10 Small things you can do for your body that can change your life

A lot of people simply take their body completely for granted; they eat whatever they like, they drink, they smoke and they would hail a cab to go a couple of blocks. What people don’t realise, though, is that you don’t need to become a health food fanatic or, a fitness freak, to do your body a huge favour. You can make just a few small changes to your lifestyle and your diet, and you will reap the rewards of not only a longer life, but a better quality of life too. If you are a person who thinks that they are too busy to look after their own body or, if you think that you’ll worry about that when you get a bit older, then read these ten small things that you could easily be doing for your body that will change your life.

1. Quit smoking and drink less alcohol

Let’s start with the obvious things that you could do for your body. If you do still smoke, then you are no doubt aware of the damage that it can do, so give that one up now! A lot of people are also not aware of the damage that regular drinking can do to their body as well. If you drink every single day, then you could be increasing the risk of cancer, strokes and heart attacks. Quit smoking and cut down on alcohol and you’ll live for longer and you’ll feel a lot better in yourself too.

2. Get outside more often

When was the last time that you took a stroll in a park or a hike in the hills? You probably spend all day in an office and then, all evening at home, but you should never underestimate the benefits of getting back to nature sometimes. Getting out, close to the natural world, decreases stress, it makes you more creative and it improves your memory too.

3. Apply sunblock every day

Protect yourself from the sun and you will greatly reduce the risk of getting skin cancer. The sun’s UV rays can penetrate even through the clouds, so slap on some sunblock every day, and stay safe. It will only add a minute or two to your morning routine and it could save your life and significantly prolong your youthfulness.

4. Eat more fruit and veg

You don’t have to change your diet completely to eat more healthily; it’s as easy as adding one extra portion of vegetables to your plate at mealtimes and eating a piece of fruit or two a day. The recommended number portions of fresh fruit and vegetables that you should eat a day is only five. How hard can that be?

5. Get to bed earlier

A lack of sleep will lower your immunity, you will feel constantly tired and irritable and you just won’t be able to enjoy yourself as much as you could. Do you and your body a favour and make sure that you get a good eight hours of quality sleep a night and you will really be able to feel the difference.

6. Eat dark chocolate

Eating dark chocolate and bring a lot of unexpected benefits for your body too. You probably knew that dark chocolate is better for you than the usual variety, but did you know that the antioxidants that it contains can help lower your blood pressure, protect you from cardiovascular disease and slow the ageing of your skin?

7. Drink more water

This is another piece of advice you are probably bored of reading, but never underestimate the importance of drinking plenty of water every day. Water will keep your body functioning efficiently, it will keep you more alert, and it will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy too.

8. Get more exercise

You may not want to go to a gym or jog around the block every morning, but you could take the stairs at work and take a walk at lunchtimes. It really is that simple to build some exercise into your daily routine and it will make you feel a whole lot better and keep you mobile and active when you get a bit older too.

9. Make time to have some fun

Don’t try and work all the hours that God sends, or you will eventually burn out. Make time to be with friends and family and get some time to yourself too. Everyone needs to relax sometimes; it reduces stress, gives your mind and your body a chance to recharge and it will make you a lot more productive as well.

10. Learn to laugh

Looking on the bright side of life will improve your health too. A daily dose of laughter will improve your immune system, reduce stress and it will cut your chances of developing heart disease and of having a stroke. So, have a good laugh sometimes, it’s the best type of medicine there is.

Stay happy!

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