10 Must-know tips on how to brush your teeth properly 

For most people, brushing our teeth just becomes second nature, and it’s something that we learned how to do as a child. But how many people ever check to see, if they are doing it right? Good oral hygiene is not only important for fresh breath and sparkling white teeth, it is also essential if you don’t want to find yourself needing dentures later on in life. So, brush up on your teeth cleaning skills with these top ten tips for brushing your teeth like a pro:

1. You need the right tools for the job

Our first tip on how to brush your teeth properly is to choose a toothbrush that is right for you and the size of your mouth. If you have to strain your mouth to reach places, then your toothbrush is probably too big. Also, don’t assume that hard bristles are better, the American Dental Association recommends using a brush with soft bristles.

2. Don’t hang on to an old toothbrush

Frayed and broken bristles won’t clean your teeth properly and old toothbrushes can also harbour bacteria. So, our next tip on how to brush your teeth properly is to replace your toothbrush regularly. If your brush has been around for a while, then it’s time for a change. The recommended amount of time you should keep a toothbrush is just three months.

3. Brush, at least, twice a day

You should brush your teeth, at least, twice a day: once before breakfast and once again in the evening before you go to bed. Each time you brush, you should be brushing for around three to four minutes, whether you have an electric toothbrush or not. Bear in mind, though, any more than three times a day and you could be wearing down the enamel on your teeth.

4. Be gentle

Next important tip on how to brush your teeth properly is to remember to be gentle. You don’t need to scrub really hard, because plaque comes away from your teeth quite easily. If you brush too hard you can wear down the enamel and you damage your gums.

5. Brush all the surfaces of your teeth

During those three to four minutes that you are brushing your teeth, don’t just concentrate on the teeth that people can see. Plaque doesn’t care where it lives, so make sure you get your toothbrush to all the surfaces of your teeth, including the molars and the backs of your teeth.

6. Electric is no better than manual

Despite all the TV ads, an electric toothbrush does no better job than a manual one. An electric toothbrush might make the job a little easier, but whichever type of toothbrush you use, the basics are simple: use a good toothpaste, brush thoroughly, gently and brush regularly.

7. Floss before brushing

Flossing is just as important, as brushing, because it removes plaque and particles of food from between your teeth. So, our next tip on how to brush your teeth properly is to always floss before brushing, so that anything that is dislodged doesn’t stay in your mouth and, be gentle when flossing, or you can damage your gums.

8. Brush your tongue as well

It’s not just your teeth that can accumulate bacteria; your tongue can as well. Once you have finished cleaning your teeth, give your tongue a gentle brush too. This will clean up any bacteria and it will help stop bad breath.

9. Use mouthwash after brushing 

While mouthwash alone isn’t a substitute for brushing your teeth, it still plays a role as an important complimentary ingredient of oral health. There is a big variety of different mouthwashes out in the market, all related to what you look for in a product. Using a mouthwash after brushing your teeth helps prevent tooth decay and fights bacteria that is left on your tongue and gums, as well as in difficult to reach places on your teeth.

10. Keep your toothbrush clean

Always give your toothbrush a thorough rinse after use and then, keep it in a place where the air can get it, so that it dries properly. Also, don’t leave your toothbrush out in the bathroom or germs from the toilet, that get into the air when you flush, will settle on your toothbrush.

How to brush your teeth properly? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!

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