10 Healthy Habits Of People With Hectic Lifestyles

In 2017, many of us are busier than ever before. We have full-time jobs, kids, as well as a whole lot of other stuff going on in our lives.

A lot of people thrive on a hectic lifestyle. Perhaps you do, too. But when your hectic lifestyle is beginning to affect your performance and even happiness, it’s time to take a time-out to consider how you can make it more liveable.

It’s all about finding the right balance. Nobody can survive each day on just 3 hours of sleep while working all the hours that God sends. Eventually, you will burn out. If you’re finding that life is getting a bit too hectic at the moment, here are 10 healthy habits you can adopt to keep you grounded, focused – and sane!!

Plan Your Meals

Three outcomes can arise if you don’t plan your meals. Firstly, you might end up spending way too much time come dinner time deciding what to eat and buying the right ingredients.

Secondly, you decide that you’re gonna eat out – again.

Thirdly, you eat whatever junk you’ve got in the house.

The first outcome means you lose time and get flustered as you try to decide what you want.

The second outcome means you spend more money than is necessary.

The third is just plain unhealthy.

Neither are really conducive to a stable lifestyle.

So it’s a good idea to always plan your meals ahead of time – even if you’re not usually a planner.

Cut Down On Alcohol

According to American investor Warren Buffet, if you have a weakest link, that weakest link is going to bring you right down.

And for many of us, drinking alcohol is our weakest link.

Even if you just enjoy one or two glasses of wine a night and a few cocktails at the weekend, alcohol might still be slowing down your productivity and leaving you not at your best.

Try to cut down – or cut it out altogether – and see how you feel.

Eat Breakfast

A lot of people who live busy lives skip breakfast because they don’t have the time for it. But this is a poor excuse.

Busy people who adopt healthy habits make sure that they make time to eat breakfast each day. Why? Because they know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

All your meals are important, but breakfast is more important than any simply because it comes at the start of your day. It’s what fills you with essential nutrients before you go to wok, and it sets the tone for the rest of your day.

If you rarely have much time in the morning to make breakfast, I suggest that you either get up earlier or you prepare it the night before.

Get A Mentor

The importance of a mentor cannot be underestimated. Talking to someone who is achieving as much as you want to achieve in the same amount of time is a great idea. You get to see what they do on a day to basis up close, and you can learn from their habits.

Eat Healthy Snacks

We all love to snack, right? But did you know that a healthy habit of healthy people with lives just as busy as yours is that they snack the right way?

There is a right and a wrong way to snack. The wrong way to snack would be to load up on sugary treats throughout the day, such as candy.

The right way would be to take a bag of nuts with you to work.

Mindless snacking is what can slow you down. Moreover, it causes weight gain. Get smarter about your snacking habits so that you have more energy throughout the day and feel healthier.

Put Your Phone On Speaker

Where are you when you talk on the phone? Many of us are on the sofa or even in bed. But if you want to get smart about your health, why not put your phone on loud speaker and do something active while you talk?

Alternatively, you could make it a point to always head outside each time you take or receive a phone call.

Sleep More

Ignore a good night’s sleep at your peril!

Stay Hydrated

A key habit of healthy people who live hectic lives is that they stay properly throughout the day.

This habit is so important, I cannot stress it enough. If you don’t stay properly hydrated (with glasses of water or, say, green tea) your physical and mental wellbeing will struggle as a result.

Drinking water all throughout the day keeps your energy levels high, and it can also stop you from getting so hungry that you keep on mindlessly snacking.

Don’t Sit All The Time

A lot of people do jobs which require them to sit at their desks pretty much all day long. But especially if you’re self-employed, you certainly don’t need to just sit all the time.

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to weakened muscles, a slower metabolism, as well as a whole variety of other health issues. Therefore, it’s important that you stand and move around as much as possible. But how?

If you work from home, you could easily mix things up by – for example – standing at your desk as you shoot off emails, or even popping on a treadmill as you execute a few chores.

You could also give yourself a five minute break every 30 minutes, during which you take a walk and limber up your muscles.

If you work in your office, why not ask your boss if you can swap your chair for a standing desk.

Find Time To Relax

Finally, it’s absolutely imperative that, among all your hard work and crazy schedule, you find the time to just relax.

Nobody can work all the time without burning out. It just isn’t healthy. The smart people know the importance of taking time off now and then to wind down and recharge their batteries.

Stay happy!

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