you up won’t do you any harm, but constantly drinking coffee, or other caffeinated drinks, will have an impact on your body. The less often you drink caffeinated drinks, the better the outcome of your detox will be.

4. Replace one meal a day with a green smoothie

This is another great tip on how to detox your body naturally. You don’t want to go to extremes with a detox, it could make you feel awful and it could damage your health. You can, however, replace one meal a day with a detoxifying green smoothie. That will improve your digestion and get your metabolism going. There are plenty of recipes to choose from, but here’s a good one for you to try. One chopped apple, one cup of kale, one banana and half a cup of parsley leaves; if you like it a little bit sweeter, then add maple syrup or honey to taste. If you want to read about 10 amazing benefits of green smoothies click here.

5. Buy organic food when you can

Some of the toxins that get into our bodies come from the food that we eat and, even something healthy like fruit and vegetables could contain traces of pesticides and other contaminants. When you are grocery shopping, go for organic food whenever you can, they will contain fewer pesticides and preservatives. You don’t necessarily need to buy everything organic; the most important are fresh fruit and vegetables, which tend to contain the highest levels of toxins. If you want to read an article about 10 foods you should buy organic and why, then click here.

6. Drink lots of water

The best way to help your body to rid itself of toxins is to drink plenty of water. Make water your drink of choice and dramatically increase how much you drink in a day. Water will flush toxins from your body and help all your vital organs function properly. If you follow only one piece of advice on how to detox your body naturally that we have for you here, then this should be the one!

7. Cut out sugar and artificial sweeteners

Cut out as much sugar from your diet as you can and avoid artificial sweeteners too. Swap sugary treats for a piece of fruit instead and definitely skip drinking soda. Even if you have a very sweet tooth, you will find that fruit will make a surprisingly satisfying substitute for sweet foods, and, the longer you stick to it, the less your sugar craving will become. If you want to read an article about how to cut out refined sugar from your diet, click here; or if you want to find out 10 tips on how to control sugar cravings, click here.

8. Eat more fibre

Another good tip on how to detox your body naturally is to include more fibre into your daily balanced diet. Eating more fibre will help the food pass more easily through your system and dispose of the toxins in your body. The best type of fibre is the fibre that you find naturally in food like wholegrain cereals, fruit and vegetables. You can buy fibre supplements, but getting your fibre the natural way will be far more effective and much better for you.

9. Get more sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in the health of your body and the detox process. When you sleep, your body recovers and repairs itself, and, according to Chinese traditional medicine, it is when you sleep that the body rids itself of toxins the most. Aim to get around 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night and that will help you feel a lot more energetic during the day and it will also boost your immune system, so you will be able to fight off infections better.

10. Exercise

Working up a sweat will help you detox too. When you exercise, your whole system speeds up and so does the process of your ridding yourself of toxins. Toxins will be realised in your sweat, your digestive system will improve and the blood will circulate around your body faster.

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How to detox your body naturally? What are your best tips? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay healthy and happy!

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