10 Amazing Morning Rituals That Can Improve Your Health

Your morning is essentially what can make or break your day. Get it right, and you’ll have a fabulous day. Get it all wrong, though, and you could end up having the day from hell.

But what is the key to a good morning? Orange juice with your oatmeal? Fresh coffee? Sunshine? A check for $100,000 in the mail?

Well, yes, all these things are pretty great (especially the check). But what is more fantastic is a morning ritual that you stick to. So let’s take a look at 10 of the best morning rituals that can improve your health and set the tone for the rest of your day.

1. Wake Up Nice and Early

There is quite literally nothing worse when it comes to getting our day off to a bad start than waking up late. You know how it goes. You planned to be up with the birds, but when you turn over to check your clock, you see 11:30AM glaring at you. Drat!

To make sure that you’re fighting fitter, we recommend that you always try to wake up earlier. The morning is when you get most of your peace and quiet before the hectic hustle and bustle that will soon come. So why not make the most of it?

2. Listen To Positive Music

Everyone is stressed in 2015, but if you’re stressed first thing in the morning you’ve got serious problems. To keep the stress at bay, what better thing to do than listen to uplifting music that sets the tone for your mood?

You could listen to music whilst your prepare breakfast, whilst you jog, or even on your morning commute. Positive music so early in the day will mean that you head into work feeling brighter.

3. Avoid The Morning News

There is quite literally nothing like the morning news for getting our day off to a depressing start. You switch it on and all you see are bombs, wars, cancer, disease, famine and plummeting economies. To make sure that the world’s woes don’t find their way into your mind so early in the day, simply switch off. It can wait. If something is worth hearing, you’ll likely find out about it at some point during the day.

4. Drink A Green Juice

Drink a green juice and preferably an organic one in the morning to give your body a much-needed injection of vitamins and minerals.

See, in the morning our bodies are rather acidic. By drinking a green juice, the release of chlorophyll will help to balance our bodies out and make us feel fresher and more vibrant.

5. Scrape Your Tongue

Okay, this one sounds a bit eew, doesn’t it? But once you start scraping your tongue in the morning, you just won’t want to stop.

A healthy tongue means a healthier you. Your breath smells fresh, and your mouth will be clean of the nasty toxins that cling to your tongue. It doesn’t even need to hurt either, because you can use your toothbrush or a simple tablespoon to do the scraping.

Just stay away from the knife drawer, okay?

6. Walk To Work

Providing you don’t live a million miles away from work, why not walk it there, as opposed to jumping in the car? Walking is a great way to get healthy without feeling exhausted, and it stimulates a number of muscles as well as our mind.

To enhance your walk to work, you could supplement it with some positive music. In this way, you’re getting exercise and you are de-stressing before a day of work begins. Rather than snapping at your colleagues, you’ll be hugging them!

7. Avoid A Big Breakfast

It’s important that we eat breakfast, though many of us continue to head to work on an empty stomach. What is also important is that we avoid a BIG breakfast.

Big breakfasts bombard your early morning digestion, and will only make you feel sluggish and tired for the next few hours. Instead, we recommend that you stick to a small dish that fills you up, gives you energy, but which doesn’t load you down.

8. Solve A Puzzle

You might be feeling rather tired after a night’s sleep, and thus not in the mood for a puzzle. But there is quite frankly fewer better ways of waking your brain up, than by completing a puzzle.

Upon waking, our brains are riddled in cobwebs and we’re not at our A-Game. But if you’ve got an important day coming up, which requires you to be at your sharpest, you could do a lot worse than full out a crossword, a sudoku puzzle or even a word search.

Your brain will be buzzing and your mental reflexes will be performing at their premium. Try it!

9. Avoid Too Much Coffee

Many of us enjoy a regular cup of Joe in the morning, and some even enjoy two. But caffeine, despite improving our alertness, is actually just masking deeper problems, such as lack of sleep.

Rather than overload on stimulants straight away, why not adjust your sleeping schedule, so that you get more rest at night? This is a positive change to your morning ritual that will improve your health and make sure that your body doesn’t rely on stimulants for a boost.

10. Make Love

Okay, this is a super-fun morning ritual, but it does require the compliance of your partner. Morning lovemaking is a great way of getting your day off to the right start, and it also improves your health.

Your body is given a jolt of energy at the same time that it releases stress, thereby making you happier. Even better, you’ll feel more youthful, and you’ll head to work thinking back to such a beautiful morning. Wonderful!

The most important thing about a morning ritual is that you actually enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it, you’ll be doing yourself more harm than good. So find something that you actually get pleasure out of and change your life today!

What are your favorite morning rituals?

Stay happy and healthy!

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