10 Foods to eat if you want to gain weight

Despite the modern world’s obsession with controlling, or losing weight, there are some people that want to put weight on. There are many possible reasons for a person wanting to put weight on; they could be recovering from an illness, they may be recovering from an eating disorder, or they might want to build up their muscles. Whatever the reasons, if you are too far below your ideal body weight, it can cause medical issues, such as loss of bone mass and even damage to the internal organs. If you do want to gain weight, though, you need to do it the healthy way and not with french-fries and soda, so here are ten foods that will increase your weight and keep you healthy.

1. Avocado

One way to increase your weight is to increase your consumption of healthy fats and you can do this by eating avocado. A single avocado contains around 145 calories, but it also contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients. The fats that avocado contains are all the good fats and not the ones that increase cholesterol and would put you at greater risk of developing heart disease.

2. Vegetable oils

Adding a little bit of extra cooking oil to your food will also add to the calories that you take on board, without adding to the bad fats. Like all things, you don’t want to overdo it, but vegetable oil can add flavour as well as calories to food and, in moderation, vegetable oils represent a healthy way for you to gain some weight.

3. Potatoes

When you are trying to gain weight, experts recommend that about 40% of your diet should be carbohydrates. Potatoes are so versatile that you can include them with many meals and still not get bored of them. They also contain amino acids that will help you gain weight. To gain the maximum nutritional value from potatoes, eat them with their skins still on.

4. Lean red meat

Lean red meat will provide you with plenty of protein and iron, as well as calories. Red meat can, though, be high in cholesterol, so select the best lean cuts that you can and only eat it a few times a week. When you are choosing your cuts of red meat, look for the ones that have marbling, as that will provide you with more calories and a lot more flavour too.

5. Add more nuts to your diet

Adding more nuts to your food is another way that you can easily increase the calorie content of your meals. Nuts will provide you with fibre, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, and you can easily sprinkle some nuts on the top of salads, breakfast cereals and desserts. They also make a tasty and healthy, between meals, snack.


6. Whole grain bread

Eating a bread roll or a couple of slices of bread with your meals will help too. Eat bread that is made from whole grains, though, because it is much better for you all round. Whole grain bread contains much more fibre and nutrients, whereas, the white bread that most of us grew up eating has been stripped of these important ingredients by the refining process that the flour goes through.

7. Whole milk

Whole milk is packed with protein and carbohydrates and, drinking a couple of glasses of milk a day will add to your calorie intake. Milk also contains calcium and other minerals that will help to strengthen your teeth and bones, so drinking milk is a very healthy way to increase your weight. If you are milk intolerant, you can always substitute cow milk with almond milk, which is also very nutritious and tasty.

8. Cheese

Cheese comes in so many different varieties and it can be added to so many different foods that it makes and ideal addition to your diet when you are trying to gain weight. Cheese has all the nutritional befits that milk does, plus, most cheeses are high in fat, so sprinkling cheese on your food, or adding it to your cooking, will increase the total number calories contained in each meal.

9. Banana

One single banana contains over 100 calories and that is why they are often included in the diet plans of people who are trying to increase their weight. In addition that. Bananas are also a great source of energy, so they make a really good, healthy snack to eat when you are on the go.

10. Wholegrain Pasta

Another great source of calories and carbohydrates is wholegrain pasta, which can provide the base for many different, weight gaining, recipes. A single cup of spaghetti contains over 200 calories and, if you add to that some lean red meat and you top it off with cheese, you have a great testing, calorie boosting meal.

Stay happy and healthy!

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