10 Myths about acne debunked

Acne is something that can affect anyone of any age and any gender. When it’s mild, it’s an irritation, but when it’s severe, it can badly knock a person’s confidence and even lead to depression. Acne is not just an issue for teens, so that’s the first myth you can stop believing, and for some people it is a lifelong battle to keep their skin clear. No wonder then, that there are so many cures and treatments on the market and so much advice available too. Not all the advice about acne that you read is true, though, so here are ten of the myths about acne that you really should stop believing.

Myth 1: Sunlight cures acne

It is true that sunlight can provide a temporary reprieve form acne, because it kills the bacteria that cause it. It is not a long term solution though, and too much sunlight will make the marks caused by acne darker and make them last for longer.

Myth 2: Dairy products cause acne

Despite the fact that many people believe that eating dairy products can cause acne, there is actually no scientific evidence to back up this claim at all. Although a healthy diet certainly does help keep your skin clear, there is no evidence that dairy products are directly responsible for breakouts.

Myth 3: Makeup causes acne

Wearing makeup is another thing that a lot of people say causes acne, but this untrue too. So long as you wear makeup that is labelled as being non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic, then makeup should not cause spots. Some makeup products now include acne fighting ingredients, so look for those if you do suffer from acne and you want to wear makeup.

Myth 4: Sugar causes acne

Sugary foods and, in particular, chocolate, is another food that is often unfairly blamed for acne. We’ve all heard someone say that if they eat chocolate, they will break out in spots, but this too has no medical evidence to back it up, so it seems that it is just another myth.

Myth 5: Diet has nothing to do with acne

This myth is actually a little less clear cut than you might have thought, because it would appear to depend on the individual. Doctors always do recommend that a healthy diet will improve the complexion, and for most people that would appear to be true.

Myth 6: Sunscreen aggravates acne

Sunscreen is essential if you want to protect your skin from the UV rays that can cause skin cancer, so this myth should definitely not be believed. You can buy non-oil based sunscreen lotions, which will not block your pores at all.

Myth 7: Giving your face a scrub will cure acne

You can’t scrub away the marks that are caused by acne and, over scrubbing will only irritate the acne and make the problem worse. Gentle exfoliating can help clear up acne, but too much scrubbing could cause scars.

Myth 8: The more medication you use, the better

Troweling on medication will not make the spots disappear any faster. You should only use the prescribed amount of medication in your skin because many acne treatments contain drying ingredients and, if you use too much, it will irritate your skin and leave you with blemishes on your skin.

Myth 9: Toothpaste cures acne

Toothpaste can help to dry out a spot, but there is nothing in toothpaste that will stop new spots from forming. There is actually no cure for acne, only the means of treating an immediate breakout and keeping acne under control. If anything, toothpaste contains ingredients that will clog the pores, so it shouldn’t be used in an attempt to prevent acne.

Myth 10: Squeezing spots makes acne worse

To squeeze or not to squeeze, that is the question! The truth about popping a pimple is that, so long as the spot can be popped easily, it will help the spot heal more quickly and, of course, it will make it look a lot less unsightly too. Squeezing spots that aren’t ready, though, can cause even more irritation to the skin and can cause scarring.

Do you know other myths about acne?

Stay healthy!

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