10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chlorophyll You Need To Know About

Okay, so you’ve been told to eat more spinach, carrots, avocados, bananas, strawberries et cetera. You’ve also been told to drink more green tea and perhaps cut down on the amount of red meat you eat.

But have you ever been told to try chlorophyll?

You probably haven’t been told to try it directly, but because chlorophyll – a green pigment key to photosynthesis – is found in many leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and kale, you’ve surely already tried it without even realising it.

If you have, great! Now you just need to try even more of it.

If you haven’t already tried it, here are 10 health benefits of chlorophyll you need to know about.

Chlorophyll Can Manage Your Cravings and Hunger

If you’re having some trouble losing weight, it might be that you’re doing the wrong things.

A lot of people do adopt the wrong approach when it comes to losing weight. Instead of keeping things simple, they inextricably make harder work of it than is really necessary.

Studies have shown that the compound chlorophyll can suppress hunger. This means that if you’re trying to lose weight at the moment but aren’t getting very far with things, it might be a good idea to include foods on your shopping list that contain chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll Restore Your Alkaline-Acid Ratio

Our body is made up of alkaline’s and acids, but many of us are better at consuming more acids than alkalinise. This can be really detrimental to your health, and can actually make you ill.

But fear not! Getting more alkaline into your system is easy if you eat the right foods. And consuming foods containing chlorophyll can help.

One of fabulous health benefits of chlorophyll is that it is highly alkaline, and therefore does a good job at balancing your pH ratio.

Chlorophyll Can Restore Your Red Blood Cells

This is another one of great health benefits of chlorophyll. Why do you need red blood cells? Made inside your bones, red blood cells are kinda important because they transport carbon dioxide from your body to your lungs, so that you can exhale and get red of it.

However, red blood cells have a really short lifespan, and eventually they need to be replaced by new ones. If your body can’t produce enough, you end up with iron deficiency and even anemia. Not cool.

Chlorophyll is cool because it can help to both restore and replenish your crucial red blood cells. Thanks to its amount of enzymes, it is able to clean your blood and help it to move oxygen around your body.

Chlorophyll Can Help To Heal Wounds

One of amazing health benefits of chlorophyll is that it can help to heal wounds. We all get the odd cuts and bruises now and then, but sometimes we end up with a wound that’s kinda bad and therefore takes quite a long time to heal.

“Hurry up and heal!” we shout.

“Um, hello, I’m a bit low on chlorophyll here!” our body shouts back.

Sure enough, chlorophyll can speed up the healing process by reducing inflammation, destroying germs and producing more white blood cells.

Chlorophyll Can Prevent Cancer

Many of us live in the fear of The Big C, but rather than admit defeat and take a “what will be, will be” attitude, there are things you can do which will significantly reduce your risk of developing certain types of cancer.

And consuming more chlorophyll is one of them.

Studies have shown that chlorophyll can stop destructive toxins from wreaking havoc in your gastrointestinal tract. As such, it can therefore minimise the risk of you developing liver cancer, as well as hepatitis.

Chlorophyll also has a compound called phytochemical, which stops the growth of tumours, and which can also prevent cancer cells from multiplying.

It should be mentioned that chlorophyll alone will not stop you from getting cancer, but when combined with other compounds and foods, it can lower your risk quite dramatically.

Chlorophyll Can Boost Your Mood

One of great health benefits of chlorophyll is that it can improve your mood. If you haven’t been in very high spirits lately, you should consider making a few adjustments to your lifestyle.

One of the things you can change is your diet. Add chlorophyll for a mood boost.

Chlorophyll Detoxifies Your Body

No matter what anyone says, we all need a good detox now and then. Thanks to the sheer amount of toxins in the air and in our diet, our system eventually gets so built up with them that we cannot function optimally until we flush them out.

One of fabulous health benefits of chlorophyll is that it can help flush out harmful toxins very quickly. You’ll be doing your system and your liver a huge favour, and all your symptoms such as fatigue and constant headaches will vanish as if by magic.

Chlorophyll Can Reduce Redness and Swelling

Ever had a pretty nasty bump that is taking ages to heal? Swelling can be really painful, but it can also be unsightly to look at. And while you might have always assumed that swelling is supposed to take ages to go down, the truth is that it can disappear much quicker if your body is rich in the right things – such as chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll Can Give Your Digestive Health A Boost

Digestive problems are one of the main reasons many of us go to see the doctor. Whether we’re suffering from bloating, excess gas or even diarrhoea, it seems as though something is always going wrong.

Poor digestive health is almost always a result of a poor diet, which means that a simple fix would be to improve your diet. And one of the ways you can do this is by eating produce that contains chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll stimulates colon cleansing by limiting the effects of dietary heme on your gastrointestinal tract. It also helps to reduce gas, as well as constipation, and promotes regular bowel movements.

It’s also a lot more palatable than taking a laxative.

Chlorophyll Can Control Bad Odour

Bad odours can emanate from your arm pit, your breath and even your urine. But it’s really the first two that are the most embarrassing – and also the hardest to eliminate.

Not any longer. One of great health benefits of chlorophyll is that it can reduce all kinds of bad odour, and can therefore restore your self esteem.

Do you know other health benefits of chlorophyll?

Stay hoary and healthy!

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