10 Must-Know Tips On How To Get Rid Of Back And Chest Acne

Okay, here’s the deal: acne on your face is really bad, yeah? No one likes it and we know that you dislike it too. But the thing with acne is that it’s such a pest that it doesn’t just stay on our face. It also attacks our backs and chest.

During the winter, you can probably live with back and chest acne. After all, you’re all covered up in the great outdoors and no one can see it except your partner (who is really understanding. Aww). Happy days!

But in the summer time? That’s a different kettle of fish. It’s time to hit the beach in your bathing suit/bikini, so what are you going to do about your back and chest acne? Everyone will see it! Oh no!

First of all, calm down. Relax. Breathe easy. Count to ten. And put that cardigan away. You won’t need it. Because it’s time to take a look at our 10 must-know tips on how to get rid of back and chest acne forever.

1. Exfoliate gently

Remember when you had dry skin as a teenager and your grandma told you to ‘exfoliate’? It sounded really weird, didn’t it? Like something only old people do. Exfoliate. It’s one of those words that, if you say it over and over, loses all its meaning. What a strange word!

But exfoliating is vitally important to getting rid of an acne takeover. It basically puts your skin on lockdown, keeping it nice and fresh and clean. We recommend exfoliating your chest and back once a week (at least), and to help you there are a whole lot of exfoliating products out on the market.

Just remember not to scrub too hard as chest skin is very delicate and tear easily. Ouch.

2. Reduce Your Stress

Another tip on how to get rid of back acne is to reduce stress. Stress is really bad. It can lead to anything, from cardiovascular disease to total full-on nervous breakdowns at your desk. It can also lead to chest and back acne. It does this via an increased amount of oil in your skin, which is one of the chief causes of acne outbreaks.

See, when you’re stressed, your body releases an abnormally high level of a hormone called cortisone, which produces more oil in your skin. So, if you’re experience an acne assault, we suggest that you kickback and take it easy.

And if anyone asks why you’re taking it so easy these days, just smile and say, “Cause my chest and back is full of acne.”

Actually, wait. No, don’t say that. That doesn’t sound cool. Just say you’re stressed. Yeah, say that.

3. Use Spot Treatment

Normally, we only recommend spot treatment as a bit of a last resort if you have a full-on acne breakout. See, spot treatment is only really effective if you just have one or two stubborn spots that just won’t go away. If this is you, definitely whip out the spot treatment.

If, however, your situation is much more dire, you might want to skip spot treatment as it will probably prove to be largely ineffective.

4. Shower Quickly After A Workout

When we workout, we sweat. And when we sweat, our oils and sweats build up around our hair follicles, which can sometimes lead to a breakout of acne. So our next tip on how to get rid of back acne is to make sure that this is prevented; it’s advisable that you hop in the shower as soon as possible after a workout. We recommend using a body wash that is rich in salicylic acid, as it unclogs pores and reduces inflammation.

5. Use Toothpaste

Okay, toothpaste is fantastic for cleaning our teeth, but did you know that it doubles up as an acne-destroyer too? It sure does. Toothpaste is in fact one of the best home remedies for getting rid of acne and is proving to be more and more popular. It’s easy, convenient and cheap!

All you need to do is apply a tiny amount of toothpaste over your skin before you hit the sack for the night. The toothpaste will then work its magic, reducing swelling and drying out the acne.

6. Moisturise

Acne thrives on dry skin. The more dry land there is, the worse it gets! Basically, acne is like a cactus in a desert, and if you don’t water it, it will takeover your chest and back. Eek!

To stop this from happening, you need to moisturise your skin regularly. Find a lotion that is suitable for your skin and combine it with body wash in the shower. When you have an acne breakout, it’s important that your skin is kept hydrated.

7. Change Your Shampoo

Whenever we experience an surprising outbreak of acne, it could be down to what we’re putting in our hair. For example, there are dermatologists who will prescribe you a certain shampoo if you have really acne-prone skin. These products are out there, so it might be best that you take a trip to your doctors to find out if you need to change brand.

8. Use Oatmeal

How to get rid of back acne? Use oatmeal. Yes, you read right. Oatmeal. What? I’m not kidding. Oatmeal can help to get rid of acne because it cleanses the pores in our skin. Moreover, oatmeal also handily absorbs surplus oil. Even better, oatmeal also exfoliates! To get the best out of oatmeal, we suggest mixing a cup of cooked oatmeal with a teaspoon of honey and lemon, before rubbing it over affected areas.

9. Use Body Spray

Exfoliating, moisturising and using spot treatment is all well and good, but the chances are that you’re not going to be able to each everything. To help you get all the spots, we recommend that you use a body spray. When you exfoliate, you might need someone to help you; but when you use body spray, you can do it all yourself. Which is cool and much less embarrassing.

10. See A Dermatologist

If you’re chest and back acne is just not clearing, no matter how much effort you’re putting into getting rid of it, it might be time to visit your doc. A dermatologist will be able to take a closer look at your acne and explain what is causing in. They will then be able to recommend you how can take better care of it.

Do you have other tips on how to get rid of back and chest acne?

Stay happy and healthy!

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