10 Foods That Will Help You Combat Winter Colds

Winter is great for many reasons but we can’t think of anything worse than a cold! In this article, Beauty and Tips helps you beat the common cold with 10 amazingly combative foods.

Winter gets cold *brr*. It’s a time when we all wrap up, keep warm in front of the TV and watch the snow indoors. However, as romantic as winter is, it also has its flaws. Sometimes, it gets too cold, you can’t hit the beach, and the winter cold does its rounds. If we could all avoid catching a cold in the first place, it would be amazing. However, if you’re unlucky enough to catch it you’ll need to stay indoors, get lots of rest and fix up your diet. Once the winter cold strikes, get a friend to buy these foods for you:

Chicken Soup

It isn’t simply an old wives tale that chicken soup can help to combat the winter cold – it’s very much true. Our parents gave us a big bowl of chicken soup whenever we were will, and their parents give them a big bowl of it, too. Why? Because it works! It’s an age old cure that’s been backed up by science. It contains carnosine, a substance that aids your immune system in dire times of need, such as when the common cold first strikes. It goes onto ease your symptoms – especially a sore throat – and it reduces inflammation. It’s a winner winner chicken dinner!

Vegetable Soup

Don’t eat meat? No problem, there are still hearty soups available that will take the fight to your cold. Soups don’t come much heartier than vegetable soup. It’s stuffed with the right amount of nutrients, protein and goodness that you need as you do battle with the winter cold. If you make your vegetable soup yourself at home, get the most out of it by adding garlic and mushrooms. Both f these boost your immune system, and you should especially find a way of sneaking garlic into more meals now that you’re ill.


You need to eat more fruit now that you’re under the weather, and what better place to start than bananas? Rich in potassium, this nutrient is key during a fever. The more you sweat and vomit, the more potassium your body loses. Double down on your potassium intake by eating avocado, too. Also, bananas are rich in B6 vitamin, which further takes the fight to infection. If you can’t face a whole banana when you’re ill, chop one up into small pieces and add it to a bowl or milk. If possible, eat two bananas per day until you’re fully recovered.

Sweet Potato

The sweetest of all potatoes, sweet potato isn’t what you could call a traditional go-to food when it comes to battling colds but because it’s a fabulous source of vitamin A, it makes it onto our list. Vitamin A looks after your mucosal surfaces, such as your gastrointestinal tract and the inside of your nose. How is this important? If your skin isn’t properly looked after, it becomes a breeding ground for disease and bacteria. And think about it, your nose is the perfect entry point for that pesky winter cold.


The winter cold is no match for beef, the most manly of all foods. It’s an ace source of zinc, a key mineral that boosts your production of white blood cells. Why are white blood cells so important? They basically defend your body when it’s under attack, such as from the villainous winter cold. In fact, if your zinc count is down you’re hugely vulnerable to developing a cold during the winter. Beef also contains protein which is always good in anyones book.

Green Tea

For some, green tea is hardly the most exciting tea in the world, but anyone who loves it know how beneficial it is during times of need. And when you have an awful winter cold, green tea  becomes your best friend. It’s rich in antioxidants that boost your immune system, and as well as fighting colds it also provides lots of other health benefits besides.

Not a fan of green tea? Try flavoured green tea instead. The health benefits are the same but the taste might be more to your liking.

Red Wine

Okay, we get it, you really don’t like green tea. In that case, how about some red wine? Don’t say we never treat you! Red wine might be your tipple of choice when going out for a meal or a night out with the girls, but it can also help to combat the winter cold. How? It’s all thanks to the polyphenols and resveratrol content that prevent a mild cold from turning into a bad one.


Lots of people agree that we should try and find a way of consuming more garlic. In fact, the advice is that you eat garlic at least once per day. For a lot of people, that probably seems excessive. But since garlic not only adds a kick to dishes but is also good for your immune system, maybe more of us should find a way of using it more often. In fact, garlic is so good for you that it’s probably better than popping a pill. It flushes toxins out of your body as well as viruses and bacteria.


If your grandma was anything like ours, she probably recommended honey for everything, from burns to wounds. True, honey has natural antiseptic and antimicrobial properties and it can treat a lot of everyday injuries. It can also relieve the symptoms of a winter cold, coating your throat and soothing that red hot burning sensation that always comes during the first day or two of a new virus. Add honey to your tea when you’re sick and start feeling better in no time!


Mushrooms are found in numerals herbal medicines for good reason – they boost your body’s production of a group of cells that help you tackle infections. Get them on your grocery list!

Stay happy and healthy!

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