10 Scary Facts About Fluoride

In the 1964 comedy movie, Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb, the question “Have you ever seen a Commie with a glass of water?” is asked.

At the time, there were a lot of questions surrounding fluoride in water. More than fifty years after the movie was released, the subject is still a hot topic.

In fact, it’s still such a hot topic that experts are still researching fluoride and its effects on those who drink it.

Naturally, the authorities tell us that fluoridation is totally fine, and it even comes with a few health benefits. Hurray for fluoride!

But there are still a vocal group among us who continue to claim that fluoride has both healthy and potentially dangerous properties.


In case we’ve whetted your appetite so much that you’ve put down your glass of water to read this article, let’s take a look at 10 super scary facts about fluoride. You might just want to hide behind the sofa for these!

Many Developed Countries Actually Don’t Fluoridate Their Water

Despite everything that we have said so far, most European countries don’t actually drink fluoridated water. So why are we scaring you like this?!

That’s because more people drink fluoridated water in America alone, than they do everywhere else – combined.

Australia are also in a situation at the moment where the Murdoch-led press are trying to force fluoridated water down everyone’s throats.

The question becomes, why is it so important that American’s drink fluoridated water, when 97% of the Western Europe population drinks non-fluoridated water?

Fluoride Is Poisonous

Yes, fluoride is poisonous!

Run for your lives!!

But, um, it’s toxic only if you drink too much of it.

Fluoride isn’t on the periodic table, but it is a naturally occurring substance. Moreover, it’s in the air all the time, and it’s even in the food that we eat. And, yes, it’s in water.

Like all minerals, the dose is what makes the poison. If you drank too much of it, you would experience over-toxicity. And just because it’s poisonous doesn’t mean that it is going to be really bad for you. Alcohol is technically a poison, and most of us have no qualms about drinking that now and then.

All things in moderation, you see.

Fluoride Is A Health, Political And Social Issue

The dental establishment tell us that adding fluoride to water benefits us; it prevents tooth decay and cavities.

On the flip side, folk argue that government’s are unnecessarily exposing us to a poisonous substance, which invests this issue with a political framework.

Parents who are for fluoride argue that, because it prevents their children’s teeth from rotting, it saves them having to make endless expensive trips to the dentist. It saves them money. So there’s your social framework to the argument.

There is also another economic argument to be had: some people claim that over-exposure to fluoride can lead to fluorosis, which is actually quite expensive to treat.

Fluoride Is Not An Essential Treatment

Despite the media and governments trying to force water fluoridation on us, there is no real evidence that fluoride might be an essential nutrient.

Indeed, not one biochemical mechanism in your body relies on fluoride to help it function properly.

So the question becomes: why are we being asked to drink it?


Dental Fluorosis Is Becoming Widespread

As previously mentioned, parents are concerned that over-exposure to fluoride can cause fluorosis in their children’s teeth, which costs a fair bit of dollar to treat.

Fluorosis is the discolouration of tooth enamel, and there is now a high number of cases involving children with dental fluorosis. Indeed, approximately 41% of 12-15 year old American children now have dental fluorosis.

This is kinda being ignored by the media and governments, though, as folk continue to be (forced) to swallow fluoride.

The Health Benefits Of Fluoride Are Rarely Debated In A Public Forum

Okay, we’re not saying that fluoride doesn’t come with health benefits. We’ve been told that it does, although the fact that it prevents tooth cavities is kinda negated by the fact that it discolours tooth enamel. Oops!

But the problem is that promoters of fluoridation seem to be unwilling to discuss its health benefits and safety in a public forum. Qualified scientists who are unsure about fluoride, and who think that it may be dangerous, are waiting for a discussion.

The Chemicals Have Never Undergone Randomised Clinical Trials

Fluoridated water is composed of chemicals that are known to be toxic by-products of our fertiliser industries. Yet bizarrely they have not been asked to undergo random clinical trials.

Fluoride Can Damage Tissues

Dentists would prefer us to believe that fluoride only affects our teeth – and in a good way at that. But fluoride actually affects many parts of our bodies, including our brain, our bones, our thyroid gland, and even our blood sugar levels.

There have even been suggestions that too much fluoride can cause brain damage while lowering the IQ in children.

Fluoride Is The Only Medicine Added To Water

Yup, there is no other medicine added to public water once fluoride is in there. It’s supposed to prevent tooth decay (though this has been challenged), and yet fluoride is not an essential nutrient. Which kinda makes qualifying it as a medicine null and void.

The reason so many European nations have rejected fluoridation is because they say that delivering medication none of us asked for via our water supply is inappropriate. It’s essentially a form of mass medication that we aren’t even allowed to consent for. Weird.

Low Income Groups Are Discriminated Against

If you have a low income and you live in an area where public water has been subject to fluoridation, the chances are that you have no choice but to drink it.

In low income areas, this can lead to a whole host of health issues that might be too expensive to treat, such as kidney damage and diabetes.

Your Baby Could Be At Risk

I know what you’re thinking:

“End on a killer scary fact to really scare me out of my wits. Thanks!”

But what’s true is that promoters of fluoridation have no idea whether the developing tissue in your baby’s body is impacted negatively or not. They just assume that things will be okay.

But when it comes to health, assumptions aren’t good enough.

Stay healthy!

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